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Chapterhouse - Moles, Bath 21st March 1991

I take no credit for these photos as they were taken by a friend of mine. Mine defo aren’t as good but will post them at some stage.

Whilst most preferred Andrew, Stephen was my favourite & I enjoyed my many chats with him after gigs. I’m also a sucker for a skinny framed guy and tend to go for the underdog!


Chapterhouse - Moles, Bath 21st March 1991 Always one for pestering my favourite pop stars. After cancelling their earlier gig they kindly wrote to me on tracing paper & sent me an ep.

anonymous asked:

hey hey happy thoughts, what's one of your favorite memories(that you feel comfortable sharing?)

It’s the early 00s. I’m living in Bath, and I’m in Moles club. This isn’t unusual. It’s Thursday, so I’m going to be in this place, which basically does the indie-club-with-bands thing better than any place I’ve ever been in my life.

Something else is happening this evening - the Three Tenors are playing the park. The vast majority of the town seems to be there, at this enormous public event - basically, it seems like everyone other than us. We’re in this hole beneath the ground, dancing and sweating and doing the usual.

2am hits. There’s a crowd-sized laugh as the DJ drops NESSUN DORMA.

Queue communal faux-opera singing. In the middle of this, one guy climbs onto one of the small tables, and thrusts his arms forward, as if he’s on the prow of a viking longboat. Four or five friends gather around, and push the table forward. The guy doesn’t change his pose, and is propelled triumphantly towards the centre of the dancefloor. The entire club goes on their knees, reaching out towards him in waves of hands.

The song reaches its climax. Everyone cheers, laughs and turns to go home.

Evening’s over.

The DJ drops Bowie’s HEROES.

Major turns minor, the crowd turns to each other and dances with all the sad tragedy that the song demands. Everything seems very precise and very  meaningful, moving from a us-and-them, to an everyone, admitting difference while embracing a shared humanity and everything and everything and everything.

It’s not always the big things that seem big.