bath bombs that remove all the water

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Yo! I luv the way you write 049, but I have a mighty need for some goofy af 049-J x reader. Could I request that?


Interview Report: SU-J
Inventory List

“Contained within this storage locker is every item retrieved by [You] while interning SCP-049-J. Please use caution when handling or examining all items.”

•One (1) pointy doctor stick

•One (1) pointer pointy doctor stick

•Several (9+) small plague doctor masks, tied in a cloth sack. Removing one does not seem to reduce the quantities

•Various (3+) balls of moss in the shape of sphere. Upon dropping them in water, they dissolve like a ‘bath bomb’

•One (1) handwritten love poem, dedicated to you. It is not very good, nor is it legible

•One (1) bloodied shoe, and one (1) clean shoe

•A carton (42) of leeches. They wiggle when exposed to sunlight but do not require sustenance

•One (1) Medical Textbooks for Dummies book. The pages are badly bent and show signs of extended use over an unknown amount of time

•Five (5) wildflowers, tied together with string, given to you. One of them is Wolfsbane

•A single (1) worm

“If any additional items are found by [You], please place them in the provided locker. And please… don’t encourage him.”
Mother Nature's Call || Kim Jongin (Kai)

Requested: No

Word Count: 1,055

Kim Jongin + Reader + Humor

—All you wanted was a relaxing bubble bath. Jongin’s desperate need to use the toilet says otherwise.

You planned this night like it was your own wedding day.

Work schedules were rushed and cleared days before tonight. Numerous shops were frequently visited just to search for the perfect scented candles and bath bombs. And with the final touch of rose petals on the floor, the night was perfect.

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can you just imagine harry though, the first time in ages having sex with his wife and it’s just slow and passionate because they’ve missed each other so much. ugh... it melts my heart.

It’s almost like it was their first time, all over again

Gentle touches, the slowest movements, the nervous feeling filling their bodies, eye contact that was full of excitement but facial features saying otherwise and there’s a tremble in their hands and a shiver down their spine. There’s romance filling the atmosphere of the room and he’s almost perfectly tried to recreate the night that they first made love to each other; there’s scented candles flickering on all surfaces and filling the room with a vanilla scent, there’s water on the side table for when they finish, there’s a set of fresh sheets on the bed and there’s a bath bomb sitting on the bathroom cabinet for if she needed a bath to relax.  

The removal of their clothes is tedious, almost hesitant, and she’s shy around him… something that she didn’t want to feel around her husband but couldn’t help but feel. And he loves every part of her; the new stretch marks that painted her stomach, the baby weight around her belly that she was desperate to work off, the new cellulite that appeared on her thighs… there was something new to her and he was sure to make her feel loved even more than she had been before. xx

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washing his hair and massaging his scalp 😩 - onmyshawn

hihi lovebug,

okay thIs.

he maybe had a long day at the studio or a long day or traveling & he was beyond tense at this point. he walked into the house & dropped his stuff on the floor & just walked right over to you on the couch, practically throwing himself on top of you. you could see it on his face, his eyes were red & droopy, only half open. cheeks & lips tinted bright pink.

“long day bub?” you brushed a curl off of his forehead, his face buried into your side. “a bit,“he chuckled, “my head is killing me.” 

you ran your small hands through his hair & he sighed audibly, his hot breath tickling your skin. “hows about this..” you paused, waiting for his sleepy gaze to meet yours, “..hmm?” he mumbled, leaning up to give you a quick but sweet kiss. “ill run you a bath & do your hair..just the way you like..? then ill make us something to eat & we can watch something..anything you want.” his eyes opened a bit more. he loved when you massaged his head, most times, it would put him to sleep. “yes please”. you rubbed his back quickly prompting him to roll off of you & you stood up, moving quickly to your bathroom. you turned on the water & threw in a bath bomb for good measure. he shuffled in a few moments behind you & slowly removed his clothes, throwing them into the basket in the corner, barely making it in. 

while he was taking his clothes off you grabbed him a glass of water & some medicine for the headache. “here baby, take these. that way by the time you get out of the tub, youll feel all better.” he returned your thoughtfulness with a soft smile. “what would i do without you angel?” you blushed a little at the new nickname. you gestured towards the now full tub, “hop in.” he stepped in & sunk down into the warm, blue-tinted water. you pulled up your vanity stool right at his head & watched his broad shoulders almost instantly start to relax. “dunk your head for me?” he slid down further, wetting his brunette curls so you could work your magic. 

“close your eyes & try & not think for a few minutes, alright?” he hummed in response. you filled your palm with a lavender shampoo that you kept hidden for days like these. sometimes shawn didn’t know how to relax or when to just take a day to recoup. so you had to make him..if washing his hair worked, then you were more than glad to do it. 

setting the bottle down on the floor next to you, you started working the shampoo into his hair. your fingers worked down to his scalp where your hands started at the base of his tight neck, & worked their way slowly up to behind his ears. applying pressure just behind his ear, he moved away from your touch a little, leading you to believe that there was the origin of his headache, “ ‘m sorry bubba.” you lightened your touch, adding more pressure after a minute or two. then you slid your hands back down to the base of his neck & worked them upwards to the top of his head, drawing small circles. he started to sway a bit, & you could feel him relax which made you smile to yourself. your hands found their way to his temples where you continued to massage. you repeated this for 20 minutes only to add a few minutes to rub his knotted shoulders. 

you moved to the side of him & rested your head on your hands on the side of the tub. he opened his eyes, turned his head, & leaned in to plant a soft kiss to your lips, “thank you so much, y/n. i feel tons better already. i love love love you..& your magic fingers.” he giggled at his own joke causing you to shake your head. “i love you more shawn,”

sorry this wasnt supposed to be a blurb yet here we are !! it is super lazy & unedited but what a CONCEPT i want this 😨❤ @onmyshawn