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etsyfindoftheday | 6.11.17

rustic wooden household items by whiskyginger

this sunday i’m showing off a trio of handmade wooden finds from michigan-based etsy shop whiskyginger. they also sell a variety of vintage items which i’ll be hitting next week sometime ;) for today though, let’s focus on these slightly rustic and super-special new, handcrafted things!! too rad

Calum Imagine #6: Bathtub Fun *SMUT*

Sighing, I grabbed my shoes and threw them to the ground as soon as I walked through the door of my house. I sluggishly made my way to the couch and closed my eyes as I awaited for my beloved boyfriend to arrive. After what seemed like hours, Calum greeted me with a loving kiss on the forehead.

“Hello, m’love! How was your day today?” He smiled.

I rubbed my head. “Honestly, it could have been a lot better. I don’t really want to discuss it right now, though. I need to relax a bit. I’ll go make dinner…what would you like?”

Calum quickly stood up. “No, baby! You have had a long day. Just lay down and I will make dinner for you. Take a little nap if you need to.”

Grateful, I kissed Calum on the lips. “You’re so sweet, Cal! I love you.”

Calum grabbed the closest blanket and had laid me down on the couch so he could tuck me in. I could feel my eyes growing heavier by the second until finally, I was fast asleep.

However, Calum woke me up to a wonderful dinner. He had made my favorite dinner of all time, which was wonderful, considering the day I had just been through. Once we finished the meal, Calum took me by surprise and picked me up, threw me over his shoulder, and set me down on the edge of the bathtub, which he had filled while I was sleeping.

“Here, darling. I made you a nice, warm bath to help you relax.” Calum said sweetly.

I quickly undressed myself and dipped in the bath. “Calum? Can you join me please?”

Calum looked surprised, but he didn’t hesitate to fulfill my request. He happily slipped in the bathtub behind me and began massaging my inner thighs. I rested my head against his strong shoulders and closed my eyes, enjoying the peacefulness.

“Mmmm, baby?” Calum said, embarrassed. “We have an issue.”

It was at that moment that I felt something hard against the bottom of my back. I looked over my shoulder to see a very happy Calum squirming around to hide his “problem” that he had mentioned earlier. 

I laughed and kissed Calum, letting him know he shouldn’t be embarrassed about that. “You’re so cute.” I said as I grabbed his cock and began rubbing it.

Calum threw his head back. “Baby, please. Don’t tease me. I wanted this night to be about you! You need to have a relaxing night.”

Giggling, I put my head under the water and licked it a few times, causing him to quietly moan. I lifted my head out of the water and gave him a cheeky grin. “What if this is relaxing to me?”

“Then bring it on, babe.” He smiled.

I grabbed his cock and began playing with it before finally sucking on it for as long as I could hold my breath underwater. As I brought my head above water, I kissed Calum’s chest and went back down. This went on for a couple of minutes before I noticed Calum’s breathing getting heavier and heavier with more moans escaping his lips than ever.

“B-baby, stop. Imana c-cum. Stop it, p-please.” Calum managed to say. Once I gave him one final lick, he calmed down a bit and nodded to me.

I laid back against the edge of the bathtub as he began rubbing my clit slowly, driving me crazy. I grabbed Calum’s hair as he rubbed faster, trying to contain any moans. Calum knew he what he was doing to me, but that only motivated him more. He took one look at me and smiled before heading underwater to lick me. He swirled his tongue up and down my pussy before entering me. His tongue felt so good inside of me that I couldn’t contain myself any longer. I let out a loud moan, begging for more. I could feel Calum smiling against my skin. As he lifted his head out of the water, his hands found their way to my breasts. Not long after massaging them, Calum began sucking on my breasts while he began to finger me. First, he slipped one finger inside of me, pumping in and out lightly. 

“Oh, Calum…” I moaned quietly. Smiling into my breasts, he entered another finger inside of me, causing me to squirm. His fingers went deeper inside of me, barely hitting my g-spot. Each time he would hit it, I would moan and shudder from the excitement. “Yes, baby. Keep going.” I whispered.

Calum slowly slipped a third finger inside of me and released his mouth from my breasts. He put his free arm behind my head and began kissing my mouth. Excited from the situation, I wrapped my arms around his body. Each time he thrust his fingers inside of me, he hit my g-spot harder, which resulted in louder moans from me.

“UGH [Y/N] scream it for me, baby.” Calum whispered in my ear.

I was confused when Calum removed his fingers from inside of me, but I was not too disappointed because he slowly began rubbing my clit. If that wasn’t arousing enough, he dipped his head underwater and entered me with his tongue again. “Calum, baby….oh, don’t stop…” I panted, knowing he couldn’t hear me. He suddenly began rubbing faster which made me writhe in pleasure.

Once he lifted his head up out of the water, he grabbed his cock and looked at me for permission to enter. I gladly nodded and waited for any pain to come. He slowly pushed inside of me, careful not to hurt me too badly. However, when the pain did arrive, I tried my best not to show it. Calum watched me as he began thrusting inside of me, but not long after, his focus was more on his force of pushing into me than my pain level.

“Calum…” I cried, sliding my nails across his back. “Baby, keep going. Please, Cal. I need more, baby. Yes, baby! UGH RIGHT THERE BABY YES!”

Calum began thrusting faster and harder, splashing loads of water out of the tub as he went. “Oh, [Y/N] you’re so fucking tight, baby. You’re so good, though. Yes, darling. Oooooohhhhhh, [Y/N]….” Calum moaned. 

As Calum was pulling out to readjust, I couldn’t help but squirt all over his torso. “Ugh, Calum….baby I’m sorry.” I said breathlessly.

“Don’t be sorry, baby.” He said as he slammed into me again. “I love it when you squirt.” Calum’s hard pounding reached an ultra-fast speed that soon turned into slower, softer thrusts. “I-I’m c-coming, baby. I’m g-gonna cum on your s-stomach.” He stuttered, pulling out of me. I grabbed his length and surprised him by sucking on it. “[Y/N], I-I’m going to c-cum in your mouth if you don’t s-stop.” He barely got that sentence out before I felt a warm liquid fill my mouth. 

“I know! That’s why I finished with a blow job.” I smiled.

Calum kissed me. “Now it’s time for me to finish you, darling.” He sat behind me and managed to fit four fingers inside of me with his left hand while his right hand was rubbing my clit in small circles. His thrusting grew rapid as his rubbing quickened. I laid my head back against his shoulder and moaned with each thrust. Just when I thought I couldn’t take it anymore, I hit my climax. My back arched and I moaned loudly, savoring each moment.

“Baby, I love you so much.” Calum said once I finished.

“Thank you for a wonderful night, Cal. You truly are the best boyfriend anyone could ever ask for!” I stated, kissing his neck.

Calum helped me out of the tub and handed me a pair of my lace bras and panties. “Let’s head to bed, love. I think we both deserve some much-needed rest after that amazing experience!”