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HAPPY 2017!!!!!
To kick of this new year I have teamed up with some awesome people who want to give a few of you guys a great New Years gift! WILL SHIP INTERNATIONALLY (Unless Specified I purchased the product)
To enter you must be following me @fuckyesclairedearing and then all you have to do is like or reblog this as many times as you want (each is a new entry) and there will be a spot prize every week!!! Closes March 28th
As you can see there are some pretty rad things up there and I’m am so glad to be able to share this with you all! I’ve been promising a giveaway for a while and now that I’ve hit a real milestone here we are! The products are:
A HiSmile Teeth Whitening Kit that was donated by HiSmile
Fjallraven Pink Bag donated by StandBags
Lush Space Girl bath bomb donated by LUSH Cosmetics
3 Mac Matte Lipsticks donated by Farmers NZ
20 meters of Copper Fairy Lights donated by Typo Aus
How Do You Like Them Apples blush set The Balm donated by Unichem
Nudes Palette the Balm donated by Unichem
USD$25 Starbucks Voucher from my mum
Because Cats phone case (winner to chose model)
Marble Phone Case
Activated Charcoal Mask
Benefit Give Me Brow Gel
NASA Shirt (winner to chose size)
Oversize Rugby Top from Lazy Oaf
A Kylie Lip Kit
Obama Mug from my friend @notsofictionalboys


etsyfindoftheday 5 | 4.13.17

theme thursday: hella colorful bath and body

vibrant lip items by skinfoodbyab

my final colorful bath find for you guys today comes from a fave shop, skinfoodbyab — check out all their natural beauty items, including this pair of lip tints made with lush ingredients and all-natural colors, like these beautiful, earthy, orange-y tomato and lemon balm options!

straight content is a bristle brush covered in rust that scrapes at my soul while gay content is a cool, healing balm that bathes my soul and allows me to live another day, nourished on by the energies of gay lové

I'm officially a trending shop on Etsy 😱

I…have no words. Just, wow. And thank YOU everyone who’s been a great help and support the past few months! I’ll keep working hard to create Dragon Age/ Mass Effect candles, solid perfumes, lip balms, bath bombs and soap for everyone who would like!

It’s all been a work in progress and I appreciate and take into consideration all of your suggestions and requests. I’ll continue using premium quality and natural ingredients and combining that with beautiful colors and packaging you’ll be happy to own!

Over the new few weeks, I’ll begin cutting down on the use of bubble wrap and packing peanuts and transition over to all recyclable or reusable materials in all packaging. I’ll also be doing a sort of shop giveaway where random customers will receive a special item in their package as a special thank you for your support!

my setup for the full moon! 🌕✨🌊

from top to bottom: flowers, a candle for when I need a spooky boost, a lavender dream jar, my curio chest, a trinket box, lavender candle, clear quartz + goldstone + horse jaw bone, lip balm (for better storytelling), a bath product, sleeping balm, chamomile & eucalyptus pillow mist, and a chamomile & eucalyptus essential oil bottle



etsyfindoftheday | 11.21.15

STEAL OF THE WEEK: lip balms // peppermint menthol | gimme a beet by skinfoodbyab

for a cool $8, you can adorn your lips in a smoothing organic balm that either packs a punch of peppermint or a demure pink beet-y blush.


Usagi Tsukino (Sailor Moon) feminine fictionkin-related items:

Bath bomb - $5.50

Headbow - $6

Compact mirror - $3

Necklace - $3.12

“Sailor Moon” lip balm - $2.25

Compact mirror necklace - $15.70


Fairly expensive for what it is, but check out this nail polish!

My first UK order finally came the other day!

- Intergalactic Bath Bomb

- D’Fluff Sample

- American Cream Conditioner

- Mmmelting Marshmellow Moment

- Prince Charming Shower Cream Sample

- Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar

- Lip Service Sample

- Blackberry Bath Bomb


New Lip Balm – Sugar Shake!

Whipped up a new Lip Balm this evening to share with you all.  Using all the feedback I’ve gotten on Lip Balms I’ve done my best to increase the scent.  The formula is still the same but the scent should be stronger and last longer now.  This is my absolute favourite and I hope you’ll all love it too!

Sugar Shake - Zesty Lemon and Creamy Vanilla