bath activities


by Kalyn Nicholson




⁃ Tops
⁃ Bottoms
⁃ Dresses/Jumpers
⁃ Underwear/Bras
⁃ Sweater(s) / Sweatpants
⁃ Jacket
⁃ Socks
⁃ Bathing Suit(s)
⁃ PJs
⁃ Active Wear
⁃ Active Shoes
⁃ Fancy Shoes
⁃ Casual Shoes
⁃ Accessories (Jewerly, Watch, Belts)
⁃ Hat(s)
⁃ Laundry Bag

⁃ Hot Tools for Hair
⁃ Brushes
⁃ Hair Accessories (bobby pins & elastics)
⁃ Hair Products
⁃ Makeup/Makeup Bag
⁃ Makeup Brushes
⁃ Makeup Wipes/Remover
⁃ Nail Polish/File
⁃ Tweezers/Cotton Swabs/ Q-tips

⁃ Tooth Brush & Paste
⁃ Face Wash
⁃ Body Wash
⁃ Moisturizer
⁃ Body Lotion
⁃ Shampoo & Conditioner
⁃ Tampons/Pads/Midol
⁃ Razor
⁃ Deodorants
⁃ Body Spray/Perfume
⁃ Medications
⁃ Tanner
⁃ Other:

⁃ Laptop/Tablet
⁃ Phone
⁃ Laptop & Phone Chargers
⁃ Camera(s)
⁃ Camera Charger
⁃ Extra Battery
⁃ Memory Cards
⁃ Movies (or pre-download)
⁃ Camera Bag

⁃ Book(s)
⁃ Magazines
⁃ Phone
⁃ Sunglasses/Glasses
⁃ Sunglass Case
⁃ Wallet
⁃ Lip Balm
⁃ Headphones
⁃ Hair Band
⁃ Passport/I.D.
⁃ Water
⁃ Hand Sanitizer
⁃ Journal/Note Pad
⁃ Snacks
⁃ Keys
⁃ Pen
⁃ Tickets/Travel Info

A “Shiny” Glamour

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Shiny: a spell to make you dazzle and get what you want with just a pinch of threatening


Pink salt (or just regular salt)
Epsom salt
Rose petals
Glitter (body safe if you want to use in a bath or on your body
Orange oil or peel
Catnip (optional)
Rose thorns and/or crab claws
Seashell or crab shell
Jar for storage


Combine your salt, herbs, and glitter (and oil if you choose to replace some of these with essential oil). Grind into a powder while focusing on your intent. Listen to the song Shiny while you blend it all together! Focus on making yourself becoming both shiny and threatening like Tamatoa, having a glittery armor. 

Place as much powder as you can safely fit into your seashell or crab shell. Add your rose thorns, focusing on the bite that you want to add to this glamour. Put the shell/powder into a jar for ease of storage and add any leftover powder that you have. 

Sprinkle on your makeup or face wash or even on your body or in a shower/bath to activate/use this glamour! Use it before a big event or confrontation to make yourself look extra shiny and threatening. 

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papasuke + sarada headcanons

  • throughout sakura’s pregnancy, sasuke was scared shitless; orochimaru was obsessed with all things related to life—including childbirth. he knew just how many things could possibly go wrong in a pregnancy and did everything in his power to keep sakura healthy and safe
  • when sarada was born, sasuke cried (and swore sakura and tsunade to secrecy)
  • sasuke teaches sarada how to walk on water during bath time
  • sarada first activates her sharingan when she’s really young, thinking about how her papa left and how much she misses him
  • as a child sarada had an overt crush naruto and kakashi. it mortified sasuke particularly when she claimed she was going to marry one of them when she was older
  • sasuke likes taking long walks with sarada (he especially likes when she starts to get tired and reaches for his hand)
  • sasuke’s happiest when watching sakura and sarada play in the yard; he likes the view of the uchiha crests on their backs
  • sarada used to be weary of her aunt ino, despite her being her mother’s best friend, as she used to hear stories about ino crushing on sasuke
  • sasuke and sarada have a secret signal for when to activate their sharingan
  • sarada spends a lot of time in the mirror looking at herself, sharingan activated, perfecting her pout
  • when she first wakes up, sarada’s hair resembles sasuke’s genin haircut
  • sarada reminds sasuke a lot of itatchi
  • sasuke never believed in “baby talk” and thus refused to dim down his words when talking to sarada, the result being that at four years old she was calling bortuo an usuratonkachi loudly and proudly
  • it’s sasuke who braids and brushes sarada’s hair before bed
  • sarada and sasuke spend a lot of time laying in the grass on hot days talking about anything and anything. she likes it when papa tells her stories about him and uncle naruto and his travels. he likes it when she tells him about her mama and new skills she’s learned
  • sarada’s has a comprehensive collection of sasusaku onesies, including but not limited to ones that mimic sasuke’s susanno, katsuyu, aoda, garuda, and a police officer
  • sarada and sasuke have matching ponchos
  • instead of bedtime stories, sarada asks sasuke to tell her stories of him has a genin
  • (he opts to one up her proposal and shows her with genjutsu; she thinks it’s the most amazing thing in the world)
  • garuda is her favorite of her parents’ summons
  • sarada hates tomatoes, but has a garden in her window sill where she grows them for her papa
  • when sarada sees a picture of her grandpa for the first time she vows to become police captain like him and sasuke is thrilled (he knows they would have loved her)

it’s almost bedtime so here’s a checklist for all the tots out there who don’t have a carer!

•drink water!
•eat something nutritious!
•do some sort of personal hygiene activity
~wash face
~brush teeth
•change clothes or at least underwear!
•take your meds!
•take out your contacts/clean your glasses!
•hug all your stuffies and give them each a kiss from me!
•talk to someone if you’re feeling down! i’m always here if you need someone to listen!
•go to bed at a reasonable hour! before 11pm is a good rule of thumb i’d say!
•do what you feel able to do! don’t overestimate yourself but make sure you’re taking good care of yourself!
•don’t forget: i love you!! 💕

Ritual Purity in Hellenism

Ritual purity featured heavily in worship in ancient Greece, with water basins called perorrhanteria, established near the entrances to temples; and stoas found bearing inscriptions that command visitors to cleanse themselves before entering the sanctuary. The nature of ritual purity changed over time and location, as with most aspects of worship in ancient Greece, but the ritual act of purification remained an important one.

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Cashmere + Amber Soap - back in stock!

Has a glamorous and mystical scent. Artisan soap bar that feels very soft on the skin, made with activated bamboo charcoal. A best seller among men and women. Cold process, vegan, handmade soap. Formulated for all skin types.

More Galra headcanons

Hey guys, my last post has gotten a bit popular so I decided I would share some of my pack animal Galra ideas with you guys.

Basically my thoughts are that Galra are a very smell and touch oriented species, with smell being a huge part of a Galras identity. Galra living together tend to take the opportunity to familiarize with each other’s scents, and knowing the scenes of your family and having the scent of them on you is considered to be a sign you are truely loved by your family.
When a Galra is leaving or going away, it’s customary to present them with a gift of worn clothing, used blankets or even pillows and bedding from a shared bed or nest. So that way the galra may continue to present themselves as a family unit or as close to the holders. It’s customary to sleep with these gifts, and to return them once they smell like you more than the original owner, so they may wear it to smell like you.
When visiting family a galra may present the gifted belongings so other family members can smell those he left behind, and know they are in good health.

You might think it’s coincidence that all galra wear armor and rubber bodysuits, but it’s part of Zarkons efforts to make sure galra stay emotionally distant from each other, unable to gift each other with their scents.

Since galra put such emphasis on smell, bath time is an important part of the galra routine, and families and friends often bath together, because galra have lots of fur and only so many hands, more than that they are naturally tactile species and enjoy the companionship. It’s considering a binding activity to bath together for galra.
Shampoos and soaps are often a dispute among families, because it’s customary for Galra families to share soaps and shampoos so they can all smell similar.
Children are washed first, and they work their way up the size ladder, ending on the largest member of the family, rather than working through rank.

Since galra put emphasis on sharing smells to be part of one another’s identity, the fellows paladins clothing holds a lot of meaning to Keith. As does his own jacket, Lance taking his jacket would indicate that he wishes to identify as being closer to Keith, and would mean a great deal to him because he doesn’t have much family.
More than that if Lance ever helped Keith with his beauty routine, this would be considered bathing and sharing a family smell, which would again mean a lot to Keith, he’s used to identifying on his own, so Lance practically offering to be family would be the world to the repressed child. (maybe it could mean something more? ~)
ANYWAYS if you made it down here you listened to my ramblings all the way through so thanks for that.
Once again I’m totally up to chat about anything Voltron so feel free to shoot me a message about the galra or your ideas on them. I would love to hear them.

Ultimate Child Item List


**Another in my “Ultimate Lists” series. This is a list of items that any person in the children communities can refer to for ideas, help, or a shopping guide. The list may continue to be updated as I think of/am told about or reminded of more things to add. Also, keep in mind that these are just suggestions. Not everything on this list is for every person, and that’s okay. ^_^ Please, enjoy!**

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Opportunity knocks

The Outsider, it turns out, is able to restore Jindosh’s mind to its original state.  He presents his terms, and, judging them fair, Paolo signs on the dotted line.

Many, many weeks later, the Outsider makes good on his end of the bargain.


For more weeks than most would deem reasonable, nothing happens; in that time, Paolo finds himself frequently wondering if maybe his request has been forgotten.  And, maybe once or twice – when other, unrelated things come to test his patience or mental resilience, in particular – Paolo allows himself the petty indulgence of believing that he is being retributively insulted.

But, as precious little about his encounter with the Outsider necessarily gave him reason not to place faith in their arrangement – and because just desserts served to oneself just don’t taste right – Paolo doesn’t tend to linger in that head space for very long.

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Witchtips’ Rebloggable “Frequently Asked Questions” - Part II

What is a Sigil?

A sigil is a symbol, usually one that has been created and drawn by a Witch, that has magickal properties and energies in it.

How do I create a sigil?

There are different approaches. I like to create my sigils with numerology in mind and I like to include shapes and patterns of a certain number depending on the goal of the sigil. Some Witches like to write out their purpose and then take the vowels out of the sentence and use the shapes of the remaining letters. After you have created your sigil you have to activate it, which is similar to charging. 

How do I find spells to perform? Can I write my own? 

Spells are very easy to find, both on Tumblr and on other magick websites. I find that writing your own spells sometimes works better than using existing ones. Part of this is because you know your own goals and may require a specific spell tailored to those goals. When creating your own spells make sure to research your ingredients and make sure that they fit your goals. 

I’m not open about my craft with my family and friends. What are some easy ways to practice in secret?

This is a huge question and I’m sure I won’t cover everything in this response. Here are a few tips:

  • Instead of using smoke cleansing, keep a spray bottle with salt water in it and spray the coroners of your room when you feel you need a protection/good energy boost.
  • Bath magick is a great way to practice on the down low. Bathing is a personal activity so it is unlikely that you will be questioned about your bath/shower time. 
  • Instead of having a bunch of empty and conspicuous jars in your room, keep easy-to-reloacate items in them. You can keep things like pencils/pens (You can fill a new jar for each kind of writing utensil because hey, organization is important right?), Bobby pins or hair clips, makeup/paint brushes, candles (that could also give you an excuse to be able to burn candles since they’re in a jar and are not in danger of causing a fire), craft supplies, makeup like lipstick, etc.
  • Take up baking or cooking. No one will question why you have so much salt/herbs around.
  • Bake sigils into your food with egg wash, glaze, marinade, and dough.
  •  Instead of an altar, create an inspiration board or collage.
  • Find a quiet and safe place outdoors to perform your rituals
  • If you have or want to have witchcraft books, they fit great in sock draws or under beds.
  • If you have to do a ritual or spell that takes time and cannot be hidden, disguise it as a school project.
  • Sigils are very easy to hide, draw them on your body where no one can see them. 
  • If you wear makeup, draw your sigils on in concealer.
  • Recipe organizers are great for making a disguised spell book
  • Instead of leaving a jar of water out to be charged by the moon go for a night walk or go star-gazing and bring it along.
  • Gum and mint cases are great for carrying around herbs and crystals.

How do I know if my spell worked?

Spellcasting is mostly trial and error. Start with spells that have obvious desired results, like a spell to cure a headache. If it doesn’t work at first, try it again and maybe tweak it a bit. You should be able to observe the results.

Why are some Witches against cursing?

Some Witches choose not to perform curses or to share them/reblog them/recommend them because of the Threefold rule (which is a bit like the Hindu/Buddhist idea of Karma). The idea is that if you perform a curse against someone, that negative energy will come back to you three times stronger. This has been experienced by many witches, most of whom will warn against cursing. A lot of Witches do not curse because they do not want to put out or receive negativity because it could put them in danger.


Name: S

Species: Fire Serpent

Pronouns: He/Him

Description: About 45 feet long from head to tail, obsidian and ruby scales with a tiger’s eye flash, large plumes of flames erupt from his spine, bright orange eyes.

Personality: Serious, Quiet, Passionate, Protective.

Energy: Hot, comes in sharp bursts and is felt in the stomach.

Musical Resonance: Devil in Me by Halsey, Embers by Owl City, Let It Burn by RED.

Vessel: Dragon Necklace

Astral Realm: He mostly resides beneath the crust and in the molten Lava of the upper mantle of Cedarhaven. When not there he likes to explore space and visit The Sun.

Magical Speciality: fire magic, space magic, warding.

Offerings: Gems associated with Fire, incense.

Activities: sun bathing, dancing, magic.

Misc.: He has a bit of a tragic past that he will share with his companion when the time comes.

Status: Seeking a companion, taking applications!

Restrictions: He would prefer not to work with a complete beginner just because he is a very intense spirit.

Fees: $15

(disclaimer: I am required to say my spirit services are merely for entertainment purposes)

Aromatherapy Tip of the Week-Rosemary

Rosemary (botanical name Rosmarinus officinalis) is a wooded herb that is perennial having aromatic evergreen, silver-grey leaves resembling needles. This herb is indigenous to the Mediterranean region and belongs to the mint family (Lamiaceae). The herb has derived its name from the Latin term rosmarinus that denotes ‘dew’ (ros) and ‘sea’ (marinus), together called the ‘dew of the sea’. It is believed that this name has been designated to the herb since is often found growing naturally in the costal areas.

This herb is found in various forms varying from the tall straight variety to sprawling types. When growing straight, the rosemary plant may be as high as 1.5 m or five feet. As aforementioned, the leaves of this herb are needle-like and evergreen in nature, growing throughout the year, and their length usually vary between 2 cm and 4 cm, while they are about 2 mm to 5 mm in width. The surface of the leaves is green, while they are white underneath having thick, short woolly bristles. The flowers of this herb are found in various hues, including white, blue, purple and pink. Among these, only the aromatic blue flowers are steam distilled to obtain the rosemary essential oil.

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A Court of War and Starlight: Part 38

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Rhys and I didn’t go to breakfast the next day. Instead we lounged in bed, tracing our hands up and down each other’s bodies. Rhys paid special attention to all the parts of me that had been burned and bruised, until I thought he was going to bruise me all over again with his lips on my neck.

Eventually we began to regret not eating breakfast, and Rhys got up to ask one of the servants to bring us some food. I giggled as the lesser fae observed his taut, tattooed chest, wide-eyed, before scurrying away. “At least you remembered to put on pants,” I teased as he turned around to crawl back onto the bed with me. “I prefer you without them, but I’m not sure everyone feels the same way.”

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