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There’s nothing like a bra-fitting to make you re-evaluate all of your life choices.

On the 1st July, my Mum and I travelled through to Manchester to collect my first house keys. Spending the hottest day of the year moving my things into the house was not ideal, but being in Manchester, we decided to take a trip to the Trafford Centre for some retail therapy.

First, we went to Selfridges and went to the Mac counter. 

I bought quite a bit so I was given a free sample of the False Lashes Extreme Black Mascara, which I find perfect for my bottom lashes, as it is very fine and doesn’t leave any clumps, however, due to me having quite fair eyelashes, I prefer a much heavier mascara to actually build on the appearance of my lashes and not just simple coat them thinly. 

I chose to buy a fresh bottle of my make-up staple, Studio Fix Fluid foundation, as well as their liquid eyeliner. I also decided to, OF COURSE, get myself a new matte lipstick. I chose the shade Chilli as it’s a great alternative to my current love Russian Red, which can be quite dramatic. Chilli is a little more Summer appropriate and has a lovely orange undertone.

The next stop for me was Lush Cosmetics. Now, I do love their company for many reasons, primarily for the cruelty free products yes, but also for how brilliant they are. I have seriously sensitive skin and for me, Lush is the perfect way to be able to use perfumed products and not have any irritations afterwards. I picked up a couple of my favourites whilst I was there.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Lush’s bubble bars… I’m sure most people do. They last ages and they’re just brilliant; far better than any bubble bath I’ve ever used. They also smell amazing and leave your skin feeling super soft. Now, I usually pick up their pink bubble bar, but this time, I decided to get the orange one. I’ve never seen this one in a store before but as soon as I smelt the orange/tangerine smell I just had to purchase it. I’m super excited to use it!

The other item I picked up was my FAVOURITE bath bomb, Dragon’s Egg. In it’s description, it states that there are surprises under the humble initial appearance. I took some photographs of what happens when it hits the water.

Much like the bubble bar, Dragon’s Egg leaves your skin feeling soft and clean. However it does have a slight glittery tint so if you don’t want that on your skin, I would advise you steer clear. I mean, it’s nothing majorly noticeable, but it is there. I think that the Dragon’s Egg bath bomb lasts a lot longer than most; by the end of my bath, it was still fizzing away!

My final stop was at Boux Avenue for a summer staple - A white strapless. Whilst in there I thought that it was best for me to get fitted correctly by one of the lovely advisors in there. I can honestly say that I hadn’t been fitted for a good 5/6 years before this - so my bra’s have all kind of felt different. I knew that I was wearing the wrong size, but getting fitted just seems so inconvenient when you’re wanting a quick shop around. 

The girls were all so so so helpful. Before getting fitted, I was wearing a 34D - SO SO WRONG!! When the sales assistant came in the fitting room to size me properly, she asked what size I had on - her laugh said it all really. After measuring my up properly, I know that I am in fact a 30F… Quite some difference there. I never realised but, the back size is all of the support in the bra, so that’s where I’d gone wrong.. As my size had gone up over the years, I actually stayed with the cup size and instead raised the back. 

I kind of felt a little embarrassed after this revelation but the lovely lady that helped me said that over 80% of women wear the WRONG bra size. It’s definitely an easy mistake to make.. But as you can see above, I’m now a lot more comfortable (I also now have an excuse to go out any buy lots of bras - that actually fit me). It is so so important to wear bras that fit you properly, so gals - go for a fitting and don’t  just ‘put up’ with being uncomfortable like I have for years, blaming it on ‘big boobs’ and not realising that the right bra size would have solved all my problems.

There really is nothing like a bra-fitting to make you re-evalute all of your life choices.