batgirl: spoiled


First trip with kdaddy, it was really sweet of him to get me business class. Transited in HK and told him i need to get some sunscreen but actually aiming for all the shit that is there in the duty free 😬

We checked in to a room with 2 single beds. Well.. actually I prefer that way. Yes, we do get intimate, but every night we’re sleeping on separate beds. He knows I can’t cuddle-sleep, also I tend to be on my phone most nights before I sleep, hah. 🙈

The hardest about travelling with SD IMO is having to look presentable at all time. And thank god he brought a few friends, otherwise I think we would ran out of things to say for the 4 days trip, or I died of boredom because I can’t tell anyone I’m on the trip. My family and friends were all thinking that I’m at school.

Overall, I had SO MUCH fun. My two other friends (posted about turning them to SBs awhile ago) who were on the trip with me did contribute to the experience too. But, the happiest things of all, my friends approve of my SD. 👍And they thought he is too kind and generous (isn’t that what every SB looking for? XD) Really though, I was glad and very proud of Kdaddy. I had a few on and off SDs before and no one come close to him. It is really not about how rich he is ( net worth of 10 mil but will never spend a single cent on you is BS), but how much he actually care and willing to spoil.

I'm back :) *and with a new car*

I’ve actually been back from Thailand for a little over a week and a bitch is still jet lagged as fuck, 20+ hours in first class and a 12 hour time change is exhausting


I’ve started sifting though my inbox and deleting all the dumb ass questions people seem to love asking me, so if you ask me a question and I don’t answer it, its because the question was dumb as hell and you could have figured it out yourself.


Vacation was so much fun!! and it was awful that I had to come back to Chicago’s shitty weather after spending 3 weeks in bougie tropical paradise. On the bright side I got to hang out and go shopping with @chisugarbabe a few days ago and that was pretty lit, minus the fact that it rained all day. I’m headed to Orlando and Miami on Wednesday with one of my mans, then I’ll be flying from Fort Lauderdale to Los Angeles for some getaway time until the Midwest decides on what season it wants to stick with.

I hope everyone’s hoeing is going well, and that you’ve been scamming your way into multiple men’s hearts.

Oh and one final thing…..

And before any of you salty ass hoes can say I’m lying (because I know y'all love to do that) YES I will be uploading pics later (she needs a car wash bc rain) but if you honestly can’t wait just go ask @chisugarbabe because I drove it around Michigan Avenue when we went shopping 🙃🙃🙃🙃

That is all for now, I have to start packing for my next travels ✨✨✨


I haven’t been keeping this blog updated lately so here’s a long post to get it up to date. I am truly ASTONISHED by my luck with this sugar daddy. I saw him for *literally* 3 hours *once* this month, was treated to a nice meal, a nice time, and I left with a fat wallet 😂 I recently moved into a new place and he helped me and my roommates so much. He provided a brand new washer and dryer (whirlpool and mint green 😭) along with movers, not to mention an extra $2200 in addition to my allowance that month. Oh yeah!!! And I took these pics with the brand new iPhone 7 he bought me ;) Happy sugaring babies!💞