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Attention Colorists!

Hey colorists out there! Max here!

I’m looking for a colorist!  I’ve been attempting to color in one of our first fantastic oneshot comedy comics by Delta-can-tri as I enjoy practicing coloring myself and have colored in some of her sketches before, however I am not fond of what I’ve been doing so far as it’s not up to par for what I usually can do. Bad for me, but good for you!

My goal is never produce anything that we do not like here at Batgirl Inc and I’m not happy with MY coloring at the moment with the piece. Being said since the goal of this webcomic is to be constantly collaborative, I’m looking for anybody who wants to take a stab at doing this two page comic featuring Barbara Gordon! It would require some creation of depth and muted/darker and fluorescent lighting due to taking place at night in the subterranean Batgirl bunker, but also has an incandescent (or okay Eco-friendly fluorescent) table lamp.

Those that have read the current Barbara Gordon Batgirl series might be slightly preferred as it would help understand the humor of the scene.  We will give you credit and an open invitation to help us out whenever if you’d like. Let me know if anybody is interested!

Planning a Batgirls webcomic: PLEASE HELP

I am extremely disappointed in DC Comics in how they’ve handled the Batgirl mantle and what they’ve done to Barbara Gordon, Stephanie Brown and Cassandra Cain, especially in the reboot with the gutting of character growth and strong female relationships in exchange for a shaky and entirely unremarkable “new” Barbara Gordon Batgirl. Also an offense is their clear absolute refusal to try to appeal to the young adult demographic, especially girls.

And while they’ve improved in some respects as to tapping into certain demographic, their usage of animation, the success of Young Justice and the Green Lantern Corps animated series on the new DC Nation block show a step in the right direction but I need more.

All-together it’s driven me crazy to the point where an idea sprung in my head with a pretty clear vision and now I want to make something that can show how equally awesome all three(ish ohohoho) Batgirls are in a zany, colorful, and fun self contained canon that draws upon past stories and concepts and presents them in a new fashion, much like what they’ve done with Young Justice.

The comic/series, which I’ve considered calling Batgirl Inc. that I’d want to write would be more at it’s heart a pitch for a cartoon series in comic form, that would have all three Batgirls as a team fighting crime in Gotham, all around the same age (more or less teenage) in a series inspired by Charlie’s Angels and Powerpuff Girls  co-starring Tim Drake-Wayne as their tech guy and “Alfred” alongside Barbara’s sentient AI computer; Oracle. Batwoman, Huntress, Flamebird and Misfit would also be featured. The goal is to have an almost all female cast care for perhaps the cameo of Nightwing and Damian Robin.

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What even is anatomy? The legs (lack of legs) are evidence enough I could not do this comic on my own but hey, fanart! Threw some color on it so you could tell who they were. So yeah mangled Batgirls. That is however, yes, a geometric zebra-print and fringe dress on Stephanie. It was $9.98. 

and finally, cass cain!! these are the only “official” designs that will be released so far. when the other characters get introduced in the comic, their designs will be released as well


  • the shortest at 5'1"
  • also the smallest in weight. even though shes the tiniest, shes probably the toughest out of all of them
  • her hair is generally wild and sort of unkempt. it should be all over her face
  • the palest out of all of them
  • her clothes are very plain and generally come in only dark colours. there should be zero focus in her fashion
  • functionality comes first
  • her colour scheme is black, pale yellow, and dark green
  • her costume should appear menacing and almost ghostly like

ill put up a photoset with all three of them later

Happy Debut Cass!

Here’s a portrait of our INC version for everyone to celebrate~ I’ve been doing some crayon+digital work on my own so I thought I’d do one for Cass since it is her debut month. While I suck at comic art and usually stick to the writing side; I do like to do portraits! Enjoy guys, we’ll be back soon, the rest of the issue is entirely Cass so please hang in there! :)

- Max