batgirl 26


Written by HOPE LARSON
Cover by DAN MORA
Variant cover by JOSHUA MIDDLETON

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“BATS AND CATS”! When an innocent bystander close to Batgirl’s heart gets caught in between a feud between herself and Catwoman, what started as just another case could become direly important.

32 pg, FC, $3.99 US • RATED T
On sale JULY 26


Written by HOPE LARSON • Art and cover by CHRIS WILDGOOSE • Variant cover by FRANCIS MANAPUL

“Son of the Penguin” part four! Ethan Cobblepot has shown his true colors: he’s a Penguin, through and through! Or is he? Can Batgirl turn his ambitions into a force for good—before he can turn Burnside against Batgirl?

On sale APRIL 26 • 32 pg, FC, $3.99 US • RATED T

I got an ask a while back about doing a Batgirl recommendation list, similar to the Supergirl list I put together. This one probably won’t be as thorough, though, so apologies in advance. 

Same rules apply: Not a complete list of appearances, just stuff I’ve read and liked, etc. Okay, so. Here we go…

- Batgirl: Year One: A nine issue mini-series by Chuck Dixon & Scott Beatty, w/ pencils by Marcos Martin and inks by Alvaro Lopez. Probably my favorite self-contained Batgirl story. Excellent art, solid characterization, batfam interaction, Black Canary team up…lots of good stuff, basically. The single issues are up on comixology OR you could go for the really nice trade DC put out that includes the Robin: Year One mini-series as well. (Oh, and I should probably mention, this is a Babs-as-Batgirl story.)

For the next few recommendations, I’m gonna include the primary writer, so as to avoid…confusion? Make it easier to find the particular runs? IDK I’m just bat winging this. (Eh? Eh?) (…I’m so sorry.) 

- Batgirl Vol. 4 #1-26 (Gail Simone): The New 52 run. The only reason I dropped this title (somewhere around the ‘Wanted’ arc) was because I wasn’t a huge fan of the art, but. That’s a personal preference thing. Gail Simone has a really good handle on the character, and of all the New 52 books, I remember finding this one pretty enjoyable. (Dark, but. Enjoyable.) (Also a Babs book, FYI.) (This volume includes the Stewart/Fletcher/Tarr run BTW, but we’ll get to that in a bit) 

- Batgirl Vol. 3 (Bryan Q. Miller) : IF YOU HAVEN’T READ STEPHANIE BROWN’S BATGIRL BOOKS STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND GO GET THE ENTIRE RUN ON COMIXOLOGY RIGHT NOW. RIGHT. NOW. It’s like, 24 issues and it’s awesome and GO. GO NOW. DO IT. (I’d recommend the trades but good luck finding one for under $60.)

- Batgirl Vol. 1 (Kelley Puckett): The Cass Cain era. I think this book ran for 50 issues…and there was like a…six issue mini series as well? Anyways. DC has two new trades out. (I’m pretty sure the whole run has been reprinted as trades but if they’re at all like the Steph Brown volumes, then you’ll have an easier time just picking up the new ones.) Vol.1 Silent Knight and Vol. 2 To the Death, and together they cover up through issue #25, I want to say. 

- Batgirl Vol. 4 Annual #3: Lots of good stuff but the major draw (ha) is Bengal’s art.

Honorable Mentions:

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anonymous asked:

do you have any steph comic recs you could link (sorry if you already answered this)

no pro! heres a masterpost and i’d particulary rec:

Her run as Robin

  • Robin #126
  • Teen Titans #13 
  • Batgirl #53 
  • Detective Comics #796 
  • Robin #127-128
  • Batgirl #54 (at the end. not really robin!steph but its kinda the closure of her run imo)

When she appeared on Batgirl V1

  • Batgirl V1 #20-21
  • Batgirl V1 #26-28
  • Batgirl V1 #32 
  • Batgirl V1 #38
  • Batgirl V1 #53-55
  • Batgirl V1 #56 (doesnt appear but important for the arc)
  • Batgirl V1 #58  (doesnt appear but important for the arc)
  • Batgirl V1 #72 (the last page. just read the last page)

When she comes back (to understand how shes batgirl i guess)

Robin #171-182

Her Run as Batgirl

and i would give u spoiler recs (like her first appearence etc) but honestly just… read all of them. 

Spoilers for Convergence: Batgirl

I’m not exactly happy with this comic, but I’m putting aside time right now to explain that it’s very awesome and cool if you do like it and I would encourage you to continue liking it. I’m always reading comics for Cassandra Cain first and foremost, and I was disappointed as a fan of hers. There are things I like about Batgirl: Convergence but definitely not a lot, and not enough to keep me from wanting to analyze the problems I had with it.

If you had no problems with  it and aren’t interested in reading what problems I found in it, this is probably best made a skip for your reading. I don’t know if I’ll be making a follow-up post about the things I did like about this issue in the same format, but I am later making a post where I go over all of my Convergence readings at once.

I’ll also later this week do a side-by-side with Futures End: Batgirl to compare and contrast. So if those sound more your style, you might want to just wait around for those.

Now to the issue.

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The Cassandra Cain Dichotomous Key

[Special thanks to everyone who helped out with suggestions: ephemeraltea + seti-fan + ibmiller + goodluckdetective + @zechsatron + videodromeda + @thepussykitten]

Recent news finally got me to post this from deep within my drafts!!!

This is still very much in progress and I’m always open to critiques and suggestions for this post! Please send me any of your suggestions or more category ideas that would be of interest to you!!

General Cassandra Cain Comic Rec Suggestions at the Following Links:

[Cass and Tim Suggested Reading] [Favorite Cassandra Recs Overall] [My Recommended Bat Fam Master Post] [My Top 10 Cass Issues (subject to change)] 

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