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How do you think the batfamily reacted when Mar'i was born? And if they acted well what was their favorite thing to do with her?

-Bruce was a proud grandpa at that moment; he was definitely a bit in shock because even though Dick is an adult now, deep down Bruce still thinks of the little boy who wore those god awful pixie shorts and who used to say things like “holy _____ Batman!” and now he’s a parent. But he’s over the moon when he first meets Mar’i because she’s so small and adorable. He loves taking her to the places where his parents used to take him so he can pass on their memories and he also will tell her stories about all of his kids.

-Dick was honestly the most emotional wreck anyone has ever seen. He couldn’t stop smiling because holy crap, that’s his kid. An honest to god living being that he helped make, which is totally crazy. And he loves to sing to her, because even though people think he can’t sing, he low key can and only a few people have ever heard him actually sing. He sings her lullabies that his mom used to sing to him when he was little. But honestly, he likes doing anything with his daughter

-Jason has a way with small kids; he isn’t a huge fan of babies but when they cry or are fussy, he’s the person you go to. So, even though he isn’t overly thrilled when he first meets Mar’i, he will help calm her down when she’s crying

-Tim is so awkward around small children so he doesn’t really interact much with Mar’i

-Damian hates other kids, especially babies, but since it’s Grayson’s child, he makes an effort to be nicer. He will usually try to get her to play with his several animals and make sure that she ends up being an animal lover like him. But Dick has forbidden him from giving Mar’i any sharp objects.

-Cass liked looking at Mar’i but she’s kind of clueless as to what you’re supposed to do with small children so she kind of just observes when other people interact with Mar’i just so she can see what she’s supposed to do. When she finally gets the hang of it, she likes to read to Mar’i

-Steph loves kids so she likes taking Mar’i on walks and playing games with her. Mar’i likes when they play dress-up, especially when her dad joins in and then she can dress him up in nice skirts and tiaras. Steph makes sure to take lots of photos.

-Alfred loves Mar’i and will often take care of her when her parents have superhero business to take care of. He loves to play her games that she makes up. She’s particularly fond of scavenger hunts so Alfred will hide things around the room for her to find and he’ll give her prizes after she finds all of the things.

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Batfamily and favorite cold drinks and hot drinks? Thanks!

Bruce: black coffee, lemon water

Dick: hot cider, lemonade

Jason: spiced hot chocolate, soda (he says pop)

Tim: coffee with lots of sugar, iced coffee

Steph: chai tea, fruit punch

Cass: herbal teas, apple juice

Damian: earl grey tea, Shirley temples

Babs: green tea, strawberry milkshakes

Duke: espresso, fruit smoothies

Alfred: earl grey tea, basil lemonade

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Superman hanging out with each of the robins headcanon? Please?

Dick: He is totally in awe that he can even be near THE Superman, so he’s glad to do anything. Oftentimes Superman would have to watch him if Bats brought him to the Watchtower and so Superman would fly Dick around. It reminded Dick of being on the trapeze with his parents. Now they’re very good friends and keep in touch regularly, Superman stops by Blüdhaven sometimes and they work together on occasion.

Jason: He was much more reserved towards Superman than Dick ever was, so they weren’t as close. When they did hang out, it was when Jason was younger and it was typically just them chatting about books and movies and mundane things like that.

Tim: He was quiet at first out of respect (since there’s the whole ‘children shouldn’t speak unless spoken to’ mentality that his parents seemed to like) but once he got over that, he asked Superman a lot about Krypton and what space is like. He’s a curious kid.

Steph: She was kind of awkward around Superman. She talked to him but they weren’t really close. They joked around sometimes and he helped Steph with some fighting techniques but outside of working together, they don’t hang out all too much.

Damian: He’s really bitter towards Superman. He’ll constantly say things that Superman finds amusing but are along the lines of ‘my father could beat you in a fight’. Damian isn’t very fond of Superman but since he’s Dick’s friend and his father’s coworker/sort of friend, he puts up with Superman (who finds Damian to be entertaining)

Duke: He’s incredibly respectful towards Superman. They have the polite kind of conversations that you have with adults that you know but you don’t know closely. So it’s really just some talking and then comfortable silences.

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"Well that's the single most impressive thing I've seen someone do" with Dick and Babs please?

Dick was a man of many talents, as most people who know him already knew. However, he also had a knack of having lots of hidden practically pointless talents that made for great party tricks. For example, he found out that he was really good at towel origami, he could also do some fairly decent magic tricks (though these weren’t nearly as impressive when shown to actual magicians that he knew). But by far his most impressive talent was his flexibility. So naturally, when he and his friends decided to play Twister at a party, he knew that he would win. It was almost inhuman how he was able to twist his limbs, but at least he could showcase the fact that even though he was human, he could still beat superhumans in a game of skill. When he got off the mat he was given some compliments from his opponents, some grumbles that an acrobat/gymnast shouldn’t be allowed to play, and a few challenges to a rematch. “Well that’s the single most impressive thing I’ve seen someone do.” Dick spun around to see Barbara standing near a wall with two drinks in her hands. She offered one to Dick, gesturing for the two of them to sit. “Aw thanks Babs, you’re flattering me.” Dick gave her a grin while she just rolled her eyes “But seriously, that was pretty epic. And also disgusting. How on earth can you do that and not tear a muscle?” Dick shrugged “Maybe that’s my superpower, the power to be super cool and be really good at Twister.” Barbara chuckled “Yeah, that would be the lamest superpower ever.” Dick let out an overly dramatic gasp “How dare you? I’m obviously blessed with the power to demolish my opponents at the noble game of Twister, the game of true heroes.” Barbara laughed “Oh, I apologize, I didn’t grasp the importance of the game. Still, that was pretty impressive, even though you may have hurt some people’s feelings.” “How? It’s just a game.” Barbara shrugged “You never know, in such a noble game some people get pretty competitive.” “I will fight for my title as Supreme Twister Champion, I had to use all of my skills to win that position of nobility and honor.” Barbara rolled her eyes again “You are such a dork, I can’t believe you’re legally an adult with the way you act sometimes.” 

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"Why is it suddenly purple?" With Steph, naturally.

Steph was never known to be a great chef, but then again nobody in he family was (spare maybe Jason and Alfred, obviously). So when she and Cass decided that they would make dinner for themselves and whatever brave soul wanted to try some of their concoction, they were already planning for it to turn out with disastrous results. And boy oh boy, were they completely correct. See, they had been trying to make some type of stew out of a cookbook Cass had found in the kitchen, and it sounded easy to make in theory but when put to practice, turned out pretty badly. The two of them had been fairly confident when they started out, they had done everything that the book had told them to do and then when they started adding everything it all went downhill. “Why is it suddenly purple?” Steph, who was tasked with mixing the stew, looked over at Cass, who was cutting up some carrots, with a mixed expression of impressed dismay. Cass shrugged and added the carrots to the somehow purple stew. With that, the stew was done. “Hey Tim, want five bucks? All you have to do is try some stew!” Steph called to the unsuspecting boy who (unfortunately) agreed to try some “Better him than us, am I right? What a shame that we made something that may or may not be poisonous. I was looking forward to trying some.”