Comic Relief

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           Kara didn’t know what she was expecting when she started dating Lena Luthor, but it certainly wasn’t the huge nerd that Lena secretly was. Sure, her apartment was filled with textbooks and reference books on astrophysics and microbiology, but Lena Luthor had a floor-to-ceiling wall of shelves in her bedroom dedicated to comic books, video game characters and collectibles. Which is why Kara found herself spending more and more time in Lena’s bedroom, for a completely innocent set of reasons.

           Barbara Gordon had been a valuable resource to Kara time and time again, and seeing a series of comic books on Lena’s shelves made Kara excited to pore over them, especially since Batgirl was really just a text message away. Kara had talked to Kate Kane once or twice when the formidable woman had dropped in to check in on the National City branch of the DEO, and reverently reading through the Batwoman comic books made Kara feel less isolated, especially with Batwoman’s connection with the LGBT community. In her time off, Kara often found herself absorbed in the array of superheroes stories that were painstakingly organized by Lena, and she was quick to put them back in their place before her girlfriend got home. Kara wasn’t sure why, but she felt like she was intruding whenever she took a comic book off of its shelf, and she was always very careful with them, putting them back exactly where she had found them. Eventually though, Lena came home early one evening to find Kara, in a tank top and a pair of sweats, poring over a Wonder Woman comic.

           “Hey, Kara.” Lena’s voice floated through the apartment into the bedroom, and Kara froze, still sitting on the floor with the book open in her lap. The blonde could hear Lena approaching her bedroom, and panic coursed through her. Crap, crap, crap, crap. “Whatcha doing?” Lena padded into the bedroom, pressing a soft kiss to the blonde’s cheek. Kara stiffened slightly, still frozen on the floor as Lena sat down next to her.

           “Sorry. Sorry. I should’ve asked. I know. I’m so sorry.” Words tumbled out of Kara’s mouth as she finally spoke, closing the book and gently placing it on the floor beside her. Lena frowned as she looked over at the blonde.

           “What are you apologizing for?” The brunette leaned over to pick up the comic, grinning as she saw the cover. “This is one of my favourites. This entire series is so well done.” Kara snuck a glance over at her girlfriend, who looked completely carefree.

           “Wait, you’re not mad that I’m reading your comics?” Kara flushed, rubbing the back of her neck sheepishly.

           “Kara, why would I be mad? I just thought you might not have any interest in them, seeing as you’re basically a walking comic book anyway.” Lena chuckled, pressing her lips gently to Kara’s. Kara melted into the kiss, humming softly as she pulled away.

           “I thought you were like…going to be super protective of your nerd stuff.” Kara muttered, blushing. “Alex was really mad when I read her comic books when we were kids.” Lena laughed quietly, pulling the blonde into her lap and kissing her again, pulling her close.

           “I think that I would just be super embarrassed if anyone found out about my ‘nerd stuff’.” The CEO grinned and turned slightly pink. “But you’re not going to tell anyone, are you, Supergirl?” Lena raised an eyebrow at the blonde and the blonde smiled back, before threading her fingers through dark brown hair and kissing Lena deeply.

           “No, but it’s nice to know I have blackmail should I ever need it.” The blonde murmured against Lena’s ear, nipping gently. “Besides,” Kara snickered, “you have an awful lot of Supergirl comics up on that shelf too.”
‘DC Super Hero Girls’: Cartoon Network Sets Toon Series For 2018
The world knows them as Wonder Woman, Supergirl and Batgirl, but the three stars of Cartoon Network’s upcoming toon series are teenage girls trying to balance superpowers and secret identitie…
By Erik Pedersen

So happy this is finally announced! Lauren is bringing that Faust magic to the world of DC Heroes. It’s totally new, totally different, and it looks amazing! 


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An average day at Wayne Manor

Bruce: *sitting and reading the newspaper* 

*suddenly hears a crash and some screaming from upstairs* 

*footsteps running back and forth on the ceiling*  

Dick: Bruuuuuuce!!!!

*another crash and some muffled grunting* 

Jason: Don’t listen to him, Bruce, everything is fine!!!

*some more muffled cursing and punches*

Damian: This is all your fault, Todd!!!

Tim: For the love of god, somebody put out the fire!!!!

*more running* 

Steph: I got it!!!

*the sounds of a pipe bursting* 

*more screaming and cursing* 

Dick: Bruuuce!!! Call the fire department!!!

Tim: Screw that, call the Justice League!!! Damian’s on fire!!!

*more screaming* 

Bruce: *takes a sip of tea* I hate my life

  • Tim: I'm not Batman. I have friends.
  • Ra's: You sure about that?
  • Tim: Yeah! Like Conner.
  • Ra's: He died.
  • Tim: Oh yeah. Well what about Bart?
  • Ra's: He died too
  • Tim: Lonnie?
  • Ra's: Coma
  • Tim: Steph?
  • Ra's: Faked her death without telling you and now you can't trust her
  • Tim: *scratches head* Well I guess I still have my siblings-
  • Ra's: Two of them hate you and the other one has no time for you
  • Tim: ...
  • Tim: ...
  • Tim: ...
  • Tim: Okay but at least I'm still not Batma-
  • Ra's: Out of all your siblings you are the one most similar to Batman in skill, emotional distance, intelligence, and traumatic experience
  • Tim: *cries and stomps away in frustration*