Is this the face you make on Monday mornings? The frowning, red-lipped batfish is a bottom-dweller that’s endemic to the Galápagos Islands and whose scientific name (Ogcocephalus darwini) pays tribute to the famed naturalist Charles Darwin. Batfish are not strong swimmers—instead, they use their pectoral fins to “walk” across the ocean floor, where they feed on small fish and crustaceans. So why the ruby-red lips? Some scientists hypothesize that male batfish use this feature to attract a mate, but it’s still largely a mystery.
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PLATAX PINNATUS (12 cm) (2) por Sonja Ooms

Is it Real Submission
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Thank you once again to @marine-enclosures for a very cool submission!

Yes this odd animal is real! It is the Red Lipped Batfish!

This was a tricky one, I’ve never seen this before and at first I thought it was a type of frogfish (it has a very similar face and similar fin adaptations, but a different body structure).

The Red Lipped Batfish is native to the Galapagos Islands and can be found along the ocean floor ranging from a depth of 3 to 76 meters. Their diet consists of small fish, crabs, shrimp, and mollusks.

Most notably these fish have a series of adaptations that make them almost unrecognizable as fish! Its pectoral, anal, and pelvic fins are modified in such a way that the Red Lipped Batfish can actually sit on the sea floor. The modified pectoral and pelvic fins can also be used for “walking” along the ocean floor. They can swim,but only for short distances.  An elongated, horn-like snout attracts prey (similar to Angler fishes). And of course their bright red lips that biologists believe may be used for attracting mates, but their actual function is still unclear.

Altogether a very odd but very interesting animal. This video has a short clip so you can see how the Red Lipped Batfish moves.


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The Signs As Animals You Probably Didn’t Know Existed

Aries: Red-lipped Batfish

Taurus: Goblin Shark

Gemini: The Panda Ant

Cancer: Umbonia Spinosa

Leo: Lowland Streaked Tenrec

Virgo: Hummingbird Hawk-Moth

Libra: The Pacu Fish

Scorpio: The Saiga Antelope

Sagitarrius: Indian Purple Frog

Capricorn: The Bush Viper

Aquarius: The Blue Parrotfish

Pisces: Glaucus Atlanticus

snewts  asked:

Please help me settle a heated debate over what kind of deep-sea fish Quark and Odo should be drawn as. Original idea was Quark as an angler fish, which is especially good and ironic given what male and female angler fish are like, and Odo as a blobfish, but now it's getting complicated with batfish and sea pigs and goblin sharks and frankly I am overwhelmed and need expert advice on this very dumb question, please help

This is the most perfect thing to put in my inbox, thank you. 

My kneejerk reaction for quark is a humpback anglerfish, since it has that classic squat-and-toothy look, but batfish are SUPER GOOFY LOOKING so maybe he’d be one of those instead? I’m torn on odo, too, because while blobfish aren’t nearly as weird looking when they’re photographed in their element, being a fish out of water is odo’s whole THING. so maybe he IS that deeply sad deflated blobfish?

this has mostly alerted me to the fact that i’m not nearly as knowledgeable about deep sea fish as i’d like to be

The Signs as Weird-Ass Sea Creatures

Aries: Carpet Shark 


Taurus: Firefly Squid


Gemini: Sea Pig


Cancer: Red-Lipped Batfish


Leo: Flamingo Tongue Snail


Virgo: Giant Hatchetfish


Libra: Clown Frogfish


Scorpio:  Pink Handfish


Sagittarius: Harp Sponge


Capricorn: Vampire Squid


Aquarius: Sarcastic Fringehead 


Pisces: Blob Sculpin 


My little baby eagle ray friends at @discoveraqwa one morning. They are very soothing to watch. If you look closely you can see some beautiful batfish chilling at the bottom of the deeper part of the tank!

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