Remember when Batfinger invented sex?

I really feel like we don’t talk about this scene enough.

Literally THIRTY SECONDS of Batfinger walking around the brothel set looking nostalgic while sad music plays.

Batfinger: I’m sorry about the locale.

Dowager Countess!Olenna: No, you’re not.

BF: It felt like the safest place.

DC: Not for your clientele, clearly.

BF: It was an establishment like no other. The sheer range of appetites catered to; desires that didn’t even exist until we invented them.

DC: You’ve always been rather impressed with yourself, haven’t you?

This should have also been in our “most meta line” category.

Really, between her and Bronn we didn’t need to do any work at all.

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I don't understand why "chaos is a ladder" become so popular when refering to the game of thrones.


I have a theory that it’s a concept that people think sounds smart? But the second you actually think about it, it just falls apart.

And the way it was delivered was just SO over-the-top and hacktacular. Ahh Batfinger, never change.

Actually, that reminds me, re: ‘Middlefinger’ vs. ‘Batfinger.’

‘Batfinger’ has been a fandom name for awhile, because of the way his voice and accent changes all the time and how it sounds just as terrible as Christian Bale’s Batman voice. Which you might argue is the most interesting thing about Show!Finger’s character. Plus this season kind of strengthened that with his magical teleportation powers.

But ‘Middlefinger’ is just absolutely hilarious to me, with both the rhyme and how the character’s existence is pretty much D&D giving us a giant middle finger with how illogically he’s used (or his horrible and out of place info-dumps).

The most compelling reasoning for sticking with Batfinger was this:

“I always sing the Goldfinder tune in my head when I read Batfinger and it doesn’t work with Middlefinger”

And that reasoning cracks me up. Most seemed to favor the switch though. But I got an anon that I think settles the debate:

Anonymous said:
batfinger is the one who can teleport across westeros and makes elaborate “schemes” while middlefinger is the one that is constantly backstabbing and abandoning people for no real reason.

It’s amazing how suddenly many of D&D’s characters make total sense when you pretend they’re at least two people combined, lol.

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I don't understand why Littlefinger helped to sell Cersei to the Faith. Didn't he got a deal to become Warden of the North from her? What's the worth of the word of an imprisoned person? Even if he betted on Stannis winning the battle for Winterhell (and eventually sitting on the Iron Throne?), the latest conspiracies of Littlefinger feel like a mess

It’s very tempting to Honeypot stuff for Batfinger to try to make sense out of all his actions, because he does seem to be working against himself all the time.

Right now he’s… 

  1. Working with the Vale Lords. I’m not sure what he’s doing for them, but he seems to think he controls their military assets. 
  2. Working with Sansa to work with Stannis and make her “wardeness” of the North. 
  3. Working with the Boltons to make an alliance with Sansa so she can control them… somehow and by extension he can and thus control the North. 
  4. Throwing Sansa under the bus by working with Carol and using the Vale forces to take the North for himself. 
  5. Working with Olenna to use the Faith Taliban to take down Carol. 

I’m sure I’m missing one.

You can argue that 5 was just to cover his own ass because of the whole regicide thing that Olenna has on him (that she would never use…) but the first four suggest that he really wants the North… for some reason. But yes, every person he’s working with, he is also working against. 

Like, he’s trying to make sure that he comes out on top no matter who wins, right? But, like, he’s working with everyone against all the other people he’s also working with so…. 

“Chaos is a Laddah.” Like, I think that’s “the point”. The show isn’t trying to show up Batfingers “plans” as much as it’s trying to show us that he’s a sneaky sneak. Which we already knew.

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Hey, I just wanted to tell you how much I love the Book Snob Glossary (it's magnificent and everyone who watches GoT should get a copy of it to understand the weird world of Weisseroff.) but I still have one question.. Since English is not my native language I have no idea why Littlefinger's show-clone is called BatFinger :'D (Does it have anything to do with the animal? I have no idea.)

That was a fandom name that had been around since like, S3 or 4, I think. I believe it was because Aidan Gillen’s continually changing voice and accent, which was particularly egregious in S4 with that scene where he was like, “welcome aboard the Black Pearl, Sophie Turner,” was evocative of Christian Bale’s absolutely horrible, gargley Batman voice.

And it also worked on another level, because he had been teleporting all over the fucking map since Season 2 when he warped from King’s Landing to Harrenhal to Bitterbridge at the speed of the plot. So like, flying, bats, Batman…

Some days I prefer Middlefinger, because Show!Petyr is just this random asshole who runs around dicking over everyone for literally no reason. But Batfinger has stuck, and given his creative use of wormholes in Season 5, has only become more fitting.