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O.O you should make a shop and sell hand made garments because I would buy them all because super cute :3

i did have one… unfortunately people rarely can afford anything i make, even when i just charge for materials and not time. much of the fabric i use is custom printed or at least special ordered, so it ends up being like 30-40 dollars a yard. if i included like… minimum wage for the hours i spend sewing, it would be super super expensive. Plus I don’t use patterns, I kind of just make it up as I go along, so it’s hard to make standard sizes that fit people other than me or my friends (who i can have come over and size things as i sew them). does that make sense? the last major reason i’m not going to do that is that the second i started making things to sell, i hated to sew, it wasn’t fun anymore when it was like a job, with a deadline and the pressure to make every stitch just perfect and stuff. back in the day when i was painting, i didn’t notice it was happening at the time, but, as soon as i started having a little art career and selling stuff and showing in galleries, i hated to paint and it was no longer something i loved. it still isn’t, to this day, and i don’t want that to happen with sewing. BUT i can do some custom stuff for people sometimes, i just don’t want to make an actual business out of it. thank you though, i love that you like the stuff i make!!! :)