DC, stop being fucking cowards and release the batfamily animated show that we deserve. I want to see them fighting at the dinner table, watching movies and throwing popcorn, and all the kids bothering bruce while he looks into the camera like he’s on the office.

If you’re in the Batman fandom and you never had @laquilasse draw your favorite character then what’s the point of being in the fandom in the first place?

So a big giant thank you for @laquilasse for doing my commission, I requested Dick opening the door for his date for the night with Damian (who just woke up from a nap and still in his Jalabiya) attached to his big brother to mark his territory in front of his new rival.

This is exactly what I wanted and from now on this is officially my favorite Damian fanart of all time.


Presenting ~The Damian Wayne Guide to Surviving Grayson Hugs ~

Things Bruce “exasperated dad” Wayne has said

•”why the hell would you dare your bother to do that?”

“Because I didn’t actually think he would!”

“It’s Jason. Of course he would.”

•”Damian, kiddo, please get off the roof.”

•deep sighs every time he gets asked about the kids

•”Hey can i—“


•”Please put down the knife. And the spoon. Please—thank you—no, Tim—drop the fork—“

•”why would you—? No. Never mind. Don’t answer that.”

•”im not buying you pizza rolls. I’ll buy Cass pizza rolls, but not you.”

“Why not?”

“Because Cass is my favorite and does nothing wrong.”

•”Dick if I turn around and you’re still on the chandelier I’m grounding you”

“I’m 24 you can’t—“

“You have five seconds.”

•”Don’t even open your mouth because my answer is no”

•he stares into the distance every time people ask why he dosent bring all his kids to the galas and charity events

•”Duke, you’re my last hope for a normal kid”

•*when a kid walks into the room with That Look* “what do you want?”

•”we’re going to stay together as a group because I don’t want to be known as the parent who got kicked out of Disney because he couldn’t keep his kids under control”

•”you’re killing me. You’re killing your father boys.”