Part 1/2 - Batfam Christmas Fanfic

It was Christmas night. Ever since Dick Grayson had brought his own family tradition into Wayne Manor, the idea had stuck.

According to Dick, every Christmas, the circus family would gather around a bonfire and sing. Everyone either sang, played their instrument, danced, or celebrated in any way they could. And the little trapeze artist never let it die. 

The first year was probably the most surprising, as it was still only Bruce, Alfred, and Dick living in the Manor. On Christmas day, as Bruce sat reading some file on goodness-knows-what in front of the largest fireplace in the mansion, Dick approached from behind carrying a dusty guitar with numerous dents, scratches, and intricate carvings embedded into the surface of the wooden body. 


The mentor didn’t turn around when he spoke.

“Yes, Dick?”

There was a brief pause before the words gushed out in frantic and over excited phrases.
“I was wondering– if you’d be willing to– I mean I don’t know if you know ho—nOT that I’m saying you don’t! But I– I was wondering…”

At this point the words seemed to dry up. The man turned around to face the struggling child when he noticed the guitar. 

“What is it that you want, Dick?”

The little bird took a breath before starting again.

“I was wondering if you would do this tradition we always had at the circus.. every Christmas we’d sing songs together around the fire… and.. I miss that.”

The billionaire playboy sat. No emotion seemed to cross his face, but if you looked close enough, you’d see the faintest glimmer of surprise and warmth in his eyes.

“Of course, Dick. Why don’t you go ask Alfred to join in, too?”

The smile that spread across the young hero’s face was brighter than any sun in the universe. The child seemed to glow with that unknown happiness that can only be spotted in the most wonderful youth. 


As the world’s first boy wonder zipped out of the room, the man sat back into his chair with an unfamiliar look on his face: a smile.

Gen Batfam Christmas Stocking

Welcome to the first ever Gen Batfam Christmas Stocking event!

As this is the first time this event has been run, I apologise in advance for any problems that may crop up. Hopefully I’ll be able to figure everything out and get it running smoothly.

How it will work:

If you would like to participate, fill out the stocking template then submit it to this blog (through the “Submit Stocking” link). Stockings will be published to the main page so everyone can go through and have a look at what others would like. Pick as many prompts from other people’s stockings as you’d like (the more stockings the better - we want to make sure everyone gets something) and get creating!


1. All content must be gen.

2. If you submit a stocking you must create at least one work for another participant. (If, for some reason, you sign up then cannot do so, don’t freak out. Send an ask or a message and we’ll work something out.)

3. Respect the wishes of a person’s stocking. This is supposed to be fun so be nice. If a person says they do not like a particular thing, don’t include it in any content you create for them.

4. Tag any content you create for the event with #batfamchristmasstocking so it can be reblogged here and everyone can enjoy it.


Sign-ups open - 24th November

Sign-ups close - 8th December

All works due - 3rd January

Filled stockings released - 5th January

If you have any questions, consult the FAQs page or send in an ask.


Gen Batfam Christmas Stocking

A few months ago I asked whether anyone would be interested in participating in a gen Batfam Christmas Stocking event and didn’t get much of a response. I thought I’d try again because it’s still something I’d be interested in organising.

How it would work is anyone who wanted to participate would sign up by filing out a “stocking”, which is basically an informal form with what mediums you’d like (fic, art, recs, etc.), fav characters, likes/dislikes and a few prompts. The stockings are published to the main tumblr page then anyone can browse through them and pick whatever prompts they feel like filling. The goal is that at the end of the event, everyone has at least one thing (but hopefully more) in their stocking. Generally it’s pretty low pressure so even if you sign up then something happens and you can’t participate it’s not an issue.

Timetable for the event would be something along these lines:

  • Sign up - end of November
  • Creating - all of December
  • Release of filled stockings - first week of Jan

If you think this might be fun, I’d appreciate reblogs/likes/messages so I can get an idea of whether it’s worth organising. Thanks!

  • Roy: Wow. That's a lot of mistletoe. *looking up*
  • Jason: It's disgust--
  • Roy: *kisses Jason's cheek*
  • Jason: Did you just fucking kiss me?!
  • Roy: Well, there was mistletoe.
  • Jason: Ugh! Eugh. Why?!
  • Tim: *walking by* Aren't you guys, like, married?
  • Jason: NO!
  • Roy: Naww, we just share a bank account, cohabit, share a phone plan, and occasionally agree on what movie to watch! :D
  • Tim: ...When's the honeymoon?
The Batfamily @ Christmas

Requested by an anon

Summary: Headcannons of batfam(including batmom)’s Christmas traditions.

-The Wayne Holiday Party is a tradition that’s so old if you stopped it for any reason the world would probably stop.

-When it was just you and Bruce on Christmas it was really actually boring.

-Especially when Bruce decided Batman was needed and you were left at home watching re-runs of Law & Order.

-Then children started coming into your household and everything just seemed…warmer during the holidays.

-In more recent years, especially with the varying backgrounds your children have you’ve started celebrating other winter holidays, mainly Hanukkah.

-Every year you buy the children holiday pajamas to wear on Christmas Eve night, a sweater to wear Christmas Day, and of course a new outfit for the Holiday Ball.

-Before Christmas you dedicate a whole day to making cookies and making it mandatory for all children to show up.

-It’s turned into a sleepover so the next day you all can team up and have a gingerbread house contest.

-Alfred usually determines the winner, but you also have all the guests at the Holiday Party vote as well.

-Sometimes(basically every year) your gingerbread houses have made the front page of Gotham News.

-Jason tends to hang around the manor more during the holidays and winter in general, mainly because he’s pretty sure it makes you happier(of course it does.)

-That and when he’s over at the manor it means he doesn’t have to heat his apartment.

-The only sad thing is how little you see of Barbra during the season because she’s usually having festivities with her own family.

-On Christmas Eve you all go to the pageant at the church and out to dinner afterwards.

-Before breakfast on Christmas morning the children are allowed to go through their stockings only, even though they try their damndest to look at presents.

-Christmas morning you get up and personally make breakfast, letting Alfred sleep in (though he gets up early anyways so he can offer his help to you.)

-Surprisingly Damian skips his usual morning routine and offers his help as well. Turns out he makes really good omelettes.

-After breakfast is when presents are opened and the living room is usually a disaster zone afterwards, Cass usually picks up the wrapping paper, having told you she enjoys cleaning up the wrapping paper, it’s easy to pick up and makes Alfred smile.

-Everyone sitting around in their pajamas and robes, coffee cups in most hands, smiles on all the faces, even if they’re simply faint ones.

-Holiday movies are watched throughout the month of December, though the family’s favorite is Bad Santa.

-Stephanie has been named honorary movie coordinator, always being the one with enough energy to jump up and change it. Also she just has the whole making popcorn, getting everything ready down to a science.

-Watching home videos of past Christmases, you and Alfred are tied for best video tapers. Dick and Tim are the absolute worst when it comes to taping family events.

-Dick just moves around too much and Tim occasionally forgets he’s taping and next thing you know a full twenty minutes is just film of a wall and audio of whatever was going on.

-Dinner is always your favorite, everyone sits around the table and you get to look at everyone’s smiling, content faces as you share the moment with each other and enjoy the food.

-After dinner soft holiday music is played while you all play with your new toys, chatting softly amongst everyone.

-That is, until a fight breaks out and usually Bruce grumbles, using that as his cue to go check on the city.

-And suddenly you develop an interest in Gotham’s safety as well…

batfam christmas headcanons
  • Damian didn’t grow up with christmas, and thus finds most aspects of the holiday to be absolutely ridiculous. 
  • He scoffs at the ridiculousness of “an elderly man who invades private property just so he can leave presents for children who have made arbitrarily good moral decisions” and will scowl at every Santa he comes across. 
  • Jason always hated christmas when he was out on the streets because of the stark consumerism and what he viewed as empty messages of “hope” and “charity”, so he gets really broody around the holidays.
  • But his first christmas eve at the manor, Jason sat in front of the tree for hours, just staring up into the lights with teary eyes, because he finally had something to be hopeful about. 
  • Damian was forced to dress up as an elf for a charity christmas appeal that Bruce hosted, and he made more than one child cry that night by lecturing them on how *tt* obviously… Santa isn’t real
  • Bruce was of course dressed as Santa Clause, and the batfam never lets him forget about it. 
  • Babs took up knitting when she became Oracle, and one year she knit everyone ugly christmas sweaters that they never wore because they were that bad. She’s still salty about it. 
  • Alfred was the only one who wore his. And once she got a little better, she knit him a pair of gloves and a warm scarf as thanks. He wears them every year. 
  • Dick drank too much eggnog at the Teen Titans’ christmas party one year, and if you think he’s clingy when he’s sober, you have no idea. Donna and Wally have videos and photos they show to newbies, so everyone has a very mixed image of Nightwing.
  • Though his family was never really religious, Dick grew up going to christmas eve mass with his parents; and sometimes he and Alfred will go together to Gotham Cathedral’s midnight service.
  • When Tim was little, he organised a full-on investigation into the existence of Santa Clause, that culminated in a stake-out in front of the fireplace, and ultimately deduced that he was not real. He was like, four years old.  
  • Cassandra goes to the Gotham City Ballet to watch their production of the Nutcracker every year without fail, usually with Steph and Harper. (One year Bruce took her to see it, and she wouldn’t stop smiling for days.) 
  • Duke gives the best gifts out of everyone in the batfam. Even if they’re not expensive, they’re so thoughtful and scarily spot-on. He even made Damian momentarily forget his hatred for the holiday when he gave him an antique dagger he found on sale in a Gotham pawn shop. (Bruce was not happy.)
  • Snowball fights are now off-limits in the batfam. Last year, Tim took one to the face and it gave him a concussion. It is still unclear as to who hit him (it was Damian, goaded on by Jason). 
  • Dick knows the words to every single christmas song by heart. And his renditions of Mariah Carey still haunt the echoing halls of Wayne Manor to this day. 
  • Damian adopted (read: commandeered) a reindeer that was part of a Santa meet-and-greet, and could be heard shouting “take that you senile old imposter!” as he majestically rode off on it through the snowy streets of Gotham, the bells on its harness ringing into the cold air… 
  • Bruce reluctantly let him keep it. Its name is Lucifer.
  • It’s futile trying to bake christmas cookies with Steph, because she eats raw cookie dough by the spoonful. 
  • One year, they tried to make a gingerbread house together, but Steph ate all the candy and only left them a single gumdrop to decorate it with. But the house was burnt and collapsed anyways. Everyone blamed Tim.
  • The next year, they made sure Steph was distracted, and Babs was able to build a gingerbread house replica of Wayne Manor, complete with a bat-signal.
  • Dick and Damian reached breaking point their first christmas as Batman and Robin when Dick serenaded him with “All I want for christmas is my two front teeth,” and Damian responded by setting the christmas tree on fire. 

anonymous asked:

Aaahhh okay, can i get a jason x reader, where they are at the manor with the batfam celebrating christmas, everyone is giving each other gifts and jason then gives them a small box. As they open it, he gets on one knee and surprise surprise it's an engagement ring. Idk i want christmas fluff with my husband, i love him so much, bless jason

It’s the last present under the tree, it isn’t even really under the tree, it is kinda in the tree, and that just makes you even more curious. It’s a small neatly wrapped square box, it fits in the palm of your hand. Jason is the one who gives it to, reaching wxpertly into the tree, like he knew it was there all along.

“Look, babe. One more present, and it’s for you!”

You can’t help but roll your eyes at your boyfriend’s theatrics, he has always had a dramatic flair in him, no matter how much he denies it.

“I wonder who it’s from?” Your eyes flick over to Jason, a little confused now, “It says it’s from Santa”

“Well then you have to open it right away!” Jason inches closer to you, “Go on, sweetheart. Open it”

You eagerly tear off the paper, brow furrowing when you see the black velvet box. Your fingers tremble slightly as you remove the last of the wrapping paper, not wanting to get your hopes up, but unable to help it. Gentle fingers take the box from you, and you look up, seeing Jason on one knee.

“Y/N, I love you. I know that I can be a pain in the ass, and I know that my entire family is crazy. You have been there for me through everything. You were there when I was Robin, when I was with the League, and when I came back as Red Hood. Somehow I haven’t managed to drive you way, for some reason you stayed. I want you to stay with me forever. Will you marry me?”

For a second you can’t breathe, Jason had just proposed to you. “Yes” you whisper, tears of joy streaking down your face.

Jason grinned, sliding the ring onto your finger. As soon as the ring is on you tackle him into a hug, peppering kisses all over his face. The rest of the family cheers behind you, Dick had started to cry and even Damian looked happy.

“I love you, Jason”

“I love you too, sweetheart.”

You sit up, perching on his thighs, “I actually have one more gift for you”

You pull out an envelope, pressing it into your new fiancé’s hand. Jason eagerly tore open the card, curious as to why you looked so nervous. Jason quickly opens up the card and a picture falls out, landing so the picture is facing up.

“Y/N, what …”

His hands treble as he lifts the picture, an ultrasound picture, dated for two days ago. One the inside of the card, written in your messy handwriting is “Merry Christmas Daddy!”.


Jason lunges forward, wrapping you tightly in his arms, and then immediately releasing you, “I didn’t hurt you did I?! Are you alright? Is the baby alright?”

Chuckling you lean forward, pressing your lips together, “We are both fine, Jay. Are-are you okay that I’m pregnant?”

“Of course I’m okay!! God! I’m so happy! We are gonna get married, and have a baby!!” He looked up at you with tear filled eyes, “You just made me the happiest man in the world, sweetheart”

You chuckle, running your fingers through his hair, “Merry Christmas, Jay”

dettiot  asked:

Batfam Christmas: So just how would a Batfamily Secret Santa go?

Alfred drops the spatula abruptly after he hears Damian mutter “Todd for secret Santa. I should just get him a crowbar.” 

“You will do no such thing,” Alfred snaps. “In fact, young Master Damian, you might take this time to actually find out a little more about your brother. After all, you know the least about him.” 

Damian looks almost startled, and starts to argue, but Alfred cuts him off. 

“Perhaps a book. Master Jason loves to read.” 

“He can read?” 

Alfred looks less than impressed. 


Alfred blinks as Dick proudly settles a cardboard stand-up of Jennifer Lawrence in the kitchen. 

“Master Dick…what on earth….” 

“I drew Harper for secret Santa,” Dick explains. “And she’s always saying that Jennifer Lawrence would be the perfect girlfriend as long as she didn’t talk. So…” 

Alfred can’t help a soft laugh. “Master Dick.” 

“What?! It’s perfect!” 


Stephanie paces the length of the kitchen. “Oh god. Oh god. What do you get a billionaire playboy superhero for Christmas?” 

Alfred chuckles. “Miss Stephanie-” 

“Of course I drew Bruce! Of course!” 


“Because I couldn’t have drawn say…Cass. Or Harper. Or Tim. Nope! Too easy!” 

Alfred sighs. “Miss. Stephanie.” 


“Master Bruce is quite fond of the Gray Ghost,” Alfred tells her. 

“That cheesy old serial?” she asks, puzzled. “Didn’t Mondo just do a special edition vinyl of the soundtrack?” 

“I believe they did.” 

“You. Alfred. You are a lifesaver!” 



Alfred blinks owlishly at the cage Tim sets on the kitchen counter. “Master Tim-” 

“It’s a duck,” Tim says. “It’s a duck. I just bought the brat wonder a duck.” he says it like he’s still in shock. 

Alfred can’t help chuckling. “I’m sure Damian will appreciate it. It should go well with the dog, the cat and the cow.” 

“I bought a duck!” 


“Where on earth did all this cereal come from?” Alfred mutters. 

“Me,” Jason says as he walks in with five more boxes in his arms. “Its mine. Actually it’s Dickbird’s. I drew him for secret Santa.” 

Alfred frowns. 

“What?! He loves cereal!” 

Alfred sighs heavily. “I knew I should have taught him to cook.” 


“It’s scarf that looks like one of those old library due date cards,” Duke says proudly, holding it up. “I thought it was nice. Babs’ll like it, right Alfred?” 

Alfred smiles warmly. “I quite think she will.” 

“Good! I knew she was that nerdy.” 


Cassandra dumps a load of Pokemon card packs on the island in the kitchen smiling proudly. “For Duke!” 

Alfred doesn’t have the heart to break it to her that he mostly plays Pokemon on his phone.


“Sir, what on earth-” 

“It’s an original signed Clash poster,” Bruce says as he waves the tube. “Tim will love it.” 

Alfred wrinkles his nose. “Honestly, Master Bruce. I’ll never understand yours or Master Tim’s love of that god-awful racket.” 

Bruce smiles just a little. “I know.” 


Cassandra is easy to shop for, Alfred thinks. Ballet lessons and new toe shoes to go with those lessons. He thinks that will do very nicely. 


“It makes waffles in the shape of the Death Star,” Barbara tells him, as she wraps Stephanie’s gift at the kitchen counter. “Everyone likes Star Wars.” 

Alfred chuckles softly. “Of course, Miss Barbara.’ 


Harper walks into the kitchen makes an “eep!” noise, and then rushes back out, and Alfred knows who his secret Santa is. 

He grins to himself. 


Alfred watches everyone open their secret Santa gifts and grins, before looking down at his own and opening it carefully. 

It’s what looks to be a magic eight ball that’s been painted a lovely shade of blue, and when Alfred turns it over to look at the little screen, a message appears: 

Don’t worry, Alfred,” it says. 

He turns it over again and it reads: 

Even if we’re all brats, we love you!” 

He chuckles, and glances back at Harper, who smiles. 

  • Damian: Reindeer do not have red noses?
  • Dick: It's not literal.
  • Damian: In fact, their noses do not *glow,* either.
  • Dick: It's not lit--
  • Damian: How does a reindeer laugh?
  • Dick: It's not--
  • Damian: And why would this "Santa" person not simply use headlights?
  • Dick: It's n--
  • Damian: Or a lantern?
  • Dick: It's--
  • Damian: WHY a glowing reindeer?
  • Dick: It--
  • Damian: And ANOTHER THING.
  • Dick: ...
  • Damian: Who are these other reindeer?
  • Damian: I do not know "Dasher" or "Dancer."
  • Damian: I have not heard of these named reindeer.
  • Damian: How do they fly?
  • Damian: How does this make sense?
  • Dick: Can I say something?
  • Damian: This song must have been written by a crazed individual.
  • Dick: ...sure.
  • Damian: I thought so.
White Socks
Prompt~ Hey! I saw that you wanted Christmas prompts soo I have one for you. An imagine or a headcannon whichever one is fine about the batfam going Christmas shopping and how they would figure out what to get eachother? Please and thank you if you do, do it

A/N~ It dosent say what every one gets but I’ll leave that up to you


“Tim you can’t get Damian a pair of socks.” You said as Tim picked up a pair of white socks.

“Why not?” Tim asked with a smirk on his face.

“He’s a kid, you-”

“A kid who’s toys consist of katanas.” Tim rolled his eyes and took a sip from his coffee cup.

“I’m done buying presents!” Dick appeared behind the both of you lifting up his shopping bags.

“At least one of us can actually get things done here.” You hissed as you glared at Tim.

“Hey where’s Jason?” Dick questioned as you both walked out the clothes store.

“He went to help Damian buy gifts.” You replied as you shifted the bags in your hands.

“What did you buy Damian?” Tim cut in, “I bought him some legos.” Dick answered.

“Legos are you serious?” You scolded at him, “You know how competitive Damian gets with legos.”

“Last time we got him legos he built a city and wouldn’t stop buying more things to add to it for months.” Tim groaned as he face palmed.

“What did you get him then?” Dick asked, “I got him a leather jacket.” You smiled.

“A leather jacket?” Tim raised his eyebrow.

“Yes a leather jacket, me and Jason got one for him. Even though Damian won’t admit it he thinks Jason’s style is cool.” You giggled at Dick’s furrowed eyebrows.

“He dosent think my style is cool?” Dick asked more to himself.

“What ever, I wonder what Damian got me.” Tim pondered.


“You’re getting replacement a new laptop?” Jason’s eyes grew huge.

“Yes I told you that already Todd.” Damian grumbled.

tt, he spilled coffee over his and it’s been malfunctioning ever since.” Damian reasoned.

“Well now my gift seems like shit.” Jason said as they both walked into a tech store.

“What did you get Drake?” Damian asked curiously.

“I got him a BB-8 plushie signed by Mark Hamill.” Jason replied.

“What? How could you possibly manage that? Drake is going to faint from excitement.” Damian’s jaw dropped.

“I made the plushie all I had to do was find the guy as Red Hood and get his fucking signature.” Jason said like it was nothing.

tt, what did you get [Y/N]?” Damian questioned as they looked over the laptops.

“Something special.” Jason blushed.

“Hm it seems that this year everyone’s going to get what they want.” Damian smirked as Jason’s blush became a deeper red.

Batmom Takes on Christmas Action

Requests Can I request one where Batmom teams up with Alfred for the yearly fight of keeping the christmas presents secret from the batfam till christmas? Can I request a christmas one where batmom and the batboys decorate the christmas tree together

Ever since the process of Christmas shopping finished you and Alfred had been think and trying hard to hide the presents away from the boys. Knowing Dick, he’d be the one to make them want to open their gifts secretly before the time came, but this had only happened once and you would not allow it to happen ever again.

Currently, you and the boys were decorating the Christmas tree. They had all picked the colors they wanted from the offers they were given and you had agreed on not fixing anything as long as they were extra careful as to make the tree look perfect. Dick was currently on his way up to the ladder holding the golden star in his hands, which of course caused the attention of the other three boys who immediately started yelling.

“Why the hell does he get to put the star in (y/n)!” Jason spat as if Dick had vomited a bloody murder and you’d let him get away.

“Yes, he did so last year!” Damian added to Jason’s words. You had no chance but to talk to Dick -it wasn’t even the time to put the star on-.

“Dick, darling. Its Jason’s year to put the star on the tree can you please get down?”

The man just looked at you as frustration rushed through his short form. He climbed down the ladder, with the star still in his hands.

“I’m sorry, (y/n). I thought it was my year and-”

“And who the fuck said it was Jason’s year?” Tim spoke and received an immediate warning by you for his bad language.

“Your broth-”

“I died once, replacement!” Jason spat once again with an angry voice.

“Don’t call your brother that -” you tried to calm the fight down but it only seemed to get worse and worse, causing you to only give your attention to them. It was long after but you noticed a tiny smile forming in the corners if Tim’s lips.

And suddenly it all made sense. They had done this on purpose.

Looking around you couldn’t see Damian And Dick anywhere; they were long gone and you sure as hell knew why. They were trying to find the gifts but of course this wouldn’t happen. You had hid them so well that they-


You run up the stairs and into the room Dick had invaded, and grabbed him by his ear. Dick winced in pain all the way as you walked him down the stairs. Damian was already down, standing besides Jason and smirking about this year’s victory, until they saw you and Dick.

Your eyes were wide and shone in anger while Dick’s had teared up from the pain.

“Don’t you dare go around the presents until Christmas morning. Have I made myself clear?” You asked in the most bossy and frightful way you could muster. All the boys slightly nodded, too afraid of you in that angry and raging form. “Now go back to decorating the tree! At instant!”

Needless to say that the three had been perfectly decorated in less than twenty minutes.

Christmas Morning Cuddles - Jason Todd x Reader

A/N: It’s day 1 of the 12 Days of Christmas!!!!! Enjoy the floof!

Prompt: Could you do some cuddly holiday fluff with Jay? Maybe they are at the manor (the idea of everybody being happy and together on Christmas slays me just pls) and like really cute sweet waking up and then like Dick comes barreling in and belly flops on the bed like wake up bitches its Christmas? IDK I just want batfam Christmas and cuddles with Jay.

You woke to the feeling of Jason wrapping his around your waist and pressing soft lazy kisses every once and while on your neck and shoulder. You smiled lazily and snuggled closer to him, not ever bothering to open your eyes.

“‘Morning.” Jason mumbled, his voice heavy and gravelly with sleep. You cracked your eyes open slightly and smiled up at him. You reached up ever so slightly and pressed a kiss to the underside of your jaw. The two of you cuddled together in silence, simply enjoying the quiet Christmas morning. You could vaguely hear signs of life starting to stir downstairs but you weren’t just ready to leave your bubble just yet.

You and Jason probably would have stayed in bed all day if you could. You probably would have too if your blissful lazy morning wasn’t interrupted. You should have known that a ‘quiet morning’ doesn’t exist in this house.

Your peaceful bubble was popped when Dick burst through the door and jumped on Jason. Jason let out an aggravated groan and tried to push Dick off the bed.

“Come on guys! Get up! It’s Christmas!” Dick said excitedly like a kid on … well Christmas morning. He was already decked out in a hideous holiday sweater and Santa hat.

“Oh my god. Grow up.” Jason groaned

“We’ll be down in a few minutes, Dick.” You said laughing lightly at the two of them. Someone had to be the peacekeeper in this situation. At least Dick waited until a decent hour to bother you unlike last year.

“Alfred’s making breakfast, the entire family will be there! Merry Christmas!” Dick said enthusiastically before leaving the way he came with a noticeable pep in his step. Sweet Holy Night that boy loved Christmas perhaps a little too much.

“We should probably get up before he comes back and drags us out by our antlers.” You suggested. Jason made a low groaning noise and buried his head into your neck.

“Five more minutes.” He mumbled.

“Your funeral.” You joked, snuggling closer to him. You were going to enjoy every moment you could of this before you were both inevitably forced to join the rest of the family.


Doodle #582 - Took a little break from commissions to draw this… Of course it was going to be about my Bat-muse! please don’t dudge

I’m not the most Christmassy person out there, but I hope everyone’s having a lovely day, whether you are celebrating it or not! ♥


DC Universe


Being part of the team

Being super awkward but Roy liking it

Being an outlaw Roy and Jason

Being Oliver’s daughter and him finding out you are darting Barry

Imagine coming to Oliver and your daughter

Oliver’s reaction to someone being mean to you

The Flash

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  • Tim: Careful.
  • Kon: Why?
  • Tim: Jason spiked the spiced cider and the eggnog. He put laxative in the chocolate mousse. He rigged traps over mistletoe areas. And I think he put one of Roy's arrows, point up, under a couch cushion?
  • Kon: ...He sure is in the Christmas spirit.
  • Tim: Missed the memo. I never realized how malevolent the spirit of Christmas was, I guess.
Bah Humbug

Prompt ~ Could you do some cuddly holiday fluff with Jay? Maybe they are at the manor (the idea of everybody being happy and together on Christmas slays me just pls) and like really cute sweet waking up and then like Dick comes barreling in and belly flops on the bed like wake up bitches its Christmas? IDK I just want batfam Christmas and cuddles with Jay. Please and thank you <3 


Babeeeeee.” Jason poked your stomach for the dozenth time, you ignored him.

“Fine no more cuddles for you ass breath.” Jason rolled over his arms unwrapping from your body leaving you with a lack of warmth.

“No come back.” You groaned not opening your eyes, you scooted over to his side, cuddling into his chest.

After a long silence and no response from Jason you opened one of your eyes, “Jay?”


“It’s Christmas!” You cheered wrapping your hands around his neck placing a kiss on his cheek.

“Does this mean I get a special present?” He smirked with his eyebrow raised,

You gasped, “Somebody’s on the naughty list I see.”


“IT’S CHRISTMAS!” The bedroom door slammed open and in came Dick barreling  into the room and flopping on to the king sized bed.

“I forget we were staying at the manor.” Jason groaned running a hand down his face.

“Get up Todd! I need to open my gifts!” Damian walked in wearing a Santa hat with a pout on his face.

“Dick what the hell are you doing?” Jason furrowed his eyebrows as Dick slipped in between you two.

“Come on guys we have to wake up Tim, plus Alfred made pancakes and hot cocoa.” Dick lifted himself up and ran out the room followed by Damian.

You pushed of the bed covers and put on your slippers, “Where are you going?” Jason asked as he sat up.

“To see what Santa brought Damian.” You replied, “You coming?”


“Oh get your ass up you know you love those boys.” You giggled as he slowly got up.

“Bah Humbug.“


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