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Would you be able to do a Jason Todd x reader where the reader wears glasses but one day she wears contacts for a gala (plus she's dressed hella nice) and Jason and the other batfam members don't recognize her

Yes of course!!!!!

friendly reminder that jason todd is mentally ill

I’ve been noticing lately that A LOT of fic writers like to erase jason’s mental illness in their writing and I’d just like to point out that, by doing that, you’re erasing a huge part of his character. jason todd is not just some misunderstood bad boy who secretly loves classic literature and makes bad puns and just wants to feel loved. is he all of those things? absolutely. I’d even go so far as to say those things are all essential to his character. but jason is also canonically mentally ill. and (especially in more recent canon) it is implied that jason knows that he’s mentally ill. a lot of jason’s character development comes from his journey through the process of piecing together his past with his new personality and mentality. to write jason as neurotypical is to completely ignore an important aspect of his character, not to mention denying representation to mentally ill fans who relate to jason and see their own symptoms reflected in him.

friendly reminder that jason todd is mentally ill.

I really want CW to do a BatFam live-action TV series. Like, I have this five-season structure all worked out in my head:

  • Start with Batman working with Dick Grayson. You probably want to have their partnership be a few years old because Dick’s canonically the longest running and closest to Batman of the Robins, but you can throw in cute flashback episodes showing his recruitment
  • Have Catwoman be a recurring antagonist/neutral figure throughout the series, with copious amounts of flirting.
  • Establish the character of Barbara Gordon early season 1, and give all these little hints at what she’ll become, then have her take up Batgirl season 2- sort of like what the Flash did with Cisco.
  • Bring in Bat Woman around Season 2-ish, give her a nice LGBT plotline, and have some fun with her and Batman’s mutual secret identities.
  • Have a plotline about Dick’s desire to go his own way that culminates in him taking up the identity of Nightwing. Maybe give him a spin-off if he’s popular enough?
  • Have Bruce recruit Jason Todd as the new Robin early Season 3 because he misses Dick, but make it clear Jason is much more angry/impulsive.
  • The villain of Season 3 is the Joker. Mid-season, Barbara is paralyzed from the waist down. Give her an good, respectful plot arc recovering physically and mentally that culminates in taking up the mantle of Oracle in the finale and being vital in defeating the Joker.
  • Have the Joker brutally murder Jason  a few episodes before the finale. This culminates in a harrowing conclusion where Batman must decide whether to kill the Joker or imprison him.
  • Season 3 or 4, depending on how episode spacing works out, introduce an mysterious assassin figure. At first she seems like an antagonist, but later she saves the life of a main character and introduces herself as Cassandra Cain. She’s adopted into the Bat Family and becomes the new Batgirl with Oracle’s blessing.
  • Season 4, bring in Tim Drake, and have a long plot arc where Batman doesn’t want to put anyone else at risk, until Tim manages to become Robin mid-season.
  • Give Tim have a love interest named Stephanie who’s secretive about her own family, later revealing her father’s the Cluemaster. She takes over for either Robin or Batgirl for an episode before creating her own identity as Spoiler.
  • The theme of Season 4? Parents. Parallel the shitty parenting of Steph and Cass, and have them bond over it. Put in some episodes of Batwoman and her strained relationship with her own father. Use the opportunity to emphasize the parental role Bruce has found himself in, and that after Season 3 he doesn’t want to fail his kids again.
  • Season 5′s main villains are the League of Assassins. Establish Talia Al’Ghul as an old flame of Bruce’s, and at the end of her first episode have a cliffhanger with her ten-year-old son Damian.
  • Introduce the recurring villain Red Hood, and later reveal he’s Jason Todd, resurrected by Ra’s Al Ghul via the Lazarus Pit.
  • Have Damian join the Bat Family mid season. Have Batman disappear/be killed for a bit, and Nightwing come back and take over as Batman for a few eps, with Damian taking over as Robin. Have his run as Batman contested by Jason, who views his morals as constraining and antiquated.
  • Eventually bring Bruce back, have him succeed at bringing Jason into the fold, have Catwoman finally come down on his side, and give it all an epic finale with the entire Bat Family.

Bonus points for race-blind casting (especially for all those black-haired Robins!) and copious amounts of crossovers between BatFam members and the other superhero shows.

routine reminder that barbara gordon, cassandra cain, and stephanie brown are (or were, pre-flashpoint) all interesting, complex, empowering female characters who are at least as brave, capable, and selfless as any male member of the batfamily, and that I love them even if dc doesn’t. 

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imagine: some random gothamite makes a soap carving of Batman to give to his hero...he calls it "bathman".

I literally choked on my giggles.
Next he’s interviewed by Humans of Gotham.
Then somehow, QVC gets a hold of him.
Soon “bathman” products are being distributed across the country.
Well, done, bathman. Well done.

(Of course, Bruce is surprise pelted by his sons one night after patrol. “Taking a shower? USE BATHMAN!”
Soap is thrown at the man.
“Bathman gets rid of filthy crime! I mean GRIME!”
“Justice never sleeps with bathman!”
“I mean it, bOYS–”
“Shower in the–” growly voice “–dark knight.”
“BOYS!” He glowers at them. “Enough, damnit.”
Damian then stands up, nonchalantly throwing the soap up and down into his hands. “Wash your mouth out,” he announces, crisp accent filling his words, “with bathman.”
He lobs the soap at his father, catching him on the jaw.
They all intake a breath.
Bruce’s eyes focus in on them.
Game. Over.
“Run!” they shriek, forgetting the fact that most of them are grown men. Tim is dragged into the showers, clothes on. Damian’s hair is shampooed with the soap. Dick is forced to take packages home. Jason slips on a leftover soap mold. Figures.)

Concept: The Batfamily makes an effort to cover Tim, Cass, and Damian’s eyes during scary, inappropriate, and sad parts in movies

These three are by far the youngest and most innocent of the batkids, so it’s become a thing that if there are inappropriate scenes in movies the family members sitting closest to them will just throw a hand over their eyes in order to preserve their innocence. Damian always gets pissed because “I’m not a child, Grayson, I’m perfectly mature enough to watch a movie you imbecile”, though this was proven false when they all watched Old Yeller and Damian burst into tears at The Part. Tim also gets irritated, especially when he and Steph were watching a movie and there was a part with partial nudity so she covered his eyes and insisted that he was too pure to watch such things. Tim didn’t really fight it, so bottom line is Tim has accepted his fate by now and has come to terms with the fact that he can’t watch movies normally if he’s around the Batfam. Cass, on the other hand, doesn’t even care. Like once the family was watching a horror movie together, when suddenly Bruce grabbed her and threw an arm over her eyes, claiming it was too scary and he didn’t want her traumatized for life. But Cass found it sweet that her dad cared, so she just lets everyone do this from now on even though she’s killed people before so this is nothing new.

Inspired by this post which never fails to make me laugh when it comes across my dash:

“Jesus, you were right, Hood,” Stephanie exclaimed, eyes wide.

“Ee-yup,” Jason replied, keeping a close eye on the screaming match. “Believe me, it was a shock to me, too.”

“Yikes,” Dick winced, “I can’t believe he just said that to his own kid,”

“Disgraceful behavior,” muttered Damian, sounding like Alfred.

“This is textbook ‘What not to say to family members with addiction problems,’ by the way,” Tim said with scorn in his voice.

“Boy Wonder, you buy your dad a Father’s Day card yet?” Stephanie addressed Damian, who perched on rubble nearby.

“Manufactured sentiment,” he objected, but with no heat behind it as he watched the fight escalate.

“Well, when we get home we’re going out to get one,” Stephanie said firmly, making moves toward leaving.

“Coming to blows,” Cassandra warned from behind the Black Bat mask.

Red Hood started to move toward Arsenal as the redhead threw the first punch at Green Arrow, only to be stopped in his tracks at the sight of Batman charging in, collaring Arrow (whose fist was cocked), and heaving him bodily away from his former protégé.

“Oh, we are so staying to watch this,” Stephanie said with glee.

Damian sat down on his piece of rubble with a smirk. All the Gotham set got comfortable except for Red Hood, who moved to gently pull Arsenal further away from the older men. Nearby, Green Lantern hazarded a glance at Batman’s clutch of sidekicks and almost shuddered at the sight of them, the ones whose faces weren’t obscured, doing that aggressive, teeth-baring smile he’d only seen the Bat break out once and he never wanted to see again.

“O? You watching this?” Dick said into the comm, smiling at the sight of a red-faced Ollie blustering at what he knew was a cold and furious Bruce at peak BatDad.

“Hell, I’m recording it. We’re all going to get together and re-watch it later. With popcorn.”


You guys. Barbara has a batman pin cushion sitting next to one of her old computers.

I’m willing to bet that every time Bruce pisses her off (which is like 99.9% of the time) Babs stabs him with another pin. One time, she got so angry she did it live to his face during a call, and he just sat there in awkward silence. 

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So I guess it's a pretty standard thing for parents to bust out their kids middle name whenever they mean business, I know mine did and man was that always scary to me as a kid. So like imagine the batboys just freezing whatever their doing when they hear across the manner, "JASON PETER!" Or "TIMOTHY JACKSON!" Etc. I think Richard would be enough to get Dick's attention but since Damian doesn't have a middle name, maybe he gets the ol' "DAMIAN AL'GHUL WAYNE!" And boy oh boy is he running.

LOL yyeeeesssssss excellent headcanon!! This is the quality I’m talking about~

And that seems to be a pretty prevalent parental behavior. So OF COURSE Bruce is a domestic dad and does it!!! 

I feel like he does it differently for each one. Like with Dick, he just is point-blank “Richard” very sharply. So Dick just backs off and is like “okay, okay, geez. Oscar the Grouch over here…”

Jason’s is the pretty typical “JASON PETER!” because Jay is smart enough to be far away during the fall out. 

But with Tim, he gets really quiet and his jaw is tight as he grits out, “Timothy Jackson” and Tim’s grin immediately disappears and he’s like “hahahahaha gotta g o”

Damian likes to pretend that it doesn’t scare him one bit, but the minute Bruce bellows his name, Damian is in Jason’s abandoned room and hiding, hahaha. 

Of course, neither Damian nor Cassandra have middle names, which has to be remedied. Cassandra consults Bruce frequently, and he always listens to her wishes and they go to the court to change her name together. 

He’s not as merciful to Damian. Bruce teases Damian with the most awful middle names. Damian is always like “or I could just choose one” “Your mother chose your first name, I get to choose the middle one” “I was an infant then I was hardly cognizant of reality” “that is a real pity. I’m still choosing your middle name.”

Thanks for sharing this A+ headcanon, it’s the best!! ^.^

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What if there's like this unspoken rule amongst the bat kids that if you see batman merch you have to buy it

What if the unspoken rule is that you have to find the ugliest, tackiest, cheapest Batman merchandise and wear it every other Tuesday. Pop into the Manor, visit for a bit.

You may think that Bruce would be pleased, but that was before he saw his chin stamped across Tim’s t-shirt. The chin was elongated by about 4 inches.

Dick finds a pair of the most awful shorts, made of garbage bags practically. Batman’s cowl is on each back pocket. Staring at Bruce. And smirking. How are they smirking?

Cassandra’s wins by a mile. She has a bedazzled cap, and a t-shirt that she practically swims in. The bedazzled cap says “batty” while the t-shirt has “batty” on the left side and “bat” on the right. The back of the t-shirt has a full-figure of Batman, with the glitter words “Ah ah ah” like the Count von Count from Sesame Street swirled beside it. (Also has anyone noticed that Alan Cumming kind of looks like Count von Count or is it just me)

Bonus: Jason, for once, refuses to participate. Or so they think. He ropes Stephanie into wearing knock-off designs, aka a humanoid figure made of wooden bats. “Batman,” if you will.

One Sunday they all wear this “batman” design to dinner. Titus has a batman collar. Even Barbara has a batman barrette. Oh well. As long as Bruce has his old friend…

But then. Alfred is wearing a fallacious “batman” apron in the kitchen.

Bruce has been forsaken by everyone.


Really quick Batman comic I call “Days after Release of Pokemon Go:Gotham City crime rate at all time low”

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One day, Dick runs into an old friend from the circus, and she brings up "the incident with the cotton candy machine." The other batkids are BURNING to know what this incident was, but Dick knows how to keep a secret.

And Dick learns how tenacious his siblings are. 

Waking up in the morning, stretching–

“What was the cotton candy incident.”

“Come to cuddle, Damian? Aw, you shouldn’t have. C’mere, kiddo,”


Opening the cupboard to grab his cereal–

“Hello, Dick. What was the cotton candy incident?”

“Hi, Tim. How do you fit in there?”

“I’m travel size.”

“Nice.” Dick shuts the cupboard, Tim still inside. 

“Dick! What is the cotton candy incident? You know I’ll eventually find out!”

“Good luck with that. And don’t eat my cereal!”

Cassandra is far more subtle. She smashes cotton candy in his face. 


“Want to know.”

“You probably already know!”

“Want particulars.”

Taking a shower, Tim and Damian pounce–


“Oh my go–GET OUT! What’s the matter with you!?”

Sitting down in Bruce’s study, they pop out of various furniture.

“What was the cotton candy incident?”

Dick sulks in the chair, glowering at his father. “Your children are crazy,” he tells him, crossing his arms.

Bruce takes a sip of his coffee. “You were the same way when you were a child. Sweet, sweet comeuppance.”

Dick storms out, kicking his siblings out of the way.

Finally they go to Jason’s door, kneeling at the threshold.

“We come seeking wisdom.”

“Pertaining to what, my quarter life crisis?”

“Dick’s Cotton Candy Incident.”

Jason sticks his tongue in the side of his cheek. “You don’t know about it?”

Begrudging, “No.”

“…Well looky here. Would ya look at this. The humble band of moral characters have come seeking wisdom from me.”

“You’re not an elf, stupid.”

“No, but I was his brother first. Hold on a second.”

“Why are you just standing there.”

“I need to bask.” 

the batfamily’s patronuses

Bruce – a goat

Casually lets you assume he’s Satan. Related to sheep, but definitely not a sheep. Headbutts for dominance. Stubborn as heck. Have you ever tried to change a goat’s mind? Curious, intelligent, and capable of balancing in places you really never thought anything would be able to balance. Acceptable with a beard. Doesn’t usually stab people with its horns, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t thought about it. Good luck keeping them in a pen–unless the enclosure is flawless, it will escape the pen. Can and will become feral. The only other animal that can revert to being feral as quickly as a goat is a cat. Gotham means “a place for goats,” but in this case, it’s just one extremely pissed off herdbound goat really determined to protect his paddock.

Dick – a chimpanzee

Chimps are more than a pretty face! They’re very intelligent animals who use tools and build nests, have a complex social structure that is family oriented, and may even engage in altruistic behavior within their groups! they love their babies, enjoy being clean, enjoy propelling themselves through the air using only their ridiculously long limbs, and can absolutely rip your face off if provoked. For some reason, people forget about the “can and will rip your face off bit,” possibly because chimps are so cute? They definitely could never hurt a thing, look at how cute they are :) they definitely don’t have a temper.

Jason – a rottweiler

Known for their powerful bite, great intelligence and protective instincts, well cared for rottweilers are placid, devoted, and eager dogs who react to their surroundings with fearlessness and alertness. Extremely hardy and adaptable, they are good all-arounders. Traditionally bred for herding, they can also be found working as guides, search-and-rescue dogs, and as guard dogs or in K9 units. They are powerfully built and undeniably physically strong, and their territorial watchdog instincts make them dangerous to strangers if not properly trained and well socialized. However, the stereotypical overtly dangerous behavior in rottweilers tends to be a sign of abuse, neglect, poor socialization, or other maltreatment.

Tim – an octopus

Many limbed, frighteningly intelligent despite a lack of socialization, and possessing ridiculous camouflage capabilities, octopuses are very hard to contain even with proper facilities, and also very squishy. These two facts are not unrelated. Octopi could probably easily take over the world if they got into a good social structure with other octopi, but instead, they grow up largely in isolation. They have very little contact with their parents, meaning they learn almost everything independently, including the use of tools, navigation, and problem-solving abilities. All octopi are venomous, not that most humans have to notice. Not naturally a fighter, but goddamn I wouldn’t want to say that to their face and later meet one in a dark alley at night.

Alternatively, a Chihuahua. Small, often underestimated, portrayed as an unassuming or even pompous pet. Constantly compared to “real dogs.” Doesn’t look like much. Don’t believe that. Don’t fight him. He will win.

Stephanie – a horse

Not a predator. In fact, horses have no interest in being a predator, but ha you’re not messing with it! The mere presence of a horse is sometimes enough to keep predators away from other prey. They very much prefer to be in a group with friends rather than on their own, and may become herdbound. Every step with a horse has to be a partnership. If a horse doesn’t want you on their back, all they have to do is roll over and crush you. They give plenty of warning before, though—they’ll even warn you before biting or kicking, both of which are also extremely dangerous. You were warned. She doesn’t really wanna hurt you, but she can, and you were definitely warned, so get ready for it, buster. For much of history, horses were indicative of power, self-determination, and freedom.

Cassandra – a stingray

The infinitely more dangerous bat of the sea. Related to sharks, stingrays use their dangerous stingers exclusively for self-defense. They camouflage themselves into the seafloor and move silently when they swim. Ones used the the presence of humans might be able to be hand fed, as they are usually docile and curious, they prefer to flee rather than fight–but when they do fight, they are capable of leaving serious or fatal injuries.

Damian – a caterpillar.

Not just any caterpillar. One of those white, spiny ones that everyone starts whispering that it stings if you touch it, that it’s poisonous, so no one even wants to get close enough to step on it. They just edge away and clear a wide path so the caterpillar can get on its way. But it’s still just a little bug? Or, more than that—it’s a caterpillar. If it can survive long enough to become a chrysalis, if it’s well defended while in the chrysalis, if it survives and can emerge after a long period of internal rearrangement… caterpillars can grow up to be something very different from what they started as.

Also, can you imagine the first time he cast a successful corporeal patronus but no one could find where it was, and then suddenly: “wait is that caterpillar glowing?”

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Every single one of Bruce's kids have threatened to run away from "Bruce I'm leaving if you make one more batpun" to "I hate you! You don't love me! I'm going to join Grayson's old circus or go back to Mother. Anywhere /away from you/!"

Every single one of Bruce’s children have run away.

Dick ran away once when he was eight. It was for a stupid reason, but he couldn’t deal with it anymore. He felt like his head was unraveling like a ribbon, spilling all over the Manor floor. He made it into the city. It was raining and it cooled him down. His ears were no longer red. He called Alfred on a pay phone. He got a cold and a scolding, but he didn’t regret it.

He also ran away when he was thirteen, for no reason other than he was starting to forget his parents’ faces. And that scared him. So he ran. Took a bus to Blüdhaven. Then took it back. Stayed up all night, looking around for something to familiarize with his parents. To familiarize with himself. Because if he can’t remember, then he’s not their Dick. And if he’s not their Dick, who is he?

Jason ran away multiple times. The first couple times he made it to the edge of the property and just dropped down on the ground, shaking. He blames it on the withdrawal, but inside he’s not so sure. The last time he runs away properly is to visit the theatre where his mom worked as a teenager. He can still remember the lights and the dull moth and glitter smell of the costumes. He can still remember her voice humming in his ear. He can still remember the gray in his heart, in his throat, in his ears.

Bruce comes to get him. It’s the first and last time he does. Jason doesn’t run away after that.

Tim has been running away from home since he was a kid. Tim never had a home. Not a proper one, where you feel like you can set your heart and mind down for a bit, feel the carpet between your toes. Stop being a sombeody and just being.

Tim has been running to a home his entire life. He’s just been trying to find it. He’s still not sure if he has yet.

Cass runs. It’s what she does. She can stay, of course, but then she feels like she’s been squished into one of those glass cans that Alfred puts fruit in. It’s easier to run. Gotham is her home, anyway. She’s running among the buildings, the people, the cobblestone streets. She has a home. And running is the only way to come home.

Damian has run away many, many times. He always comes back. His window was forever perched open, until one day it wasn’t. It was after Bruce and he had had a fight. He could barely swallow, he was so afraid. This was it. His father had had it. Damian was done.

He consoled himself that he wasn’t alone, really. Grayson might help him someday, and it wasn’t like he was helpless. He made it back in through the chimney. Bruce was waiting at the bottom. Damian was relieved–then angry. It was his home too, he spat at his father. He had no right to shut his window. It was his home too.

He doesn’t know he’s crying until Bruce brushes the tears and chimney ashes from his face.

“I thought you were going to get rid of me,” Damian confesses. He gulps deep breaths of air.

Bruce shakes his head. “I didn’t want your room to be cold when you got back. I didn’t know.”

Damian nods and let’s himself be hugged. Bruce doesn’t ask him to not run away again. Damian doesn’t have to lie.

And yeah I just ran with this, thank you for sharing!! ^.^

Headcanon shenanigans

In honor of Linkara’s discovery of Young Blood’s Disease and in light of recent tumblr discussions and 70 years of continuities, I would like to coin the following term and raise awareness for a phenomenon across all Batman canons:

Chronic Batfam Communication Disorder (CBCD)

This tragic disease renders characters, particularly family members, incapable of talking to their loved ones and can be traced back to multiple causes, such as various psychological disorders brought upon by early childhood trauma and dressing up to hunt criminals, excessive pride, excessive dickery, complete obliviousness to the importance of empathy for human interaction, doubtful continuity, retcons, character butchering and excessive executive meddling.

It is also known as “Get your heads out of your asses and just hug each other” Disease and “Just talk to each other for crying out loud!” Syndrome.

When encountering characters suffering from CBCD, please treat them kindly and give them all the hugs. Thank you.

concept: every year for her birthday tim and cass take steph to a different restaurant in pursuit of the Perfect Waffle. they spend a whole year going to different places to find waffles they think are worthy. one year they drove almost two hundred miles, only to find the restaurant closed for remodeling. they went to ihop instead