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yes i did spent like 15 minutes on jasons hair alignment chart

 if you cant recognize everything here youre a fake fan 


Batman? Batman has the best damn team in the world at his side. 

When Cass is out with one of her brothers and gets catcalled by some random gross dude:

  • Dick pretends the catcaller was addressing him (“Looking hot!” *pretends to gasp & swoon* “Oh my god, you really think so?”)
  • Jason gives the catcaller a lecture about sexism while brandishing a gun (“Do you know how hard it is for women already without your shitty comments in the mix?”)
  • Tim turns and looks the catcaller dead in the eyes, managing to convey enough nights of sleeplessness and years of depression to scare the guy into silence (“…” “…I’m gonna go.”)
  • Duke sighs, rolls his eyes, then takes the direct route (“Man, will you do us all a favor and shut the hell up?”)
  • Damian pulls a knife and stabs the catcaller in the leg
friendly reminder that jason todd is mentally ill

I’ve been noticing lately that A LOT of fic writers like to erase jason’s mental illness in their writing and I’d just like to point out that, by doing that, you’re erasing a huge part of his character. jason todd is not just some misunderstood bad boy who secretly loves classic literature and makes bad puns and just wants to feel loved. is he all of those things? absolutely. I’d even go so far as to say those things are all essential to his character. but jason is also canonically mentally ill. and (especially in more recent canon) it is implied that jason knows that he’s mentally ill. a lot of jason’s character development comes from his journey through the process of piecing together his past with his new personality and mentality. to write jason as neurotypical is to completely ignore an important aspect of his character, not to mention denying representation to mentally ill fans who relate to jason and see their own symptoms reflected in him.

friendly reminder that jason todd is mentally ill.

I really want CW to do a BatFam live-action TV series. Like, I have this five-season structure all worked out in my head:

  • Start with Batman working with Dick Grayson. You probably want to have their partnership be a few years old because Dick’s canonically the longest running and closest to Batman of the Robins, but you can throw in cute flashback episodes showing his recruitment
  • Have Catwoman be a recurring antagonist/neutral figure throughout the series, with copious amounts of flirting.
  • Establish the character of Barbara Gordon early season 1, and give all these little hints at what she’ll become, then have her take up Batgirl season 2- sort of like what the Flash did with Cisco.
  • Bring in Bat Woman around Season 2-ish, give her a nice LGBT plotline, and have some fun with her and Batman’s mutual secret identities.
  • Have a plotline about Dick’s desire to go his own way that culminates in him taking up the identity of Nightwing. Maybe give him a spin-off if he’s popular enough?
  • Have Bruce recruit Jason Todd as the new Robin early Season 3 because he misses Dick, but make it clear Jason is much more angry/impulsive.
  • The villain of Season 3 is the Joker. Mid-season, Barbara is paralyzed from the waist down. Give her an good, respectful plot arc recovering physically and mentally that culminates in taking up the mantle of Oracle in the finale and being vital in defeating the Joker.
  • Have the Joker brutally murder Jason  a few episodes before the finale. This culminates in a harrowing conclusion where Batman must decide whether to kill the Joker or imprison him.
  • Season 3 or 4, depending on how episode spacing works out, introduce an mysterious assassin figure. At first she seems like an antagonist, but later she saves the life of a main character and introduces herself as Cassandra Cain. She’s adopted into the Bat Family and becomes the new Batgirl with Oracle’s blessing.
  • Season 4, bring in Tim Drake, and have a long plot arc where Batman doesn’t want to put anyone else at risk, until Tim manages to become Robin mid-season.
  • Give Tim have a love interest named Stephanie who’s secretive about her own family, later revealing her father’s the Cluemaster. She takes over for either Robin or Batgirl for an episode before creating her own identity as Spoiler.
  • The theme of Season 4? Parents. Parallel the shitty parenting of Steph and Cass, and have them bond over it. Put in some episodes of Batwoman and her strained relationship with her own father. Use the opportunity to emphasize the parental role Bruce has found himself in, and that after Season 3 he doesn’t want to fail his kids again.
  • Season 5′s main villains are the League of Assassins. Establish Talia Al’Ghul as an old flame of Bruce’s, and at the end of her first episode have a cliffhanger with her ten-year-old son Damian.
  • Introduce the recurring villain Red Hood, and later reveal he’s Jason Todd, resurrected by Ra’s Al Ghul via the Lazarus Pit.
  • Have Damian join the Bat Family mid season. Have Batman disappear/be killed for a bit, and Nightwing come back and take over as Batman for a few eps, with Damian taking over as Robin. Have his run as Batman contested by Jason, who views his morals as constraining and antiquated.
  • Eventually bring Bruce back, have him succeed at bringing Jason into the fold, have Catwoman finally come down on his side, and give it all an epic finale with the entire Bat Family.

Bonus points for race-blind casting (especially for all those black-haired Robins!) and copious amounts of crossovers between BatFam members and the other superhero shows.

A Concept/Prompt:

Jason, tied to a pole, beaten to shit and sitting in the middle of a warehouse, surrounded by armed goons: [starts humming under breath, annoying a nearby gaurd]

Gaurd: [hitting Jason with the butt of his gun] Ay, shut it! Joker may have said to keep you alive, but that doesn’t mean we can’t beat you till you’re barely breathing!

A Few Minutes Later…

Jason: [no longer humming, but singing softly under breath. It’s a poppy, upbeat song that no one can hear the lyrics of nor recognize]

Gaurd: [approaching him again] Hey! What did I tell you—

Jason: [now singing at regular volume]My [girl/boy]friend’s back and you’re gonna get in trouble~

Jason’s S/O, crashing through the skylight and landing on the guard: [yelling] Surprise, BITCH! Now prepare to get your asses kicked, because no one hurts my Jason and LIVES!

Based off of this song.

routine reminder that barbara gordon, cassandra cain, and stephanie brown are (or were, pre-flashpoint) all interesting, complex, empowering female characters who are at least as brave, capable, and selfless as any male member of the batfamily, and that I love them even if dc doesn’t. 

Inspired by this post which never fails to make me laugh when it comes across my dash:

“Jesus, you were right, Hood,” Stephanie exclaimed, eyes wide.

“Ee-yup,” Jason replied, keeping a close eye on the screaming match. “Believe me, it was a shock to me, too.”

“Yikes,” Dick winced, “I can’t believe he just said that to his own kid,”

“Disgraceful behavior,” muttered Damian, sounding like Alfred.

“This is textbook ‘What not to say to family members with addiction problems,’ by the way,” Tim said with scorn in his voice.

“Boy Wonder, you buy your dad a Father’s Day card yet?” Stephanie addressed Damian, who perched on rubble nearby.

“Manufactured sentiment,” he objected, but with no heat behind it as he watched the fight escalate.

“Well, when we get home we’re going out to get one,” Stephanie said firmly, making moves toward leaving.

“Coming to blows,” Cassandra warned from behind the Black Bat mask.

Red Hood started to move toward Arsenal as the redhead threw the first punch at Green Arrow, only to be stopped in his tracks at the sight of Batman charging in, collaring Arrow (whose fist was cocked), and heaving him bodily away from his former protégé.

“Oh, we are so staying to watch this,” Stephanie said with glee.

Damian sat down on his piece of rubble with a smirk. All the Gotham set got comfortable except for Red Hood, who moved to gently pull Arsenal further away from the older men. Nearby, Green Lantern hazarded a glance at Batman’s clutch of sidekicks and almost shuddered at the sight of them, the ones whose faces weren’t obscured, doing that aggressive, teeth-baring smile he’d only seen the Bat break out once and he never wanted to see again.

“O? You watching this?” Dick said into the comm, smiling at the sight of a red-faced Ollie blustering at what he knew was a cold and furious Bruce at peak BatDad.

“Hell, I’m recording it. We’re all going to get together and re-watch it later. With popcorn.”



Beware the Court of Owls, that watches all the time, ruling Gotham from a shadowed perch, behind granite and lime. They watch you at your hearth, they watch you in your bed, speak not a whispered word of them, or they’ll send the Talon for your head.

Tim Drake HC - alright

hi hi hi so um i deleted my old acc (same url) and i didn’t really feel like writing stories again so ya know what HAVE A FUCKTON OF HEADCANNON’S

@aerodynamic-occamy im just gonna tag you in everything timbo haha okay? oKay!

- before timmy was taken in by bigbadbruce™ he was so used to complete quiet in the Drake household

- coming home from school to distasteful glances from his parents and offhand comments insults are a regular occurrence. but it’s alright. he’s alright.

- and then suddenly he’s thrown into the manor and there’s alfredandbruceanddickandloudloudloud. but that’s alright, because the more time he spends in this lively household the more alright he becomes

- and then after a while it becomes alfredandbruceanddickandjasonanddamian, and sure damian annoys the living shit out of him but he can tolerate him (most of the time) 

- he’ll never admit it out loud but since the return of jay and the entrance of the demon spawn his life has gotten even further from alright and incredibly close to happy

- he thrives when there’s actually Alfred people around to take care of him and to limit his coffee intake

- and for a while he’s not just alright. he’s happy and it’s a foreign feeling but certainly not an unwelcome one

- he belongs

- he has a family again

- on his birthday he even gets birthday presents and suddenly he’s just completely overwhelmed with emotion because people actually care enough to remember his birthday?? he’s important to people??? whAt????

- and now feeling alright is a distant memory because now all he feels is happiness. he’s joined the TT team and has friends and a loving family and wtf his life is great?? 

- but then Bruce is ‘dead’ and suddenly nothing makes sense anymore because he’s already lost one father so why is he losing a second??

- why is everyone accepting this??? why is no one loOKING FOR ANSWERS

- not tim. because he can’t be dead, he just can’t

- and so tim gets to work because that is what he does best

- he searches and searches and even when he is tired and everyone around him has lost hope he refuses to give up

- the rest of the family worry when he eventually completely cuts himself off from them (even the demon spawn will occasionally spare a thought for the distressed former robin) but he doesn’t care, because his father is gone and his life isn’t happy anymore.

- and then bruce is found

- and everything goes back to normal, well as normal as it can get in the Wayne household. jason and bruce are fighting, dick and bruce are fighting, damian and anyone he talks to are fighting. but it’s nothing new; in fact, it’s exactly the same as how it was before

- but tim is not the same

- tim will never be the same

- but it’s ok, 

he’s alright.

  • Tim Drake: Jason.
  • Tim Drake: I'll be there for you.
  • Jason Todd: *looks at Tim gratefully*
  • Tim Drake: Dick says I had to.