• dick grayson: you know that piece of skin between the dick and the asshole?
  • jason todd: yeah?
  • dick grayson: there's a name for it but I can't remember what it's called.
  • jason todd: are you kidding me? who's the poor son of a bitch who had to consider that part of the human body and come up with a name for it?
  • cassandra cain: *enters the living room*
  • dick grayson: hey, cass. what do you call the thing between the dick and the asshole?
  • cassandra cain: the coffee table.
  • dick and jason: *both look down at the coffee table separating them*

Things the batkids watch on YouTube

As requested by @balletglitter25

•Dick 110% watches DIY videos but like, they’re not even helpful DIY videos. It’s all artsy stuff and things like ‘how to wash a wig’ or ‘turn this bookshelf into a flower planter box’

•he also throws in the occasional parkour or stunt video, but he usually doesn’t watch those because he always notices flaws in people’s moves and stances and he worries for them throughout the entire video

•Jason strikes me as the horror stories youtuber kinda guy. Nothing escapes his grasp, he watches them all

•he’s a slut for buzzfeed unsolved and worth it

•he also watches those cooking and baking videos and a shit ton of musical videos

•it’s his guilty pleasure, what can I say

•Tim is memes and vines and conspiracy theories

•that’s it

•he’s also a slut for buzzfeed unsolved

•he watches vine compilations with Jason and Bruce hates it because when it happens Jason and Tim speak in nothing but Vine for at least a week

•Steph watches a lot of makeup tutorials

•but also

•video game walkthroughs and playthroughs so she can judge them because ‘I figured that out so much quicker how aRE YOU THIS DUMB’

•she also likes the try guys

•Damian watches animal videos

•and like, epic fails

•but mostly animal videos

•Barbara also watches DIY videos, but she watches useful DIY videos.

•ASMR is her shit

•(all the bats watch ASMR who are we kidding)

•occasionally she listens to some music, like Peter Hollens and Pentatonix. She’s not big on YouTube

•Cass watches what everyone else watches

•it’s a mess

•Bruce loves her anyway

[Texts between Jason and Barbara after Jason’s patrol]

Barbara: Holy cow

Barbara: I’m glad you’re okay!!

Jason: Thanks!

Jason: I made myself pot pie!

Barbara: Nice

Barbara: Post trauma treat

Jason: Ya that’s my whole god damn life lemme tell ya

Uncle who knows nothing about the Batfam, talking about his co-worker: So my co-worker’s name is Bruce, and he really likes Batman. He’s having a son soon, and he wants to name him Richard, because Richard is Robin’s name, and Robin is Batman’s son. That’s right, right?

Me, knowing full well that Richard is technically Bruce’s ward but already fulling with joy in my fandom heart knowing that someone else is willing to name their kid Richard because they see him as Bruce’s son as well: *sniffling tears of joy* Yes. *internal cheering*

anonymous asked:

Wally’s relationship with the Batfam?

Y’all really gonna get me started on this aren’t you. 

Okay, so like with Dick and Wally’s family, Wally has been around pretty much since the beginning. Dick met Wally most likely when they were around 10-12 and have pretty much been inseparable. None of the Batkids can remember a time before Wally was around, because he really was there first. They met Dick, their new older brother whatever the circumstances are, and then by proxy they met Wally. Whatever your headcanon is for when they get together, Wally has always been around. 

Jason is a little closer in age to Wally and Dick, so he sees him more as a friend. Especially considering he was probably around in the earlier days of their relationship. With Tim, though, and even Cass, I can see them viewing Wally as basically another brother (like they need any more). Like an un-official brother-in-law. Tim really looks up to Dick and I feel like that would translate into sort of admiring his relationship and how he and Wally work things out and just mesh together. Cass is slow to open up and needs her privacy, and so Wally sort of intimidates/puts her off at first, but he comes to understand her need for silence. He’s loud and boisterous most of the time, but he switches over in an instant when it’s just him and Cass, and she appreciates that. And he makes her laugh. Like really laugh, and she comes to adore both him and Dick for that reason. 

I see a lot of headcanons that Damian would absolutely despise Wally, and I only think that’s half true - because Damian despises everyone at first. Thing is - I don’t think Damian ever really would have seen a stable, loving relationship before he meets Dick and Wally. Tahlia and Bruce are obviously a no-go on that front. So through that, and as he gets closer to Dick, he sort of comes to accept Wally in the same way. He is an honourable man, decent enough, if not obnoxious and childish, in Damian’s eyes. Wally would probably love teasing Damian, getting a bit of a rise out of him, but he’d be so damn protective of this kid because in that “grew up too fast” way, he reminds him a lot of Dick at that age. 

Then obviously Babs would be the only one to remember the years pre-Wally and saw the progression of their relationship. They’re all best friends, she loves the guy. Stephanie and Wally would get on like a house on fire- they’re not allowed to hang out unsupervised on Manor property (Dick doesn’t count as supervision either). They’re both proud members of the “you don’t live here why are you eating the cereal straight from the box get out” club. Selina thinks he’s charming and likes pulling his ear to get a rise out of him (revenge for Damian, who’s probably smirking from over over his dinner plate). Alfred, of course, has seen the boy grow up into a fine young man and considers him one of the first members of the vastly grown family. 

And then we have Bruce. 

Wally’s relationship with Bruce is complicated. As a young hero, Bruce is hypercritical of Wally’s performance, and although Wally knows in those early years that Bruce is just trying to push him to do his best, damn can’t a guy get a break. As Dick’s boyfriend, that doesn’t change too much. For the most part, Bruce lets them be, doesn’t meddle in their personal lives - but he can be a real asshole about Wally’s “influence” on Dick, on distracting him from school and training just to goof off. Bruce is hard on him, and over the years, that doesn’t really change. Wally always feels like he’s being tested  by the man. 

And when Dick’s relationship with Bruce goes sour, Wally obviously takes Dick’s side. He can’t help but resent the man when Dick is coming to him frustrated to the point of either punching through a wall or breaking down. Wally and Bruce get into a lot of arguments when it comes to Dick. Even aside from all that, their personalities are like oil and water, they just don’t really mix. 

But Bruce trusts Wally without question. It catches Wally off guard the first time he truly realizes it. It’d be something on the field - not Dick getting hurt, because of course Wally would come through, but maybe Tim or Cass, and Bruce pushes them into Wally’s arms and tells him to get them to safety, then come back and help finish the job. And Dick just nods to him before jumping back into the fray, and that’s the end of it. 

So there’s a measure of respect that they have for each other, sort of mirroring Dick and Bruce’s relationship. Only Dick and Bruce have that father-son bond tying them together, and with Wally and Bruce there isn’t that sort of obligation. One isn’t more genuine than the other, it’s just different circumstances. So, Bruce trusts and respects Wally, and in the end, Wally does the same. 

Wally is a part of the Batfamily. And as complicated as that is, it’s the highest honour he can imagine. 

so i wanted to do some robin(s) sketches to see how i might want to have their design be, and ngl theyre mainly based off of my siblings bc thats how wild my house is


guess what my next fancomic’s about yaaahh

their ages are literally all over the place in the comics/tv shows/etc. but I’ve always been a fan of babs being older than dickie. Twenty years since they’ve started but the OG sidekicks can still break out the bat ears!

(also thanks for the peeps who visited us at flamecon last weekenddd. so fun seeing everyone + get encouragement to continue my dc fancomics <33)