Dark Dreams

Norman x Reader

Requested by Anon

Norman spotted you from across the carpark, he’d finished cleaning out the rooms as Dylan pointed you to a room. His curiosity clawed at him, finding himself watching you.

He followed at a distance, sometimes cleaning your room slower than he would have with eth other rooms, he liked your perfume. After Norma, had gotten to know you, worming her way into your life, she insisted you stay in one of the rooms in the house and earn your keep.

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Its a dream to get to work off someone like her, especially with a character like mine that is very much the opposite in the sense that he is not expressive. One of the Things I loved about getting to work with Vera was we learned early on that our characters would eventually be paired up in some fashion. Given that Romero was so closed off and had his own turmoil and dark past, I enjoyed knowing that Norma eventually draw him out of his shell and bring his guard down. That was always fun to work with her on that, in those scenes.
—  Nestor Carbonell, Bates Motel

Dylan x Reader

Requested By Anon

You screamed as someone shot at you and out of nowhere another person gripped you by the waist and dragged you out of the line of fire. He smiled and tried to keep you calm despite the large gun in his hands.


“Hey listen I’m not going to hurt you, my names Dylan.” He said quickly.


“(Y/N).” You mumbled.

“Right, (Y/N) do you know what you found?” He asked, swallowing nervously when you nodded. “You’re going to need to run that way until you hit the road and then skip town as soon as you can.”

“But I!” You objected but he shook his head.

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Bates Motel Mannor (House From Bates Motel)

By: @bioniczex


Welcome to The Bates Motel. Come in i’ll check you in, and … just don’t mind the dead bodies.

This Lot Has

- One 1 BathRoom

- One 1 LivingRoom

-  Two 2 BedRooms

- One 1 Kitchen

- One 1 DiningRoom

- An Attic

And much more space. 

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Dylan Massett X Fem!Reader x Norman Bates

Requested By Anon

Warnings: Sex, threesome, watching, masterbation

Dylan smiled when he opened the front door to find you stood in front of him, it had taken him weeks to convince both you and Norma that you should work at the hotel and live at the house with them but finally, you gave in.


“Finally, your stuffs been here for a week.” Dylan muttered as he tugged you inside.


“Hi Norman.” You say as he pulls you towards the stairs and past the living room.


“H… Hi… (Y/N).” Norman stuttered.

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