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A Bates a Day

Bates: I was going through my desk this afternoon and I came upon that note of mine and, if you’re willing, I’d like to pay it off now. 

Molesley: What note? 

Bates: Well, you lent me some money when I first came here and I’m sorry I haven’t paid it back before now but, the truth is, I’m afraid I forgot. 

Molesley: I don’t remember anything about it. 

Mrs Hughes: 30 pounds?! Aren’t you the lucky one!


Would you like to yell about Yuri!!! on Ice with other people who enjoy yelling about Yuri!!! on Ice?

Do you want to talk with other fans about the slowly evolving relationship between a skater and his coach?

Well! I have a proposition for you! 

A Yuri!!! on Ice Slack Channel! 

To Join: Three Easy Steps. 

1.) Reblog this post, please! The more the merrier! 

2.) Fill out this google form:

3.) Wait with bated breath for an email confirming your place!

Please contact me (@yuurikatsuki-on-ice) or Oli (@yuri-on-imagines) with any questions! 

❣️✨ OIIIIIIII GENTE, TUDO BEM??? Hoje a Kard veio “divulgar/recomendar” seus seguidores que são maravilhosos mas que, ás vezes, ficam esquecidos.❣️✨

Quer participar? Basta: 

❣️ Seguir a Família Kardashian;
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❣️ Mandar na nossa ask: “Kard me recomenda ✨” 

OBS: 1. Iremos recomendar todos os tumblrs que participarem e seguirem TODAS as regras. 2. Não aceitamos cartinhas/bate papo/submit. 3. Sempre que puder, reblog para divulgar.

Beijinhos babys 💋❣️✨

Ice Dance // GPF 2016

Short Dance: Friday Dec. 9th (1:05 p.m. Eastern)

Starting Order

Group 1

  • Madison CHOCK / Evan BATES USA
  • Tessa VIRTUE / Scott MOIR CAN
  • Gabriella PAPADAKIS / Guillaume CIZERON FRA

Group 2

  • Ekaterina BOBROVA / Dmitri SOLOVIEV RUS
  • Madison HUBBELL / Zachary DONOHUE USA

Free Dance: Saturday Dec. 10th (10:45 a.m. Eastern)

Gala: Sunday Dec. 11th (8:00 a.m. Eastern)

How to watch:

Check out this great post:

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Charlotte has Chicago Fire, Mary Kills People and Radius all out in the next while. Any ideas whether Aliyah has any projects due soon? Thanks

She was in a Hallmark movie that aired recently called Finding Father Christmas, which you can watch on youtube.

She will appear in the Starz limited series Insomnia, which airs next year. Trailer.

I’m not sure what the status is on the series she filmed a few years ago, Hard Days, Wet Nights (previously School of Fish)

She is still recurring on Bates Motel.

And I think a short film she is in will be released soon.

I remember getting a message like this before in the past and I decided to ignore it, but now I just want to give you the reason why I don’t care about the Joker’s sexuality. I’ve collected every Joker comic from 1940 to 2005 excluding cameos, which has come out to the grand total of 305 comics. Now, I can name one or two stories where the Joker is shown to be interested in a relationship with someone, but that’s the most that I can think of and they were one-offs anyways. They didn’t work at all.

Can you give me an example of a story going into the Joker’s asexuality? Oh no, you can’t, wanna know why? Because it would not make a good story, the Joker’s lack of interest in romantic relationships is not something people are waiting bated breath for. A story where the Joker creates his own fish products or bumps off his henchmen for revenge are great stories.

I’m acephobic now? I actually had to look up that word if I’m to be frank, but no, I don’t care what people do. You seem to though, I may disagree with them, but I wouldn’t ever stop them from saying what they want or doing what they want. I firmly believe in creative freedom, if they want to make something that they enjoy, go right ahead.

You accuse me of bigotry and display it yourself by trying to impose your opinion on me. If people want to explore Joker’s asexuality they can, but I’m not because it has not been some kind of defining trait of the Joker, and making sexuality out to be a super important thing about the character bothers me. I don’t give a shit if the character is straight, gay, or whatever, their personality and development is what attracts me and others.