Bates Motel: Nestor Carbonell & Max Thieriot Comic-Con 2016 Interview

Parece que foi ontem que tudo começou, assim como passe de magica minha vida mudou, trazendo a felicidade que o mundo tirou você foi à pessoa por quem meu coração esperou para amar infinitamente. Sou grato a você por tudo que fez, pois sem ti de nada sou, por mais distante que esteja meu coração é por ti que bate e mesmo que nosso futuro seja incerto eu jamais desistirei de você meu amor.
—  Bruno Alonso.

Get a load of the bathing beauty in the latest teaser for American Horror Story’s sixth season. The hit horror anthology series returns on September 14 on Fox.

Plot details are scarce, but we know Lady Gaga, Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Kathy Bates, Matt Bomer, Cheyenne Jackson, Denis O'Hare, Cuba Gooding Jr., and Romika Annabell Osorio will be in the cast.

Grounded, Chapter 9: Monday

A Coffee House Fic inspired by a prompt from awesomegreentie.

We started off with a T rating, but who are we kidding here? It’s me. So, the rating has been moved up to M at Chapter 5.

Chapters in Order:  Introductions - Invitation - Stroll - Alchemy - Dayspring - Distraction - Lost - Firelight - Monday

Or, read it on here.

Grounded  |  Chapter Nine: Monday  |  by Lynn Saunders

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anonymous asked:

o que fazer quando ta doendo de mais e dor ja nao cabe mais no peito,quando vc tenta esquecer mas nao consegue,tenta se afastar mas n tem jeito,fingir que ta tudo uma hora cansa,quando os ate os seus "amigos" falam do que vc nao quer falar,quando vc diz que não se importa mais mas o coração ainda bate forte?

À gente segue em frente. Mesmo que doa, seja difícil, nunca podemos desistir de nós mesmos. E nunca podemos esquecer que Deus está conosco.
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okay so i was lazy and i am doing all the things i was tagged in now! thanks you everyone <3

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last movie you saw: just watched Whip It because kristen wiig

last song you listened to: cant help falling in love by elvis on vinyl!

last show you watched: snl

last book you read: i don’t read but one of my ghostbusters ones

last thing you ate: fake chicken nuggets ;)

if you could be anywhere right now, where would you be: idk in my grave

where would you time travel to: 1950′s or 1980′s

the first thing you would do with lottery money: travel everywhere

what fictional character would you hang out with: Norma Bates

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tagged by the goddess @varmiga to list ten things I love: 

- dogs

- older women

- fictional characters - norma bates 

- tumblr friends

- food

- sleep


- my record player

- the internet

- girls

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thank you lovely @gaybusterrs

favourite anime/manga: huh???

favourite video games: uncharted series, far cry series, last of us, dying light… many more

favourite books: i don’t read y'all 

favourite tv shows: desperate housewives, bates motel, stranger things, grace and frankie, ahs-asylum, scream queens ….i have so many more!!!

last song i listened to: cant help falling in love - elvis 

first language: english

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