bates motel sign

the signs as tv shows
  • aries: new girl
  • taurus: game of thrones
  • gemini: skins
  • cancer: orange is the new black
  • leo: supernatural
  • virgo: bates motel
  • libra: american horror story
  • scorpio: teen wolf
  • sagittarius: the walking dead
  • capricorn: 2 broke girls
  • aquarius: pretty little liars
  • pisces: parks and recreation
The Signs As Shows

Aries: Skins
Taurus: Bates Motel
Gemini: Friends
Cancer: Switched at Birth
Leo: Pretty Little Liars
Virgo: American Horror Story
Libra: Orange Is The New Black
Scorpio: Dexter
Sagittarius: How I Met Your Mother
Capricorn: Supernatural
Aquarius: The Walking Dead
Pisces: Glee

Do  you  need  an  escape  from  every  day  life?  A  spot  to  lay  down  and  rest  your  head.  Are  you  looking  for  a  place  to  stay  for  your  next  family  vacation?  Or  maybe  work  has  you  on  your  feet,  and  the  next  town  is  just  too  far  away.  Don’t  look  for  some  expensive  get  away,  when  you  can  get  feeling  right  at  home  with  the  grand  opening  of  the  BATES  MOTEL. 

Take  the  nearest  exit  off  of  Oregon’s  beautiful  coastline,  headed  towards  the  inviting  and  adventurous  little  town  of  WHITE  PINE  BAY.  Make  sure  to  look  out  for  our  neon  blue  Bates  Motel  sign.  There  are  always  plenty  of  vacancies,  just  step  inside  the  office,  or  ring  the  bell  and  our  manager  will be  with  you  shortly.  There  is  complimentary  Wi-Fi  available  upon  checking  in.  No  credit  checks  required!!  Maps,  directories,  and  brochures  are  available.  The Bates  Motel  is  family  friendly  and  open  to  guest  suggestions.  

This  motel  was  built  in  the  1950′s,  but  has  recently  been  refurbished  and  reopened  for  use  by  White  Pine  Bay’s  own  Norma  Bates.  With  the  help  of  her  son  Norman,  together  they  strive  to  make  their  guests  as  comfortable  as  possible  during  their  stay.   They  only  ask  for  good  intentions  and  for  our  guests  to  be  courteous  of  others.  Don’t  forget  to  leave  a  review  after  your  stay….  if  you  decide  to  leave  at  all!!


Ok,, so picture it:

These two beautiful people above I had the pleasure of meeting on January 21, 2016 on the set of my absolute favorite show on the planet, Bates Motel.  I was joined by 3 other girls who I met through Twitter that are huge Bates Motel fans and also share a mutual love for our beloved #Normero.  

 We finally had picked some dates that were good with everyone’s schedule and ended up going January 20-24th and we couldn’t have been more excited. Here’s the thing.. we had absolutely NO idea when we had booked our trip what we would be seeing film the day we were scheduled to be on set.  We didn’t care.  It’s the set of BATES MOTEL and we’re going to see live filming…(CRAZY RIGHT!!!).. And hey, if we got to see #Normero, that would have been just a HUGE ass bonus.. 

January 20th was finally here.  I couldn’t have been more excited to meet my girls finally in person.  I got to meet Beth and Deb first at the Denver airport on a layover as we all had the same flight flying into Vancouver, and I must say it was an instant bond with these girls.  Alex, who is actually my #BatesBestie, is Canadian so we wouldn’t be seeing her until we landed in Vancouver.  So on the plane, we weren’t sitting next to each other, but Beth and I were in the same row, just opposite sides of the plane.  Now picture this.  I had been in touch with Kerry Ehrin throughout the day through Twitter DM reason being she wanted to hear details of our whole trip as she was so excited we were able to do this.  Right before takeoff in Denver, Ms. Ehrin let me know(knowing that we are huge #Normero fans), that we were in for a pretty exciting day, and that Nestor and Vera would be filming together and were going to be the only one’s on set that day.  Ok….. so at this point, I pretty much lost my shit.  I’m trying to communicate with my girls on the plane through DM even though I really want to take my stupid seat belt off, do cartwheels down the middle aisle of the plane, and shout at the top of my lungs……… “JESUS CHRIST WE JUST HIT THE NORMERO FUCKING JACKPOT!!”  But I thought about the repercussions that might occur such as.. “Excuse me miss, but we’re gonna have to kick you off the plane”, so I refrained from having a highly intense freak out and kept my cool while in the meantime I’m going ballistic in DM telling my girls the news.  It was quite funny actually.  Picture 3 girls on a plane together, who aren’t sitting next to each other, trying to stay calm over this crazy Normero news. (Where’s the Valium when ya need it?) Meanwhile my poor Alex in Canada is seeing this conversation in DM and she is all alone with no one to flip out with.  I believe she went to the bathroom at the airport to hyperventilate at this point. #lol 

We arrive in Vancouver, and the foursome is finally complete.  We all hit it off like we had known each other for years.  This trip from the beginning couldn’t have been more perfect in so many ways.  We arrived at our hotel, in beautiful downtown Vancouver at the Sutton Place Hotel which was simply gorgeous. Checked in our rooms, toured the city a bit, grabbed a bite to eat and then called it an early night due to tomorrow being our BIG day.  

Thursday morning came.  Me and my roomie Alex were up early at 6am sharp already going through I don’t know how many outfits trying to figure out what to wear. 

10am rolls around and our ride is here.  Van pulls up with a friendly man named Jack who was our driver for the day.  Nice little touch of the “Bates Motel” sign on the side window. Meanwhile, I was sweating like a whore in church because of crazy combination of nervousness and being crazy ass excited. #lol.  

First stop - Vancouver Film Studios.  We pull in and see the green Mercedes in the parking lot and shit just got REAL. We were HERE. . We might have had a moment that we squealed like 16 year old girls at a One Direction concert.. (I know, I know.. but yeah again,, we’re HUGE fans.. LOL).  We pull up to the building and pick up our tour guide for the day and she was wonderful. After we pick her up at the studio, we head back out to Aldergrove, BC which is where the exterior set is.  The set is absolutely amazing.  The motel office itself, you really do feel like you are at the fucking Bates Motel.  There are business cards, brochures, even the keys to the rooms are just up hanging on the wall.  I asked if I could please have the Room 11 key, sadly I was told no, because they only have one. #lol.

The house itself is creepy as fuck on the outside, but also hauntingly beautiful. After about a half hour of touring the motel & house site, we headed back to the studio which is where all the interior house scenes are filmed and we couldn’t wait for the next part of our adventure.

Now, keep in mind, we had NO idea what scene we were going to see film, we just knew that Nestor and Vera would be the only one’s on set from the cast that day.  We got onto the set and the first scene we got to see was one with just Nestor.  That one I can’t really talk about seeing it hasn’t been shown yet. Later on we got to take a tour of “the house” which yes, we’re in a studio, but you literally feel like you are in the Bates house.  The set is incredible. There are just no words to actually describe how amazing.  We got to take pics and then headed out to the lunch tent just to sit with Nestor fucking Carbonell.  I can’t describe him. He is beautiful and an absolute sweetheart.  We got pics with him, but lunch wasn’t that long and he had to go back to shooting and mentioned he knew for sure we were gonna like what we were going to see. They now take us to Norma’s living room to where they are setting us up to watch an upcoming scene that will be taking place in the kitchen. As we are getting all settled in our directors chairs, Nestor brings Ms. Vera Farmiga in to meet us.  I just about DIED.  She literally is like a walking angel and was absolutely stunning.  She had said to us, “you all need to be careful with all these wires everywhere, I can’t believe they didn’t give you hardhats”..  Simply ADORABLE. We started to chat with us, but then she brought us out by the stairs where it was a lot less cluttered.  So there we are ,, the friggi’n #Normero squad chilli’n out with #Normero on Norma’s stairs.. (hang on did this really fucking happen? YES.)  I can’t really recall the whole conversation.  To be honest,  it’s a bit of a blur just because I was in such disbelief with all that was happening. Nestor took all our phones and snapped pics of us with Vera. Before the next scene they both suggested we get a picture all together in the kitchen.  It was epic.  Epic and fucking memorable.  We then were escorted back to our chairs in the living room to get ready to see the next shot where the director is telling us the next scene will be with Nestor & Vera.  One of my girls SARCASTICALLY said  “well are we going to see any good love scenes?” The director laughed, and said, well not quite THAT, but you’ll get to see the “morning after” Ok, so at this point, I think I might have lost a bit of bladder control and might have tinkled myself just a bit because I wasn’t quite sure what I just heard.   I want you to remind everyone,  we have NO idea what season 4 is going to be about at this point.  So picture this, the scene starts, she’s got a wedding ring on and we see the ABOVE scene happen right in front of our eyes and seriously my mouth couldn’t have dropped further to the floor.  I was in complete and utter shock and simple disbelief is probably the only way I can describe it.  Yes, this will sound insane to some of you, but I had shed some real tears after witnessing it. Twice.  It may not sound insane to all of you as those of you who just know me well enough online know I hold a special place in my heart for #Normero, and I’ve met some of the most wonderful people because of them.  Writing this has brought back a LOT of wonderful memories, and I will say that I did tear up quite a bit while putting this together because I miss and think about my girls every day and the incredibly wonderful memorable experience we all shared together. Monday night’s episode I already know will be my favorite. Granted we didn’t see every scene, but we saw one hell of a scene, and I will never forget that day as long as I live.