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for your consideration: lunar chronicles high school teacher au

Cinder: Mechanics/Shop teacher

  • always a mess, never dresses professionally even for meetings. astounds students when she dresses nice for special events but there’s always still an obvious grease stain somewhere
  • seems organized and she is but unbeknownst to you she decided to completely redo her lesson plan at 2am last night so she is flying by the seat of her pants
  • kids are always trying to figure out her ~mysterious~ past, like how she became friends with Miss Iko and Mr Thorne
  • always drinking coffee, stirs it with screwdrivers +other random objects she has laying around
  • fixes students’ cars if they break down or stall in the parking lot

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Horrible Fun Fact: This is Ed Gein, a serial killer from the 40’s who was raised by his religiously dysfunctional mother, who told him all his life that women are the devil’s work. After his mother died, he continued living in her secluded house where he would abduct and kill women, and dig up bodies from a nearby graveyard. He would then take these bodies, skin them, and turn them into household things like lampshades and masks, carve the bones into trophies, and eat pieces of them too. He was caught after a women went missing and police found the mutilated bodies in his house. He went on trial for murder and was found not guilty due to insanity. He was then locked away in an insane asylum.

The reason this is a fun fact despite all of this horrible stuff: Ed Gein is the inspiration behind Leather Face (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre), Norman Bates (Psycho/Bates Motel), and Buffalo Bill (Silence of the Lambs). Anyway, just felt like sharing that cause I thought it was very interesting.