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Season 2 Episode 6

Quantico tweeted that tonight’s episode was the bloodiest yet and I’m ready to see if that’s true

Two episodes in and they showed Simon’s death I’m not ok with that

Léon and Shelby need to stop I love them both but Shelby and Caleb need to be together

Lydia is still so extra but at least she’s helping Alex oh nvm that bitch is dying lit

Nimah said Caleb’s name and I got so happy but then so sad because we probably won’t see Caleb at all this season

Lmao Harry said he’s all ears I love him

Sebastian heard about Ryan and Alex oh god what is that piece of shit gonna do

I miss Simon so much but you can’t let that hold you back from being an agent Alex come on you should know better

The twins better try to become close again it’s not ok that they are barely talking


Sebastian just fucking roasted Harry amazing

Oh wow I can’t believe they blew it up anyway

Lydia you’re the absolute worst oh my god

Sebastian that was way too hard for you to say you were there with your wife something else is up

I personally don’t think Leigh is the terrorist but I’m glad they took her away she was making me mad

I keep going back and forth between if I like Harry or not but I think right now I like him

Lydia I hate you so fucking much why are you this way

The father/daughter moments between Lydia and Owen make me uncomfortable


Wait what Dayana has a kid??? This is Natalie all over again




Alright this episode messed me up so much I’m literally crying as I’m typing this I’m ready to fight the writers

APA's Anna and Bates Timeline


I’ve complied and updated since S3 for myself a Downton Abbey timeline. This is an edited version of what I have; I’ve trimmed this down considerably for conciseness and just to the Anna and Bates stuff. I don’t have all their scenes outlined, it’s mostly the notable stuff (the minor ones are often just markers for when those days either start or end)

I didn’t list all the justifications for why I have certain dates because it would just clog things up, but the outline for S1 came from a timeline on LiveJournal that I agreed with, and  @mr-and-mrs-bates helped me out with S4 using Mrs. Hughes’ desk calendar (which I later noticed also sometimes appeared in S2). Other dates come from what’s up on the screen at the beginning of episodes (including in the PBS aired version), the script books, props, and the companions books. Most of the time, someone mentions a concrete date in the dialogue and then they mention “yesterday” and a day of the week at some point in the episode and I figure it out from there.

It’s “rough” because I don’t think Fellowes consulted a calendar when he wrote the show. And me making one assumption can lead to messing up others whoops. So while some dates are exact and canon, others are not the gospel truth. Anything in italics is a guess and definitely something I’ve made assumptions on. You can always ask me about something if it seems totally off, and I’m sure that I’ve made some errors. I know I switched some formatting about halfway through and I’ll correct it some point!

This has series 6 spoilers in it, and I explain some of my theories on the timeline down in that section when you get to it.

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Musings of a Hunter: The Taken Guardian questline.

(Five minutes ago, I thought of this while in the shower. I’m just gonna leave this here for future reference.)

In order to begin this quest, you will need to have obtained Touch of Malice, and after doing so, kill Oryx in the daily mission variant of Regicide, the last story mission in The Taken King. Then, Eris will call you and the quest will begin.

“Do you hear them too Guardian? The whispers?” she gestures toward the weapon holstered to your side, it’s core glowing an angry green. Accepting your quest, she asks you what they say, and the quest says to simply kill 200 Hive with the Touch of Malice.

You go on patrol on the moon, and delve deeper into the Temple of Crota. Every fifty kills, a voice will quietly whisper to you, and the core of the weapon will glow. The subtitles will show garbled text, but Guardians attentive enough will hear:

“The Sword Logic… can you feel it?”

“All the power you have amassed from systematic massacre…”

“…is it worth it? Do you really want to realize the end is infinity?”

And on 200 kills, and completing that step: “You see the end. Dare you take it?”

The quest marker will say: Return to Eris Morn in the Tower.

But as you approach Eris, the weapon will whisper: “The Chamber of Night. Your answers will be there.”

Guardians who resist the temptation of the weapon will turn the weapon over to Eris. You lose it, but you get the highest Light possible exotic artifact (maybe something like the Dormant Soul of Oryx or even a helmet called the Ass of Oryx which you wear like a hat), along with two exotic weapon engrams and two exotic armor engrams. The quest to get Touch of Malice would restart, sans the collection of the Calcified Fragments. Everyone would assume that this is a new way to farm exotics. But Guardians who wait for Chamber of Night to be the daily mission and do it will get to the end, and kill Telthor, the Unborn with the Touch of Malice, and Ghost will say:

“They were using it against the Traveler, devouring its Light. And - what on earth is that?” 

A door opens, and you walk down the hall with bated breath. Ghost suddenly informs you of a development. 

“I translated some of Toland’s journal. I will find a situation that describes this phenomenon…” He plays a section.

“The Hive operate under the power of sword logic. Cut all, or all will cut you. A literal ‘dog eat dog’ world. The Worms dictate this to them, and in return, they grant the Hive powers. If the sword logic works for Hive, could it applied to Guardians as well?”

You see the room where Crota’s soul was contained. The glyph of Oryx appears, and your Ghost scans it.

“It appears to contain a mathematical code, with coordinates to a place on the Dreadnaught. Shall we investigate?” to which you nod.

A new mission opens, The Darkness’s Embrace. It’s difficulty is 300, and its active modifiers are Trickle, Small Arms, Exposure, and Fresh Troops. Enemies in the whole mission cannot be damaged but the final round in Touch of Malice. Legions of Thrall rush at you, but the Touch of Mercy heals you repeatedly. The weapon whispers to you again, but the voice is more salient.

“For every one you kill, the power of their worm gets added to yours. You may have defeated their King, but they still go on, believing that they can defeat you and add your power to theirs. Funny little things, Thrall are, aren’t they?”

Ghost declines in joining the conversation.

Soon, you get to the throne room. A giant, undulating black stone lays on the circular platform. You approach it, apprehension and excitement quaking in your boots. The voice of Oryx speaks again, this time much louder.

“Can you feel it, Guardian? The taste of Darkness?”

Your Super energy is drained from you completely. The closer you get to the stone, the slower it charges. The farther away you get from it, the closer you are to the door, the faster it charges. But it still leaves you with a minimum of twenty seconds to contemplate. Contemplate whether you are abandoning the Light and the Traveler for the sake of the City, or whether you really are simply chasing the ultimate for your own selfish reasons, that you are so bored of being good, being on the straight and narrow, that you have to murder and massacre for the sake of feeling…

Your Super energy is fully charged. And with one Super activation: the forceful expansion of a Ward of Dawn, the burning light of a Radiant Warlock, the slice of a Bladedancer, the rock shatters completely, leaving a small monolith in its center. The glyph on it matches the one on the Touch of Malice. Your Ghost speaks up.

“Do you understand what you are doing? You are giving yourself to a power of the Darkness.”

You respond, surprised you have the words for this feeling.

“If your strategies cannot beat your enemy, matching their game can keep them at bay.”

You plunge the Touch of Malice in a small keyhole, and the Core speaks again.

“You have accepted your power. Your reward. Your destiny.

The monolith opens. Inside is a black, jagged, osmium knife.

The Titan grasps the knife, gripping it so hard with their fists that it might shatter in their hands. The artifact is exotic, maximum defense level but replaces Light with Darkness. It’s name is [reflection]. The flavor text reads “Take up the knife. Rend yourself asunder. Take your new shape.” A new subclass is unlocked.

You are now Taken, Mirrorbreaker.

The Warlock picks it up gently, as though it might suddenly detonate, and hangs it like a necklace around their neck. The artifact is exotic, maximum defense level but replaces Light with Darkness.  It’s name is [intangible]. The flavor text reads “Take up the knife. Become unseen, like death. Take your new shape.” A new subclass is unlocked.

You are now Taken, Wraithkiller.

The Hunter flips it in the air, and mimes a few jabs before sheathing it in a holster.  The artifact is exotic, maximum defense level but replaces Light with Darkness.  It’s name is [move or die]. The flavor text reads “Take up the knife. Slip in and out of our dimension. Take your new shape.” A new subclass is unlocked.

You are now Taken, Shadowtracker.

(Mirrorbreaker, Wraithkiller, and Shadowtracker classes will come out soon, I promise!) Any thoughts?


12 years ago Steve Martin hosted the 75th Oscars in 2003. This was his opening monologue. 

the-finest-sight  asked:

Top 5 must sees/ must do of Boston? Going this week for my boyfriend's birthday and want it to be perfect. Your photos are incredible and make me ache so much for Boston. You are so talented.

1.    If you are here on the weekend make your way to Southie for the Lawn on D, this is an outdoor space filled with outdoor games of corn whole, ping pong tables and swings and don’t forget about the booze

2.    Sunday- go to the South End for the SOWA Market, I am big on my love for food trucks and they all happen to be in this area on Sunday. While you’re in the South End go into Formaggio’s Kitchen and grab some sandwiches with some cheese and meat then make your way toward Boylston Street to the Public Garden for a picnic

3.    I have said this hundreds of times but I love the Boston Public Library (it is closed on Sunday), I find Bates Hall to be absolutely stunning

4.    Get lost in Beacon Hill, grab some treats from Tatte and walk around make sure you check out Acorn Street (most photographed street in America)

5.    You will have to be a tourist and go to the Observation Deck at the Prudential Center for sunset

 Have the best time and thank you for the kind words!
amfAR to Fete 'American Horror Story' Creator Ryan Murphy at Inspiration Gala
By Janine Lew

Ryan Murphy will be honored at amfAR’s sixth annual Inspiration Gala, to be held Oct. 29 at Milk Studios in Los Angeles.

The “American Horror Story” creator will be feted with the Award of Inspiration, in recognition of his achievement in film and television and his commitment to the fight against AIDS. Among his many projects, Murphy also exec produced HBO’s “The Normal Heart,” an adaptation of Larry Kramer’s play depicting the AIDS crisis in 1980s New York.

The event chairs are Aileen Getty, Kevin Huvane and amfAR chairman Kenneth Cole. Many of Murphy’s collaborators from “AHS,” “Glee,” “Scream Queens” and “The Normal Heart” are also co-chairing the gala, including Angela Bassett, Courtney B. Vance, Kathy Bates, Matt Bomer, Simon Halls, Darren Criss, Jamie Lee Curtis, Brad Falchuk, Lady Gaga, Lea Michele, Sarah Paulson, Julia Roberts and Mark Ruffalo.

MASTERPOST: Additional Scenes in the PBS Airings of Downton Abbey (Updated Through S4)

This is a masterlist of all scenes PBS has added to their airings for all four seasons. If I am missing any, let me know.

Here is my FAQ about the added scenes. Please read this before messaging me any questions, thank you.

Special thanks goes to fandomsandorangejuice for helping me out with catching stuff in S3 and repmet for making the S3 and S4 videos.

Masterpost of all videos of deleted scenes from S1-S3 (ones that aired on PBS and ones on the UK DVDs) is here. I am working on a list that includes all the German scenes as well as S4’s PBS scenes.

Included here are the list of scenes and links to the videos containing them. Each scene is also linked to the transcripts unless noted.

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Tony Goldwyn signed on to new project called Felt

Here are the new additions to the cast:Scandal’s Tony Goldwyn will play FBI intel chief Ed Miller, and Kate Walsh will play his wife Pat; Josh Lucas plays FBI No. 3 Charlie Bates; Dexter‘sMichael C. Hall will play John Dean, architect of the Watergate cover-up who was desperate to plug the Washington Post leaks; Marton Csokas and Tom Sizemore play Felt’s FBI rivals Pat Gray and Bill Sullivan; Wendi McLendon-Covey plays Felt secretary Carol Tschudy; Ike Barinholtz plays Angelo Lano, who headed the FBI investigation into the leak; Bruce Greenwood plays Time magazine reporter Sandy Smith, to whom Felt also leaked Watergate intel; Spotlight’s Brian D’Arcy James plays FBI special agent Robert Kunkel; Noah Wyle plays Stan Pottinger, who prosecuted Felt and other FBI officials for ordering break-ins to search homes of suspected domestic terrorist radicals, without warrants; and Maika Monroe plays Felt’s daughter Joan. Colm Meaney andRay Donovan’s Eddie Marsan are closing up deals to play CIA men.

Ridley and Giannina Scott head the list of producers on a project Landesman wrote and has been trying to get made for eight years. Marc Butan’s MadRiver Pictures will finance and produce alongside Scott Free Productions, Playtone and Cara Films. Landesman and the Scotts produce with Gary Goetzman, Tom Hanks, Butan, and Jay Roach, with Steven Shareshian and Michael Schaefer exec producing with Michael Bassick and Steven Marshall. Endurance Media’s Steve Richards also joined the project as a financier and producer. Production starts May 2.

Landesman, who most recently teamed with Ridley and Giannina Scott on Concussion, said the movie will “change the accepted history of Watergate and the dissembling of the presidency and modern American politics.” He also said there is an untold parallel tale: while Felt was guiding reporters to revelations that would bring down the Nixon White House, he was also in a desperate search to find his estranged daughter, who had embraced a counterculture lifestyle and whom, they feared, had become part of the web of suspected domestic terrorist groups like the Weather Underground that had become such a high priority to the FBI. Felt’s over-aggressiveness in that area was his undoing and led to his resignation and conviction (he was pardoned by Ronald Reagan).

“While the reporters were chasing and Nixon was covering up, there was this humming engine of secrecy and intrigue unfolding within the walls of the FBI,” Landesman said. “It was all driven by this one man, Felt, who had been No. 2 in the FBI behind J Edgar Hoover, and whose motivation for doing what he did was most importantly to protect the institution he loved, against an assault by a corrupt president who wanted to turn the bureau into his version of the KGB.

“Right or wrong, he felt what he did was the last defense of the American ideal. Watergate happened around the time Hoover died and Nixon was going to use the opportunity to take over the FBI and turn it into his own mechanism for control,” Landesman said. “Felt saw this coming and made a decision to betray the FBI secrecy code, in order to protect the FBI. At the same time, there was this Shakespearean drama going on in his home, after his daughter vanished and entered the same counterculture groups that the FBI was trying to take down. So while Watergate was unfolding, he was hunting for his missing daughter he was afraid had vanished into the arms of his enemy. And nobody knew his motivation was his missing daughter.”

Landesman spent years researching, and dismisses the criticism that Felt’s motivation was at least partly sour grapes for being passed over by Nixon for the top FBI job he coveted.

Said Landesman: “Did he feel he deserved the job? Absolutely. But he betrayed the FBI to save the FBI and made the ultimate sacrifice because the FBI was everything to him. His last play was to counsel acting FBI director Pat Gray, in his Senate confirmation hearing, to confess that Nixon and John Dean destroyed classified Watergate files. He built this house of cards, and that last play brought them all down. The story has the components of a suspenseful spy thriller, but there are huge reveals about his

Neeson and Lane for committing early and hanging in while the project got pieced together with indie financing, which is how movies like this get made nowadays. He said that afterFelt languished, the project regained momentum after he asked the Scotts to come aboard while they worked in the NFL film Concussion.

“Ridley and I are delighted to have such a strong cast for our latest project with Peter,” said Giannina Scott. “These are some of the finest actors working today and we can’t wait to get underway with them to tell the fascinating story of Mark Felt.”

Additional Scenes in the PBS Airings of Downton Abbey

FAQ on deleted scenes is here.

Bracketed lines are in the UK version and are there for context. 

PBS Season 4, Episode 4 - Original UK Episode Series 4, Episode 5

- Additional scene with Baxter, Cora, and Robert
- Additional scene with Anna and Bates in the servants’ hall (video)
- Additional lines in the scene with Thomas and Baxter
- Additional kitchen scene
- Additional lines in the Bates and Mrs. Hughes scene (video)
- Additional Robert and Cora scene

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Additional Scenes in the PBS Airings of Downton Abbey

FAQ on deleted scenes is here. Please read before sending me an ask.

Bracketed lines are in the UK version and are there for context. 

Season 5, Episode 5 (PBS and UK Episode Numbers Match for S5)

- Added scene between Thomas and Baxter about his treatment
- Added scene with Baxter, Molesley, and Thomas
- Added scene between Bates and Mary about the police
- Added scene with Atticus, Rose, and Kuragin about Atticus’ family
- Additional lines at the upstairs dinner
- Added scene with Tom leaving his office (no lines)

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