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The three of us, together!

I finished Baten Kaitos Origins some days ago. It’s one of the less known JRPG games for Gamecube and there’s really nothing like this game/series! The developers Monolith went on to develop the Xenoblade series, which many of you probably’ve heard of!

I’ve so many feels now after spending 50+ hours with these three goofs, don’t think I’m quite ready to leave them yet (though I must)!

Hapilly I left some of the sidequests for another playthrough in the future, so it’s not a complete goodbye to this world yet!



Hiya!  The International Baten Kaitos Day of Haberdashery got me wondering: a couple years go, we tried to sort out who the favorite characters of the English-speaking Baten Kaitos fandom were.  But we didn’t settle the really important question: who has the best hat?

OK, yes, yes.  But who has the second and third best hats in all of Baten Kaitos?

Reblog with your first, second, and third choices for best Baten Kaitos hat by November 24, 11:59 p.m. Eastern time (currently GMT+5).  That’s short notice, but democracy waits for no one.  The winners will be announced on November 25, the last day of Our Glorious Spiriter Week 2017.  Trophies will be delivered in the back by Verus in a position that minimally compromises lung function.

Hat criteria:

- Headbands (adult Gibari) don’t count.  Ridiculously high collars (adult Ladekahn) don’t count.  Crowns (young Ladekahn) and headdresses (Corellia) are OK.  Helmets are kind of pushing it, but I suppose you could include adult Giacomo and Ayme’s headgear in your vote if you wanted.  For the Children of the Earth, please remember that their hats should be considered separate from their extremely distracting masks.

Stuff that encases the entire head (Guillo’s hood, Kamroh’s…enormous wood pumpkin) does not really count as a hat for the purposes of this poll.

- And, hey  -  don’t forget about shopkeepers while voting!  That dude in Mintaka didn’t wire up his hats for nothing!  (Also, if you’re voting for a character who appeared in both games, please specify which version’s getting your vote.)  Just to make it clear, you’re not restricted to the illustrious representatives in the photo selection above  -  any hat-wearing individuals in the franchise are fair game.

OK, good luck!  Exercise your right to vote in a civilized and peaceful manner, just like our friends in Alfard!

Candidates and voters are requested to refrain from wing-ripping.  Until the last couple days of voting, of course.

ETA: Voting is over! Witness what ye hath wrought!

I really wish we had gotten to see more of these two’s relationship in the game. All we really get is the implication that they both love each other very much. But in a game where everyone’s competing to be worst dad of the year, it’s good to have a constant good father/daughter relationship in the background.

burgergami  asked:

Top 5 favorite video game protagonists!

I’m hoping you mean protagonists which include all playable characters instead of just the main hero considering the main character is usually bland and boring.

My top 5 consist of their personality, their development throughout the story, and how overpowered they are in battle.

#5 - Elize Lutus (Tales of Xillia) - I ranked her in my top 5 for multiple reasons. She is that cutesy anime trope filled with dark offense magic paired with being the most OP healer in the game. Ever heard of the saying, “The shyest are also the most dangerous”? That’s exactly her. [REMAINDER OF THIS PORTION CONTAINS SPOILERS] Her past history was also tearjerking as her family was killed, and Elize was sent away, being treated as a research experiment for boosters (which by the way, can kill you if overused). Midway through the story, you’ll also learn that she’s canonically not as angelic as we thought she was.

#4 - Yuri Lowell (Tales of Vesperia) - I had to admit, I didn’t think he would be that great. However, after playing this game, my opinions turned 180. He is easily not your typical main character hero trope goody-two-shoes. Also being OP in battle compared to the rest of the cast, he even starts out intelligent and reliable unlike most other JRPG heroes. Instead of developing him into a braver hero, the plot develops his value in human beings and the value of justice over law. As you play further into the story, you’ll start to notice that the rest of the cast depends on him as a clear leader of the pack.

#3 - Milly (Baten Kaitos Origins) - The Baten Kaitos series is more of an underground JRPG. However, Milly is a character that outshines not only her series, but many other videogames out there. She starts out trying to plot against Sagi (the main hero) as a spy but overtime, realizes who the true villains are. Although not much is developed, the reason why she is #3 is because of her entertainment in the entire game, especially with her sass. Great voice acting and reactions towards various events. She’s like your typical spunky anime high school girl.

#2 - Balthier (Final Fantasy XII) - He was close to being #1! If it weren’t for him, FFXII would almost be a trainwreck. His personality and appearance is already great, but what strikes him as most interesting is that he’s already developed and can keep his cool throughout most of the story. He knows his way around the world and you can tell he eventually goes from selfish sky pirate to selfless tsundere supporter. Also he dresses better than everyone else in the game but that’s for another topic.

#1 - Vivi Ornitier (Final Fantasy IX) - And of course, Vivi is my #1. There are so many reasons why he’s many people’s favorites. Just listing a couple, he’s reliable even though he’s seen as a scaredy-cat. He’s a really strong black mage, and the plot gives him some badass scenes (such as the picture below where he defends himself against a pretty dangerous villain). [SPOILERS FOR THE REMAINDER OF THIS SECTION] What strikes me most is that his development is not all sugar and rainbows. Midway through the game, he learns that he’s just a manufactured puppet, soon to stop, and considers it ‘dying’. This thought sticks with him for the remainder of the game but he still manages to stay strong.

A close #6 would be Chopin from Eternal Sonata but hey, it’s the top 5. ;)

So since it’s Spiriter Week I thought I’d try putting my meta pants back on.

Baten Kaitos Origins’ writing is great on multiple playthroughs. There’s plenty of events and statements that mean different things once the player knows the twists the plot will take. One part in particular where this is true is in the introduction of Verus. There’s so much here that makes me squirm. So much, in fact, that this is going to be a very long post. Disorganized rambling below.

(Major spoilers for the whole game under the cut. Seriously.)

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Spiriter Week 2017 Prompts

Hey everyone!

Since Spiriter Week starts tomorrow, I figured I’d finally post a list of prompts to get those creative whatevers flowing (as tumblr user @cisthulhu so eloquently put it.)

These are obviously not mandatory, but if one or several strike your fancy… well, go for it! That’s what they’re here for. Don’t be afraid to mix and match either.

Day 1: hats | wingswap | pets

Day 2: end magnus | sci-fi au | childhood

Day 3: machina | zombie au | fighting

Day 4: the age of the gods | bodyswap | family

Day 5: magnus mixing | rockstar au | the beach episode

Day 6:  guardian spirits | coffeeshop au | body horror

Day 7: create your own Baten Kaitos nation | island swap | monsters

Le ali del principio
Mio Sakuraba
Le ali del principio

Con le mani colme di fiori raccolti
li lascio su questo lago
la luce, nel buio, si specchia nell'acqua
e le lune, ecco, son due.

With flowers in outstreched hands
I leave petals on this lake
The light, in the darkness, is reflected in the water
and the moons, here, are two

Se offro tanti fiori rosa
alla luna che brilla
inzierià il viaggio.

If I offer many pink flowers
to the shining moon,
the journey will start.

Sale il vento e il nostro canto,
la luce della luna mi guida, sicura,
verso il prossimo mondo.

Raises the wind and our singing,
the moonlight guides me, safely,
towards the next world.

Ma anche se cancellerà
tutto di bianco
non ho paura
perché qui sono.

Even if everything will turn
to white
I’m not afraid,
because I’m here.