I hope we can fill a hundred more pages…

The three of us, together!

I finished Baten Kaitos Origins some days ago. It’s one of the less known JRPG games for Gamecube and there’s really nothing like this game/series! The developers Monolith went on to develop the Xenoblade series, which many of you probably’ve heard of!

I’ve so many feels now after spending 50+ hours with these three goofs, don’t think I’m quite ready to leave them yet (though I must)!

Hapilly I left some of the sidequests for another playthrough in the future, so it’s not a complete goodbye to this world yet!

Le ali del principio
Mio Sakuraba
Le ali del principio

Con le mani colme di fiori raccolti
li lascio su questo lago
la luce, nel buio, si specchia nell'acqua
e le lune, ecco, son due.

With flowers in outstreched hands
I leave petals on this lake
The light, in the darkness, is reflected in the water
and the moons, here, are two

Se offro tanti fiori rosa
alla luna che brilla
inzierià il viaggio.

If I offer many pink flowers
to the shining moon,
the journey will start.

Sale il vento e il nostro canto,
la luce della luna mi guida, sicura,
verso il prossimo mondo.

Raises the wind and our singing,
the moonlight guides me, safely,
towards the next world.

Ma anche se cancellerà
tutto di bianco
non ho paura
perché qui sono.

Even if everything will turn
to white
I’m not afraid,
because I’m here.


Guillo Cosplay Version 1

Good news!!! I’m going to Sac Anime this fall! And I’m going to be revamping my Guillo cosplay to wear around for a day or two. (So excited 8D) I might also be Link and Waluigi for part of the time.

These pictures are actually from about two years ago when I first made the costume for the tiny convention my college was hosting that year. For SacAnime I’m going to at least be redoing all the fabric parts and hopefully adding some other details like more feathers and maybe light up eyes? At some point I want to redo the armor pieces too, but I don’t think I’ll be able to right now for time and budget reasons.