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The three of us, together!

I finished Baten Kaitos Origins some days ago. It’s one of the less known JRPG games for Gamecube and there’s really nothing like this game/series! The developers Monolith went on to develop the Xenoblade series, which many of you probably’ve heard of!

I’ve so many feels now after spending 50+ hours with these three goofs, don’t think I’m quite ready to leave them yet (though I must)!

Hapilly I left some of the sidequests for another playthrough in the future, so it’s not a complete goodbye to this world yet!


畫完啦>D< YA!!!!!!!!!!!! 雖然沒辦法在12點前完成orz(被狼的孩子吸住目光XDXDDD)
2013 2/23,Baten Kaitos Origins七周年賀!


 ↓ 本家介紹,沒有捏他請放心(大概(欸
霸天開拓史 II >> I 的軌跡 part.1 - 世界觀+人物簡覽



Le ali del principio
  • Le ali del principio
  • Mio Sakuraba
  • BATEN KAITOS II The First Wings and the Heirs of God Original Soundtrack (DISC 1)

Con le mani colme di fiori raccolti
li lascio su questo lago
la luce, nel buio, si specchia nell'acqua
e le lune, ecco, son due.

With flowers in outstreched hands
I leave petals on this lake
The light, in the darkness, is reflected in the water
and the moons, here, are two

Se offro tanti fiori rosa
alla luna che brilla
inzierià il viaggio.

If I offer many pink flowers
to the shining moon,
the journey will start.

Sale il vento e il nostro canto,
la luce della luna mi guida, sicura,
verso il prossimo mondo.

Raises the wind and our singing,
the moonlight guides me, safely,
towards the next world.

Ma anche se cancellerà
tutto di bianco
non ho paura
perché qui sono.

Even if everything will turn
to white
I’m not afraid,
because I’m here.

Happy Spiriter Week: Grand Finale/ Art Never Seen Before!

Okay so for the very last day of spiriter week I wanted to post something very special! :D I also bet a certain will enjoy this. XD A little over a week ago, me and @noctuart were talking. I was lamenting over the fact that Baten Kaitos Origins had never received an artbook. I tolder her I knew that the series designer Nakaba Higurashi ran an artblog… but I always wished she would upload art related to Baten Kaitos and Baten Kaitos Origins (especially since I’ve always wanted to see what Marno’s design could look like… I’m sure she would have designed him).

Anyways just to show the site to her… I went to 

To my surprise…. she had actually uploaded art related to Baten Kaitos!!!! I couldn’t believe it!!!! After YEARS of waiting there was finally something there!!!!. There was sections for both games, but I’m going to focus on BKO since most of the art on both pages has already been seen. If anyone knows how to translate Japanese on the bottom corner of each pic, that would greatly be appreciated too. Anyways though, please go to Nakaba’s site to view all the BK art goodness!! Anyways here we go! (Hope you’re as excited as I was! XD) Also just want to point out I don’t take credit for these pics, it’s all Nakaba Higurashi!

Here we have a beautiful pic of Milly on a beach in what I would assume is Anuenue (unless it’s meant to be our world). Also look, she has a Guillo and Sagi beachball and oooh…. is that Meemai with her? As far as I can tell this had something to do with a Merokyara festival in 2006.

Most of these have already been seen… but look! It’s child Savyna!!!! :D

The first pic of Wiseman has already been around on the internet, but I don’t think he had his wings of the heart… also notice on his side profile that he has a cape (if you didn’t already know)!. :)

The very first image is nothing new… but here we have a turnaround for Guillo! It’s always so amazing how many details these characters have! :D (I’m sure this would also help any potential cosplayers)

Here we also have a turnaround for Milly! It’s cool to see exactly how her hair works! XD

Now this was my absolute FAVOURITE reveal!!! Never before had we had official character art for Sagi besides his cover and promotional images! We can finally see all the awesome details Sagi has to offer! :D Also, maybe it was just me who never noticed this…. but take a look at his hands. I never knew he was wearing gloves this whole time! I always assumed it was just his hands… but nope! Despite how unglove-like they look…. those skin tight gloves are a yellow that is repeated throughout his design and are not skin coloured! I really hope this image gets around to the proper people (especially the BK Wiki). :)

I think this is a perfect pic to end on for Spiriter Week! It’s an awesome promotional pic of the gang, Meemai and some other Greythorne! I really wish this image had been seen before! Even though it doesn’t make much sense that spirit petals would be in the pic (I’m guessing this was a pic to keep up the image of Sagi being a spiriter for early game promotional stuff). Also does this confirm canonically that Sagi and co met Meemai? XD

Anyways I REALLY hope this reaches people in the BK fandom! I hope you all have a wonderful spiriter week! Here’s always hoping for a Baten Kaitos 3!!!! Again, please visit to view all the images! If there’s anyone who could translate the japanese on these pics, it would be greatly appreciated! :D

What’s that again?

Spiriter Week is a week-long Tumblr celebration of all things Baten Kaitos! All you have to do to participate is post Baten Kaitos-related content every day for a week, between October 13th and October 19th.

But I can’t participate every day!

That’s cool! The “once a week” thing is mostly a goal. Even if you only post once or twice it’s likely the tag will still see more activity than it gets on average, which is awesome because more Baten Kaitos stuff.

Didn’t it happen much later last year?

It did. It also fell right in the middle of finals for a lot of people/right after nanowrimo, so we figured October might be a better month for everyone.

I can’t draw/write!

Not a problem! Anything goes. Want to post funny screenshots? Sure. Haiku about getting stuck on the Goldoba when underleveled? Fine. Your very own, irl Verus scrapbook? … Uh, we’ll get back to you on that one.

So, what do I even tag these things

Last year’s tags seemed to be mainly “spiriter week” and good ol’ “baten kaitos” and it worked great. Anything else is up to you, really. I’m a sucker for funny tags gimme plenty of those

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