Julie Andrews Fantasy LPs #2

“The Beatles!” grinned Julie. “I’d adore to work with them. I don’t know whether they’d care to meet me, but I’d love to meet them. I’d also love to sing that stuff they sing, if I could make the grade”  (Batelle, 28).

Well, dream no more, Dame Julie, your wish is the Parallel Julieverse’s command!


Batelle, Phyllis. “The Julie Andrews Nobody Knows: Home Life ‘Chaotic But Not Disastrous’.” Philadelphia Daily News. 27 September 1965: 28.

anonymous asked:

Hi i'm a young student of architecture form Spain and I really like your blog since you've recently posted as a reference the Merida museum of roman art by Moneo, I would like to know your thoughts on spanish architecture and since its a really broad topic, spanish architecture that you particulary admire.

I am a big fan of contemporary architecture from Spain. That means that my list of favorite Spanish architects is LONG. I also love traditional architecture, for me it feels like home. 

So, leaving aside classics like Gaudi, Moneo and Calatrava is easier for me to list some recent projects I admire:

Auditorio Municipal de Teulada Francisco Mangado

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New Year, New Beginnings || Delkins

Seth has been nervous all day. He planned this date the best he could. He got help from Bennett and a few others and they helped him set a place for a date for him and Lucian at the lake. It looked very nice and very romantic when he saw it last. He was now checking himself in the mirror to try and fix his hair so it’ll be just perfect. He wore a black shirt and tight blue jeans and he wore his favorite black converse. 

Seth took a deep breath and taking his phone and keys to the room he left to pick up Lucian. He stood there in front of Luc’s door for five minutes before finally raising his hand and knocking on the door waiting for the other teen to open.

“Numa gama cromática,

O seio em pérolas furta cores,

A Vênus do Adriático

Emerge d´agua o corpo alvirrósseo

As cúpulas, sobre o azul das ondas

Tomando a frase ao pé da letra,

Intumescem qual gargantas redondas

E um suspiro de amor emana.

O batel aporta e me depõe,

Fogando a amarra ao pilar,

Em frente a uma fachada rosa,

No mármore de uma escada”

– oscar wilde, o retrato de dorian gray