The Batek (or Bateq) are an indigenous people (currently numbering about 1,516) who live in the rainforest of peninsular Malaysia. As a result of encroachment, they now primarily inhabit the Taman Negara National Park. They are nomadic hunters and gatherers, so the exact location of their settlements change within the general confines of the area that they inhabit.

The common phrase used to refer to them, ‘orang asli’, signifies a diverse group of which the Batek tribe is a part. It means 'original people’ in Malay and was probably first used to identify these people by Austronesian-speaking settlers who arrived by boat from the islands of Southeast Asia.Read More

Baksan (Python) and Pagi (stingray) The pattern represents the back of a Python. In deeper context it also represents the chain of ancestors associated with the people of the Visayas in our #tattoo tradition. I am #Visayan from the island of #Panay. My line is from #Capiz and #Aklan, regions where the fabled Aswang come from. The #stingraybarb is the only weapon that can kill an Aswang. This piece measures 5.5" long and the barbs still sharp, it’s not a piece for everyone but it sure makes for good conversation. #batok #batek #tatak #filipinotattoos #pyrography

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I am not a #manbatok, traditional #handtap practitioner, nor am I a #tattoo artist. I support, promote and advocate empowerment for my tattoo tradition. The tradition of our #Anitos, ancestors, to be seen with clear eyes, clear hearts, and their voices heard. Our marks are meant to be seen and those voices read. They are powerful and tangible representations of our ancestors and how we are shaped by them each and every day. This is not merely art. To receive one is a gift and the opportunity to learn, grow and participate in the process is a blessing. I’m just a paddler on the journey home. #batok #batek #tatak #filipinotattoos

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