batdog costume

Things Damian Wayne has totaly done
-Thrown a batarang at all of his siblings
-Tried to adopt a whole petting zoo
-Bought and wore a ‘I’m with stupid’ shirt, and stood next to his brothers (minus Dick)
-Refused to go to McDonalds because the vegetarian options were at a “unacceptable standard”
-Tried unsucsesfuly to convert the entire batfam to vegetarianism
-Tried and failed to drink a cup of black coffee
-Learnt to knit
-Insisted that Titus eat in the dining room “So he doesn’t feel left out, obviously.”
-Painted a mural on his bedroom wall
-Tried to steal one of Santa’s reigndeer
-Bought Bruce a book on proper animal care
-Made Titus a Batdog costume
-Made Alfred (the cat) a Batcat costume
-Tried to name every bat in the batcave