anonymous asked:

Can you post a picture of your favorite batfam designs? Bruce, dick, babs, tim, jason, cass, steph, and damian.

i can’t make a big thingie now because i have to leave soon and i’ll forget about this tomorrow so i’ll just reply really quickly: the recent dcau (justice league: war, throne of atlantis, son of batman, batman vs robin) has had wicked designs so like… leave everyone as they are EXCEPT for dick’s hair? face? something needs to change, something’s BOTHERING ME, and while you’re at it add stephanie and cassandra without changing anything about their suits (cassandra’s early batgirl suit) because they’re already cool enough. actually maybe just add barbara+dick from young justice to be done with? yes, that’s better. perfect universe design-wise

if we’re talking comics, i have one thing to say: I LOVE BRUCE’S NEW 52 BATCOSTUME AND I’LL FIGHT U ALL @8 UR HOUSES