batch 85


Telegram sticker commissions!

I’m doing Sticker commissions to save up for a graphic tablet. That way i’ll be able to draw at a better and faster pace than before.

I’ll be able to make stickers like the ones above. They can be NSFW and SFW themed. It’s easier to make emotions however. So keep in mind that emotions will be made faster than others.


  • 1 sticker       €3

You can also buy a batch.

  • 3 stickers     €8
  • 5 stickers     €12
  • 10 stickers   €25
  • 15 stickers   €40

If you’d want more than 15 we’ll discuss a custom price. 

Contact me via my email:, via my Twitter, via here on tumblr messaging or via ask on tumblr as well. Please don’t message me on Telegram unless we agreed to speak there.

///////////// - IMPORTANT STUFF - ////////////

- Commissions are Paypal only.
- I have the right to decline commissions.
- Provide a reference. Sheets are preferred, but if you have multiple images i can do that too.
- Normal commissions here
- Please check the original post for updates on spots.

I currently have no spots open