batch 5.5


Homebrew Batch #5.5 Saison with Hill Farmstead Yeast Aged on Blueberries - Finally got around to bottling the blueberry sour. It ended up sitting on the blueberries for almost exactly 3 months.  Taste was very good and it didn’t seem like it was going to pick up any additional berry flavor.

Shot a little lower on the carbonation end to play it safe with the wildness inside - just shy of 3 vols via 2.6 oz of table sugar.

Ended up one bottle short of a full case although 3 of the bottles were 16 oz. Actually had to grab and sanitize a couple extra bottles at the last minute as I certainly didn’t any wasted by being left in the bottling bucket.

Since this was an extended secondary there was very little yeast left in the carboy - might have to be patient waiting for it to carb up, but living room temperatures should help.