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Honda NSX GT3, 2018. Honda, in conjunction with JAS Motorsport, Honda Performance Development (HPD) and Mugen will offer the NSX GT3 for sale around the world for the 2018 season. Orders for the NSX GT3 are now being taken by JAS Motorsport, responsible for sales and customer support in Europe, Asia (including China) and South America; by HPD in North America and by Mugen in Japan. An initial batch of 12 cars will be produced in time for the start of the 2018 race season. The exposed carbon fibre, race-ready NSX GT3 is offered for sale at a starting price of €465,000 as delivered by JAS Motorsport.


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You’ve seen me doing DMC3 Dante derps, Vergil derps, Nero derps and Markiplier derps, now it’s time for DMC4 Dante derps.
These are the last of the derps I will do for the Devil May Cry series. I would do DMC1 & 2 and the anime, but there’s not really much to see compared to DMC3 & 4.
The first batch comes from missions 1-12.
Second batch comes from missions 13-15.
Third batch comes from missions 16 & 17.
Last batch comes from missions 18 to the end, with the inclusion of the Special Edition derps from Lady’s and Trish’s cutscenes.


Not sure if I mentioned them before but at the June CinCity show I picked up a batch of 12 quail hatching eggs, not fully expecting many if any to make it but behold, 11/12 hatched.

Out of the clutch there was two tuxedos, one tibetan[?], a beige, and the rest were pharaoh/wild colored, a few of them possibly being of the jumbo variety as they’re quite large compared to their siblings.

Prompt Batch #12

Theme: Yandere

(Requested by @voltagemarveliceprincess)

1. “Would you like to play a game?”

2. “I just want you all to myself, is that such a crime?”

3. “We’ll be together forever and ever and … ever.”

4. “Don’t be afraid! I’d never hurt you.”

5. “Who was that you were talking to? Do you like them better than me?”

6. “I made these for you … I know they’re your favourite.”

7. “I love watching you sleep. You make the cutest faces!”

8. “Don’t lie to me! I know where you really were.”

9. “Who is this person and why are they texting you so much?”

10. “I love you, can’t you see that?”

11. “I’ve done all of this for you. I’ve sacrificed everything for you.”

12. “Please don’t hate me–if you hate me, you’ll have to die like all the rest.”

13. “Look–I’ve made a scrapbook of the two of us!”

14. “You know I don’t like you talking with other people.”

15. “Do you purposely wish to make me upset?”

16. “Only I’m allowed to touch you!”

17. “I warned you not to talk to them again.”

18. “Do you think they’re prettier than I am?”

19. “I would do anything for you.”

20. “You may not realize it right now, but we’re meant to be together. You’ll see.”


Hello stim friends. I recently found some Mobile Phone Lanyard/Wrist Straps for real cheap on Amazon (£3.50, free delivery and are delivered in a couple of days) - they come in a batch of 12 or so, and they’re all different colours (perfect for matching up with your favourite stim toys). 

 I’m showcasing them with my tangles as they’re the only lanyard friendly toys I could think of - but hopefully they showcase what they can do well enough.

 These are super useful for keeping your stim toys close, and preventing accidentally dropping them (something I do often). They also make it easier to attach them to a keychain! Feel free to reblog.

Edit: Upon adding the actual link for where I bought mine - it’s listed as 10 of them - but they actually sent me 12 (I got three orange ones for some reason?) which is even better!

starlighticefire  asked:

The GOM+ Himuro (trying to or actually) baking cookies? Can be headcannons! :3 Things like how they would turn out, and some fluff and holiday cheer mixed in

Holiday head canons!!!!!

•Soft sugar cookies

•His hands are always cold in the winter, we won’t hesitate to show you how cold they are every chance he gets. “Y/N-kun, my hands are cold, look.” *cold hand to your warm cheek*

•cuddles on the couch as the sweets you both plan to give your friends are baking in the oven/cooling down

•favorite movies around Christmas time are stop motion puppet movies like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer or Elf with Will Ferrell

• will want photos of you and Nigou with fake reindeer antlers

•“Chest nuts roasting on an open fire~” Talk about a huge evergreen in his home, the tree will be taller than Murasakibara

•what kind of person would he be if he didn’t have a fireplace in his room

• elegant gifts, he will spoil you

• secretly loves snicker doodles but wont tell you. No the red on his hand isn’t cause he was so excited that he forgot the oven mitt.

• did someone say ugly sweater? He will wear the ugliest sweater and still look good. Honey he needs to stop.

• Chocolate chip cookies, home made thin mints, his moms dessert recipe

• blasts All I Want For Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey AND sings to it even if he strains his voice to hit those high notes. His heart says yes but his vocal cords say no.

• so many Instagram, twitter, and snap chat pictures or videos he will take of you with a caption that says how lucky he is to have you.

•Please help him. His mom has to hide the presents because he will still be a child and try and open them if they are under the tree.

• almost tries the cinnamon challabge since you’re making gingerbread cookies.

•he may or may not have put gumdrop boobs on his •"Daiki!“ “Whaaaaaat, its funny!”

•after 12 batches of cookies made only 2 batches survived his stomachs wrath

• he tried so hard though he won’t admit it to make a batch of cookies so you two could spend time together before you got started.

•he really did

•he was so nervous on how he looked that they burned……and put all the vanilla extract in one batch. The house smelled like the Pillsbury Doughboy was there.

• good thing some places are still open so you can get more ingredients after cleaning up the mess.

•he’ll place small chased kisses on your cheek when he thinks you’ll least expect it even if he’s a blushing mess. His sister will catch him and tease him about it as she sneaks away with a plate of cookies.

•"Y/N-chin I want one now~“ “No Atsushi they’re too hot, you’ll burn yourself.” “But it’ll be worth it.” “Then you won’t be able to taste a lot of sweets if you burn your tongue.”

• every dessert he knows he will want to bake

• he doesn’t like mint candy canes, he likes the fruity flavored ones

• he will make it sharp and end up hurting his tongue and wanting you to kiss it better

• Home Alone marathon! Cuddles and popcorn on a string even though Mukkun will complain that its wasteful


• mistletoe under every doorway just so he can give you kisses

• Santa hats and reindeer antlers are a MUST

• best kitchen partner A++ and not just because of his looks

• Last Christmas by WHAM has to be played at least once

• he caves in and will give you you’re present early because he just can’t hold it in anymore, he will know exactly what to give you.

• Eskimo kisses and cold cheeks as you both play outside in the snow.

Batch Update

August 12 to 19, 2017

  • Hybrid fics (focus on Michael/Gavin, Ryan/Gavin, Michael/Geoff, Geoff/Gavin) (We got two hybrid asks so I combined them
  • Kyle Taylor fics
  • Barbara Fics
  • SPECIFIC: Trevor/Reader, Trevor is late and Reader is worried and Jeremy and Kat comfort Reader, then call from hospital
  • RWBY fics with faunus being mistreated
  • SPECFIC: Gavin centered, him and Jack on a plane thats crashing with only one parachute, Gavin gives it to Jack and kicks him out of the plane
  • Ryan streaming fics

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Vepr vs Saiga

While they look similar from a distance, most gun or AK aficionados can detect the differences. The first two images are of a Vepr 12. Pictures 3 & 4 are of the Vepr 12 and the Saiga 12 IZSL-433A. While the Vepr uses an RPK pattern receiver and handguard, the Saiga uses an AK pattern receiver and handguard.

Other minor differences are that the rails on the dust covers are polymer on the Vepr but metal on the Saiga. The Vepr has an extended portion on its safety/selector lever, which some people hate cause it digs into their hand while shooting. The Saiga 12 IZSL-433A is much harder to find than the Vepr 12 with the welded folding stock. However the first import batch of Vepr 12’s with fixed stocks are difficult to locate as well. Current fixed stock models have a 20" long barrel (might be 22") versus the 18" long barrel on the first imports. (GRH)