Jason founding out that Damian is Bruce's son.

Jason met Damian for the first time when he was still training under the Al'Ghouls. Of course, back then, he didn’t know Damian was Bruce’s child (not even Damian knew it at the time), he only knew him as Talia’s son, the little prince of the Al'Ghouls. 

He never talked to Damian, he was not allowed to, but he could see him from afar. Something about that little boy always made him uncomfortable, like his face was a reminder of something that he had lost. But at the same time that he hated Damian’s face for being too familiar, he also loved to watch that little kid for the exact same reason. 

It never occurred to him that this feeling was provoked by the resemblance between Damian and his father. Only years latter, when he saw the two of them together for the first time, he understood. 

Jason would never tell Damian that he knew him before he became Robin. He was to ashamed to admit that looking at little Damian was good, because it reminded him of his home and his mentor. Years latter, he realized that he was also sad when he saw Damian, because he would never look so much like Bruce.

What he would never know was that Damian aways envied him, because in his eyes, Jason was the robin that had grown up to be the most similar to Bruce, even though he was not his biological son. 

Pressure - Bruce Wayne

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A/n: my great grandma is in the hospital, shes on her last breath, so sorry if im not on as much

Request: Can I request: The reader attends a gala or something which unknowingly Bruce planned to proposed to them w/ an audience. The pressure kills the reader & in the end rejects him, telling him that their leaving. (Bonus: reader is secretly pregnant)- @giraaffee

Warnings: none

Word Count: 836

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You had always accompanied Bruce to his monthly Gala’s, today was nothing new. You and bruce had been dating for 4 years now; you could say that you two were serious, you were very,very happy with Bruce . You snapped out of your thoughts when you heard a voice, instantly recognizing it as Bruce’s “Y/n are you ready?” he asked, “Ya one sec,” you replied as you checked yourself in the mirror one last time before exiting the bathroom. “You look absolutely stunning,” Bruce said taking in the view of you. “Thank you, you look very handsome as well.”

As you and Bruce sat in the limo, you began to converse about anything that was going on in your lives. You had enjoyed talks like these. You soon made it to the Gala and Bruce got out first, offering his hand to help you out, you took it kindly and both of you had made your way to the entrance. As you made your way there, camera flashed trying to get a good picture of you and Bruce. Even though you and Bruce had been dating for a long time, the media still focused on you two, despite other breaking news like the ice caps melting in Antarctica due to global warming. But you still put on a smile and made your way inside.

You felt as if this was the longest Gala you have ever been to, usually you like going out, just not today; you don’t know why but you didn’t feel like doing much, you were hoping you could just spend a quiet night at home. Regardless, you grabbed a drink from the bar and made your rounds with Bruce, conversing with some of his colleagues. Soon you felt a tap on your shoulder you turn around, only to be dragged by Bruce to the center of the floor, he started kneeling down and you knew what was about to happen, and you weren’t ready for it. “Y/F/N, I knew I had fallen in love with you, the first time I laid eyes on you, you are truly the most amazing thing that has ever came into my life. Will you marry me?” You didn’t know what to say, you weren’t ready for this, plus you’re in front of a huge crowd, you weren’t so good with too much attention. “Bruce I-I cant, i’m sorry.” You pushed your way out of the large group of people and called a cab. You knew that this would be everywhere by tomorrow, and right now, you didn’t care, you just had to get a hotel room and find out what you’re gonna do. You got in the cab and left before Bruce got a chance to leave the Gala.

You found a hotel not far from the place you had just been, you get a room and right when you get in you take your shoes off and flop on the bed. You started thinking about how bruce felt and how you were gonna get your stuff; ‘I mean I could just ask Alfred or Dick, i’m sure they won’t mind….right? Ugh who am i kidding i rejected him, they probably all hate me right now’ you thought to yourself. You groaned into the pillow and closed your eyes, soon enough you drifted to sleep.

You woke up to loud banging on your door, “Ok ok ok i’m coming, geez” you opened the door to find Jason standing there with the newspaper in his hand. “Oh no,” you groaned as you let your head hit the door. “What happened.” You invite him in and you explained last night’s events. “You know if I was in Bruce’s place i’d be devastated.” You just let your head fall down into your lap, “ I just don’t know what to do.” Jason rubbed your back soothingly and told you, “Maybe you need to talk to him, he hasn’t left the cave since last night, not even for food. I really think you should at least give him a call.” He got up and made his way toward the door, “And if you still don’t want to marry him, give me a call and I can get all of your stuff for you.” he winked and closed the door. You laid back down on the bed and reached for your phone, you took a deep breath before calling him. It rang 2 or 3 times before he picked up. “Y/n? Where are you?” his voice sounding like he hasn’t talked in days. “I’m at a hotel, i’m so sorry about what happened last night, i was under a lot of pressure and i just-” he cut you off before you could finish, “it’s ok, I knew i shouldn’t have put you in the spot, i just need you back here, please” his voice cracking when he finished his sentence. “Ok, pick me up i’m at the Hilton.” you could feel him smiling, “i’ll be right there.”

The Kind You Eat

Prompt: Could you write a story where Jason and his S/O live together but the S/O hasn’t met the batfamily (they don’t know about the S/O) and one day the batboys come over to discuss something with Jason but he’s asleep and the S/O is up and Jason wakes up to all of them talking and having fun by anon

Y/N was sitting on the couch, quietly reading a book, when the door opened and three dark haired boys of various heights, ages, and nationalities walked in. They paused when they saw her.

“Can I help you?” She asked, unsure as to their intent.

“We are, um, looking for Jason? Jason Todd?” the tallest of the trio answered, equally has uncertain.

“Do you mind if I ask you why you need him?” Y/N asked, putting her book down and standing up.

“Do you mind if we ask what you are doing in his apartment?” The smallest of the group shot back.

“It is my apartment and Jason is my boyfriend. Now, if that clears everything up, I think you three should go now.” Y/N said looking at each of them in turn.

“Wait! I apologize for Damian. He is still learning how to talk to people. I am Tim and that’s Dick. We just needed to talk with Jason about something.” the middle one said politely.

“Jason is asleep right now, but you guys are welcome to stick around if you like. If you can keep your rude comments to a minimum that is.” Y/N said, casting a side eye at Damian as she made her way to the kitchen. She took out her ingredients and started working. The boys slowly gravitated to where she was.

“What are you making?” Dick asked as he sat on the counter.

“Dinner.” Y/N replied with a slight smile

“What kind of dinner?” Tim asked

“The kind you eat.” Y/N said, chopping an onion. “I hate chopping onions. They always make me tear up.”

“They say that lighting a candle helps. Or holding bread in your mouth.” Tim said, looking around for either of those objects.

“I’m almost done now so there is no point.” Y/N said as she dropped the onion into a pot.

“So how long have you and Jason been together?” Dick asked

“About a year now. We moved in together about four months ago.” Y/N said as she stirred the food.

“He never told us about you.” Damian said as he eyed her warily.

“Well, he never told me about you.” Y/N answered lightly.

The smell of cooking food woke Jason up. He got out of bed and made his way into the kitchen to find Y/N and his brothers all talking while she made food. He stood in the doorway a minute, unsure of exactly why his brothers were there and why his girlfriend had invited them in. Damian was the first to notice him. “Todd, this woman says she is your girlfriend, is that true?”

“Well technically, hell spawn, she is my fiance, but yeah she is my girlfriend.” Jason answered with a yawn.

“FIANCE?” Dick shrieked. Y/N jumped and dropped her spoon on the floor. “SHE DIDN’T SAY ANYTHING ABOUT YOU TWO BEING ENGAGED.”

“Well, it just happened last night. I kinda am not used to it yet.” Y/N admitted as she got a new spoon.

“Well, not only has Jay managed to date someone for a year and not tell us, but he also got engaged without telling us.” Tim said, not at all surprised at this turn of events.

“In my defense, I told Alfred. I just told him not to tell you guys or Bruce.” Jason said with a slight shrug.

“Seems fair enough to me.” Tim said “We actually really had something that we needed to talk with you about. Really important stuff.”

“Fine.” Jason sighed. “I’ll be back later, babe.” He kissed Y/N on the cheek and left with the boys.

Y/N watched them exit before looking back at the pot of food she was making. “Well, now what am I going to do with all this?”

Dating Damian Wayne

I love Damian Wayne and personally enjoyed writing this. Thanks for requesting this @zatannazatarayj and I hope you enjoy. 


  • When you guys met, he didn’t like you.
  • Like at all
  • Personally, you weren’t a fan of him either.
  • You thought he was too stuck up for his own good.
  • He had every right to be, with him being the son of Bruce Wayne and all.
  • But it was your job to take him down a peg or two.
  • Or in this case bring him down from his high mansion in the sky.
  • “Hey Damian do you want to play Speed with me?”
  • “Why would I want to play some mediocre game with an insufferable human being such as yourself?”
  • “Says the guy who just doesn’t want to get his ass kicked in a kids game.”
  • “Deal the deck Y/L/N”
  • It was a tie between you too.
  • After a while, he began to sort of like you. Over time it became much more.
  • He liked how you always challenged him and make him feel some sort of way.
  • You began to have the same feelings for him as well.
  • Later on he asked you out.
  • But since THE GREAT DAMIAN WAYNE WAS NERVOUS, he did it in the weirdest way possible.
  • “Y/L/N, as we have known each other for quite some time now, I have noticed that we have created mutual bond within our unlikely relationship. Therefore, I think that we should participate in watching a film at the local theatre. Please say that you will accompany me.”
  • “Are…Are you asking me to go to the movies with you or writing the Declaration of Independence?”
  • “Movies.”
  • “Oh then sure.”
  • The rest is history.
  • He loves buying you gifts.
  • Mostly the expensive kind.
  • A laptop here, an iPhone there…
  • Hell he even bought you a new wardrobe.
  • You finally had to tell him to stop and say that some flowers were fine.
  • Since he didn’t have a real childhood, you like to just baby him sometimes.
  • One, because you love how he would react and Two, because he deserves to be a kid every once in awhile.
  • “Did you rent out a bouncy house for an hour Y/N?”
  • “No…I’m not stupid. I rented it for a whole day.”
  • “You are insane if you think I would enjoy playing in some child contraption.”
  • “You are insane if you think I can’t make you come in here.”
  • Long story short, you guys jumped in that bouncy house that whole day.
  • He would always draw you when you feel insecure.
  • When you hate a certain part of your body, we would just focus on that part of you.
  • And ends up hanging them in your room.
  • “Damian, why are you drawing me so much?”
  • “Because I hate when you feel so insecure about yourself when I adore everything about you, my Beloved.”
  • Him being your cocky, sophisticated boyfriend.
  • You being the only one that can keep him in check. 

Can you do an imagine where one of the boys,(whoever you want) finds like a secret stash of pictures or like a photo album dedicated to the accomplishments of them as their superhero identity? Does this make sense? 

@batman-robin I hope this is what you meant by your request. I did it based on my Jay-Bear and  I tried really hard on this at 12:16 in the morning. I hope you like it!! 


“Hey Y/N. Have you seen my black boots anywhere?”

You were too busy in the shower to actually look for his boots for him so you went ahead and yelled back at him. “They’re under the bed Jason.”

“I already looked under the bed hun.” he replied, looking under the bed again.

“Well maybe you didn’t look hard enough…” you mumbled under your breath.

“What was that sweet cheeks?”

“Uhh…I said I’ll be out in a minute to help you look for them.”

“Yea. That’s what I thought you said.”

You rolled your eyes as you rinsed the rest of the soap off of your body. You and Jason have been dating for over a year now and you guys have been living together for over 3 months. It’s been pretty good, considering the fact that Jason has been working night shifts from his job. You never noticed how many times he gets hurts on his job, with the amount of times he comes home bruised and bloody. You are concerned. Hell, you were just flat out worried. You don’t say anything though.If he’s happy, then you are happy. Besides, you have your own little hobby after he leaves for work.

You grab your (f/c) towel and wrap it around you. You then walk into the bedroom to help Jason look for his shoes. “Alright Jason. Last time I saw them, they were under the bed. So unless they got up and walked themselves straight out of that door, they have to be under the bed.”

Jason didn’t say anything to you when you walked in. You thought it was strange because Jason is NEVER quiet. EVER.

“Jason? Are you alright?”

That is when you saw it. Your little “hobby” that you have worked hard on for almost a year. It was your box. And inside that box, there were photos. Not just any photos. Photos of the vigilante himself, Red Hood. Every night, you would go out and look for the Red Hood. where ever he was, just to snap a photo of him. Whether it was fighting a bad guy or protecting a citizen, you were there with your camera getting every heroic deed. And now your boyfriend has found your little secret.

He looked at you with questioning eyes and all you could do was shrug. “You mind explaining these?”

You walked over your drawer and pulled out some underwear. “Where should I begin?”

“The beginning would be fine.”

You sighed as you looked for your favorite pair of underwear. “I’ve been taking pictures of the Red Hood.”

“For how long?”

“A little over a year.” You found your underwear and pajamas and motioned with your finger to tell Jason to turn around. When he did, you proceeded dressing. “It was a little bit before we were dating.”

“I can see that.” He sat on the bed and looked at some more photos. When you were done dressing, you came to sit next to him and looked at the picture he was looking at.

“This one was one of my favorites.” You said, grabbing the picture from him. “He was saving a little girl from a burning building on this date. I think it was April 23rd.”

“Do you have a crush on the Red Hood or something?” he asked, getting tense.

You looked at him questioningly. “It’s not like I have a crush on him. I admire him. He does a lot of good for the city.”

“But you know he is a bad guy right?” he said, “He killed a lot of people, ruled over crime bosses. Hell, even almost killed Batman. How could you admire him.”

You shrugged again. “Yeah well, I only get the good shots of him. He still does good deeds. He’s like Batman, but not in way. Batman puts fear into his enemies but Red Hood does things that Batman won’t do. He also does some heroic stuff of his own, Jason. Sure he’s done a lot of wrong but…” You took another picture out of the box and showed it to Jason. It was a picture of him hugging the little girl. “…he does a lot of good for the city too. I admire him Jason. I really do. I hope one day I could meet hi-.”

Jason interrupted you with a kiss. It wasn’t his usual kiss that he gave you. This one was like a sigh of relief kind of kiss. You didn’t know why he would feel that way but you gladly took the kiss anyway and holding him tight.

“You know I think you are crazy right?” he replied after the kiss.

“You’re the crazy one if it gets you hot and bothered from me talking about another man.” you replied. You got up from the bed and headed towards the living room. “I’m gonna order a pizza for dinner and put Netflix on. That cool?”

He smirked. “Sounds like a perfect Netflix and Chill night.”

“Say that again and you won’t get any “chill” tonight.” you said, smacking your ass as you walked away towards the living room.

He looked at all the photos again as he put them all back into the box. He would tell you that he was Red Hood eventually, but right now he just wants you to be able to live a normal life. Though hearing you say all that stuff about him and how you admire him, makes him feel a little more better about himself.

“Damn I’m so photogenic. I beat Dick by a mile. Can’t wait to tell him this.” He put the box under the bed and headed towards the living room with you.

The first time Damian had a nightmare in front of Dick they were still getting started as Batman and Robin. Dick didn’t hesitate a moment when he heard his little brother’s distress. He slid into bed next to Damian ignoring Tim’s voice in his head chanting how dangerous Damian was and pulled the boy close to him. Because that’s what Damian was. A little boy terrified in the night, and Dick knew exactly what to do. He sung quietly until Damian fell back into a deep restful sleep.

The first time Jason was around Damian during one of the kid’s nightmares was an odd time for them both. Jason had somehow ended up watching him when they both came down with a cold. Damian had fallen asleep on his couch watching some horror movie Bruce would never allow. Jason had no idea what to do at first when Damian started thrashing on the couch. But then the boy cried out for his mother and Jason’s instincts kicked in as he carefully lifted Damian into his arms whispering soothing words, his arms a tight comfort.

Damian’s first nightmare around Tim was completely different. They’d been out fighting together and it had somehow turned into a mid-patrol argument. Out of the blue Tim took a bullet for Damian. Damian who’d been crowing about being a blood son. Damian whose blood didn’t match Tim’s and had to watch as Bruce found someone else to donate. Damian who crawled up next to his brother because his nightmare was losing the family he’d worked so hard to gain. And when Tim woke up, half aware of himself half on painkillers he knew exactly what to do when he found Damian stubbornly pressed against his side. He wrapped an arm around his brother and whispered the words. “It’s ok”

Bruce hadn’t been back but a few weeks when Damian had a nightmare. Grayson had stopped living with them and Damian was at the Manor. Strange and foreign he’d never admit to jumping at shadows in the night. He stood outside his fathers room for a solid half hour before going in. He had no idea what to expect from the man. He’d known distance so far, the opposite of Grayson’s warmth, but there was no one else. So he climbed into Father’s huge bed and perched at the edge. Happy to be close at least. A minute later Father was getting up and Damian had squished his eyes closed against any anger. Instead strong arms picked him up then they were lying together, Damian pressed against his father’s chest, stiff as a board because Father had never done this before. A hand pressed to his hair and Damian realized that his father had done this before. With each of his children. So Damian let himself relax and curl closer to his father who knew exactly what to do to comfort him.

Batfamily at some point of their lives

-Forget a kid in the school.
“Hey it feels calm today, ‘da fuck where’s Damian?”

-Alfred putting drugs on Tim’s coffe so he could sleep for a while.

-“He’s Jason my broth… my.
butler” -Damian Wayne

-Hugs at midnight from little and scared Damian.

-“Damian what the hell, why did you bring another pet?”

-“I died once and you didn’t average me, so at least you.can…” Jason 24/7.

- Jason would put eyeshadow under his eyes in Halloween and would say “My Tim Drake’s cosplay, where’s my coffee?”

-Make fun of their old costumes.

-Be the smartest kids in the class.

-“Who was first, the chicken or the egg?” Dick Grayson at some point of the night.

-Damian would close all the windows so Jason would use the door, or better, he would not enter.

-Bruce would be proud to call them his sons.

-Besides all the jokes, they will support each others, no matter what.

Dating Tim Drake

Here you go @batman-robin I hope this is to your liking. 

·         Constantly babying him.

·         CONSTANTLY.

·         You have to tell him when to go to bed, feed him, and sometimes when to take a shower.

·         “Tim, baby…when was the last time you took a shower?”

·         “What’s today?”

·         “Go take a shower Tim. You smell like rotten meat.”

·         Sometimes he would listen to you.

·         Most of the time you’re dragging him by his feet away from his computer.

·         There was even a time when you had to call his brothers to help.

·         It was a dark day in that apartment.

·         You end up supporting his caffeine addiction.

·         You know he cannot function properly without at least one cup of coffee.

·         You notice that he needs coffee when he gets up from the bed, goes to the kitchen table, and lays his head on the table with a bang.

·         You hand him his favorite mug filled with his favorite coffee. “Here you go Tim.”

·         He takes it out of your hand and smiles at you. “You’re so good to me Y/N.”

·         “Yea I know.”

·         You stay by his side all the time and never complain.

·         But if he sees your upset over something, he’ll always tries to find a way to make you feel better.

·         If you’re worried about him during a mission he’ll always hold you by the waist and rest his head in between his shoulder blade.

·         “What’s this for Tim?”

·         “I promise I will be careful. I promise I will call you and tell you that I’m fine. When I come back, I promise I will hold you just like I’m doing now. You don’t have to worry.”

·         He kisses you and you smile at him holding him up to that promise.

·         You have a hard time trying to get his attention.

·         If he’s been on his computer for more than six hours, this is where you try to distract him.

·         “Tim do you want to go out to eat?”

·         “Y/N I’m kind of busy right now with this. You can go though.”

·         “So you would let me go alone? By myself? In the streets of Gotham?”

·         He thought about it for a second. “Maybe order a pizza.”

·         You go over to him and wrap your arms around his neck. “How we go out for pizza, come back here and watch a movie, and then go to bed.”

·         “But Y/N I have to get this report done. Bruce will kill me if I don’t have finish this.

·         You start kissing him on the neck and you can feel him squirm.

·         He sighs. “Well…I’m sure that an hour break won’t hurt.”

·         Him being your dorky little hard worker.

·         You being the one person that can keep him together.

(As promised! Tim and Damian wearing Christmas sweaters. I don’t know why, but it is so hard for me to draw Tim and I don’t know why! He just never looks right to me… anyway, I might draw more members of the batfamily in Christmas attire if I have time. I finally got my computer yesterday so I will be back to answering asks soon!! -Adaminaart)

Batboys on Christmas: Expectations vs Reality.


-All the boys on time for Dinner.

-Fancy dinner and small talks.

-Expensive presents.

- Waiting ‘til 12 so they can open the presents.

- “Dear Santa, I wanted to ask you if you…”

- All Batfam reunited on the Manor for Christmas.

- Damian acting like a kid only for that day.

- Alfred cooking lots of food cuz it’s Christmas.

- “You’re the most incredible boys I’ve ever met, I’m so proud to call you my sons.” Bruce Wayne being such a good father.

-Feeling blessed for their family.


- Jason probably arrives on January 1st.

- “Fuck, gimme the fucking pepper” Jason Todd 2016.

- “I found this in the garbage yesterday, merry Christmas, Tim” Damian Wayne such a smol bean.


- “Hey, Old Man. I want a new jacket, and a new motorcycle.
-lots of love, me”

- Damian being confused on the fact of a fat guy in red will appear in the middle of the night to bring presents.

- Alfred cooking lots of food cuz he want and he can.

-Snowball fights.

- Bruce admiring his sons proudly in silence.

- Feeling so blessed for such a perfectly imperfect family.