The Pierces - We Are Stars (Acoustic Version) ~ as  heard in 1x15 Any Means Possible: Final Scene


Ben Howard Black Flies (Episode Two - Proceed With Caution)

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Songs of 1x13 ~ Trust No One

Fragile Love ~ Rainy Days + Sleepless Nights ~ Adam Agin Buy

No Time to Waste ~ No Time to Waste ~ Political Rivals Buy

Underwater ~ Underwater ~ Joshua Radin Buy

Come and Get Me ~ Dotty ~ Leah Lou and 2 Left Shoes

Happy Song You ~ Take the Mood and I’ll take the Weather ~  Daniel and The Scandals Get it for free

Locked Out of Heaven ~ Unorthodox Jukebox ~ Bruno Mars Buy

You Love, You Love ~ Fail for You - EP ~ Luke Sital-Singh Buy

Time, Take Your Time  ~ Liz Longley

Brand New Memory ~ The Excitement of Maybe ~ Exene Cervenka Buy

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↳ In A State UNKLE (Episode 5 - Saturn Returns)

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Unstoppable (We Got That Feelin’) - Lexi Strate (Official Lyric Video)