‘it is a little bit scary to think about what could happen next year, but also if i look back at this last year it’s really exciting because so much has happened in this last year. i’ve doubled my subscribers, i’ve written this book, i’ve come out the closet…i’ve done a million things i never thought I would do.’

  • 5sos:pranks hey violet by putting cookies on their instruments
  • hey violet:pranks 5sos by 1. put cups full of water on the floor of their dressing room and 2. they fill 5sos dressing room with hella lots of balloons. all in the same night
  • me:5sos step your game up wtf

so after what happened the last couple of weeks aka 

- Taylor hanging out with louis, media calling Haylor “rumoured to have dated”

- Caroline calling Haroline “nothing serious”

- Kendall stating that her and Harry “never dated”

why do people think that Harry following Paige on Instagram means that they are “getting back together” or that they were ever dating?

it’s just chapter 4 on Harry cleaning out his closet guys, relax and enjoy the process :)


here it is guys! the sequal to my sort of popular post (which occasionally gets spurts of notes for god knows why,,) its been arnd 11 months since i made that post so heres an updated version to compare

as u can see ive DEFINATELY improved my makeup like holy shit yes thank the lord. nothing else to say rlly except for sorry abt jades lack of regular cosplay - i did an alternate version and used my own glasses and thats the most recent pic sO!