someone: hey what’s up

my brain: louis used sign language to tell harry not to be sad bc harry couldn’t hit his high note when they couldn’t communicate in public??? louis did that??? on stage?????? pick someone who’s supportive???????????????

me: nothing much :)

Latest polls predict a strong finish for Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders has had victories in 20 states and according to current support from the U.S. people, Bernie is poised to win New Mexico, Montana, North Dakota, and potentially South Dakota and California.

According to latest statistics here are the polls numbers that indicate that Sanders will take California:

Sanders is ahead in three of the remaining seven primaries, and he is closing in on California – a state with 475 delegates at stake. Clinton is ahead in the other three. If Sanders can pull off those three where he is currently polling strongly, and take the Golden State of California, he will win four of the seven final primaries. In California, Bernie has come from far behind to be in a “virtual dead-heat” with Clinton – 46 % to Sanders’ 44 %.

Montana is giving a 21 % lead to Sanders over Clinton. North Dakota is delivering the same good news to Sanders – a 21 % lead. South Dakota is a close race but still gives Sanders a three-and-a-half percent lead. New Mexico could be a fifth win for Sanders.