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Hi! Sorry about the huge message, it's about your tattoo post, but it didn't fit in the answer box. Anyway: personally, I really liked the first one, but it all depends of what you are looking for. The first one is more legible. Maybe it's easier to decide with your tattoo artist. You can ask him/her for more suggestions and, when he/she draw it in you, you can really see how it's gonna look like in your skin, and then you can be sure about the font.

I might do that, thanks!!

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1. What is your ideal job? who wouldn’t want to be an actress? or a talk show host. yaaaa. 
2. If you get a tattoo, where and what would it be? i have one, behind my ear, feather.
3. If you write a book, what title would you give it? i’m literally the worst at giving things titles so i’d probably get someone else to name it. 
4. What is your favorite month of the year? that’s tough! im gonna say july cause my birthday + summer + fun. 
5. If I had to live in the past, what year would you choose to live? hmmm, probably in like the 20s. the glamourous 20s. 
6. What language / languages ​​do you speak? english, french and a wee bit of spanish. 
7. What is your favorite color? purple
8. Character do you hate the most? lana lang. bitch still haunts me.
9. What is your favorite book? that’s like picking a favourite child!
10. If you could have a character as best friend…eva zambrano. random, and there are a bajillion other ones too but i reeeeally like her. 
11. Do you have any pets? my dad has a cat. i used to have dogs. and hamsters. fish and a rabbit. 
12. If you were going on a date tonight, where would you go? i’m the worst at making decisions so i never decide where to go.