batb: s02e03

S02 E03: Broken Dolls

This is the compilation of all Olicity fics written in response to S02E03 of Arrow. The list do not include speculation stories of future episodes or plot development, just post-episode reactions and missing scenes. Keep this in mind when you sent a suggestion to add to this list. 


Here for You by hope27 [T - part of a collection]

After the Dollmaker experience, Felicity doesn’t want to go home.

Chapter 6-2x03 by anthfan [T - part of a collection]

After Felicity gets hurt. Just a little follow up that needed to happen.

A Choice Made by hope27 [T - part of a collection]

This is an Oliver POV to anthfan’s 2x03 drabble.

The Pitfalls of Bravery by chasethewind [G - 1471]

My take on what should have happened in 2x03 after Oliver saves Felicity from Mathis.

The Mess We’ve Made by SmoakScreen [G - 1250]

After her run in with Mathis, Felicity gets a visitor.

Easily Undone by normalisjustafairytale [NR - 838]

A nice, UST happy, fun lil fluffy post 2x03 ficlet.


If you know or wrote a fic related to S02E03 and it’s not here, please send it to us so we can add here.

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