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Beauty and the Beast | The Most Dangerous Beast Clip | The CW  

“Now it’s no wonder that her name means beauty...”

Some Belle (Disney’s Beauty and the Beast) icons for you all!! :D

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Enjoy!!!! ^^

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Beauty and the Beast | The Most Dangerous Beast Clip | The CW

Disney Challenge [7/30] Favorite Castle» The Beast’s Enchanted Castle

It was this, Cinderella’s castle, or Snow White’s. I love how theirs both glow and look otherworldly, but the Beast’s is enormous and is surrounded by a gorgeous forest. I like all three basically the same but I decided to go with this.

anonymous asked:

Sadly that was not the beauty and the beast one, I'll read that one too tho. The one I was looking for Cas was turned into a beast then years later Dean finds him, it's based in like old, mid evil times too. If that helps any.

Aww, sorry, that’s the only BatB au that I know for Destiel. :(