Soon …

When work eases back a bit my Euro spec 911 is going to give me a much needed therapy session. The loud kind.

Of all the 911′s and Porsches I’ve been lucky to have this one, although i honestly don’t like the color much, is my favorite. Thats because its very fast and light ( its been known to scare me), but also because its a true German market car that was not built for export. It was built for bullying its way along the Autobahn came form the factory with a high compression 3.0 mated to 915 with LSD, and a funky tweed cloth ‘sports’ interior. It rides low and has never ever let me down. Soon it will have some much needed TLC then I am going to take it on a very long trip somewhere.

Feb 25th, 2017

I’m writing for yesterday right now. Yesterday, I got both my walks in (1hr) and my squats and sit ups. I didn’t get to eat breakfast, but at work I had half a bagel and maybe 4-5 potato wedges. Wasn’t feeling very well. Later that night, at home, I had a tuna sandwich on rye bread and a jello. I weighed myself again today and was actually 127.0 on the dot. That’s with clothes on. A little better than the last one. I woke up with a flat-ish tummy today. I really missed it. 

Carmelita Spats is alive and well. I have full custody over her and she is doing great in her princess-zookeeper-austronaut-pirate-mermaid themed bedroom, and her archery-ballet-kickbox-soccer-yoga play room.

Any highly desired questions will be answered after she has had her dinner, which will be french curly fries with ketchup, chicken nuggets, a cheer up burger, a strawberry milkshake and cotton candy. As dessert she will be having bubblegum flavored ice cream.

Today is a fucking rag; 9 patients and I was all alone. Extra walk ins, the door sensor is broke so it won’t stop fucking ringing, everyone and their stupid poor ass families are here blowing their income taxes on trash because they’re fucking idiots.
I really hate everything and everyone today.

Can someone send me booty nudes or something please? Or cute selfies? Halp. ;-;