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Now I know she’ll never leave me, even as she runs away. She will still torment me, calm me, hurt me, move me, come what may. 

Wasting in my lonely tower. Waiting by an open door. I’ll fool myself she’ll walk right in, and be with me for evermore.

belle x adam modern au 1/?

One of my favorite little changes they made to the new beauty and the beast was when the beast realizes that belle has come back. First off, I love how belle grabs the arrows from gaston and breaks them over her knee, “where is he?!” like girl…I love you so much, and then she wrestles with the gun gaston has! That was so great to see because you see how desperate belle is to protect the beast because she knows the type of man gaston is and what he can do. 

So at this point the beast is jumping from turret to turret on the castle because he’s trying to get his footing, but everything is falling apart where he lands. That’s when it happens. Belle, who runs to an opening on one of the turrets, looks out and see’s the beast almost fall and she screams “No!” and the beast stops, whispers “belle?” and looks over and there she is. She’s wearing her white under garments and against the darkness, she sticks out, the light of hope and love that the beast thought he had lost. 

He then jumps up to another turret and it’s this shot that I adore

“Belle!” he screams and it shoots back to her face and she looks so relived that he’s ok, “You came back!” and EVERY TIME I see this movie (i’ve seen it like…5 times…maybe more) I get goosebumps at that line. The way that Dan delivers his performance as the beast is fantastic. Belle then screams that she tried to stop the villagers from coming, but the beast is all focused on belle. “Stay there! I’m coming!” and he has this focus on belle, he’s completely forgotten about gaston, he just needs to get to belle, to see belle, to be with her again. 

Fast forward a bit and the beast has this great line when he’s holding gaston over the edge, “I am NOT a beast” and then it quickly shoots to belle who gets this watery smile on her face, and the beast yells to gaston to leave. And the beast is getting ready to jump over to belle and she’s all panicked, “no! it’s too far!” so worried about him, and he does make the jump, pulling himself up and then they stare at one another and it’s a moment of peace because finally they are back together. 

BAM. Gaston shoots the beast and belle quickly runs over to him and is trying so hard to get him out of harms way but he’s too heavy and he’s too hurt to move on his own, and she’s so desperate. Calling for gaston to stop, trying to pull the beast, “come on!” she says at one point (caught this on my 3rd viewing, she sounds so scared and desperate as she tries to get him to safety) and then gaston shoots the beast AGAIN and he tumbles out of belle’s arms and she runs to him. 

Yes, the end exchange between them is quick. But, for me, that makes sense. The beast has been shot 3 times in the back and had been hit multiple times. It would make sense that he is dying faster in this version. That was something that always bothered me in the animated version (which i love and adore mind you) because…he gets stabbed in the side. And maybe he gets hit in a vital organ, I don’t know. But he gets stabbed with this little knife (after an arrow to the leg and being hit a few times) and just dies on the spot. It’s an animated movie of course, so things will differ because of our suspension of disbelief. 

Am I saying one is better then the other? No, because I love both movies. I love them for all their similarities and their smaller differences. Some tweaks I like more in the live action movie, and some things I like more in the animated. But for me, both these movies are pure magic. 

A thousand kisses

(a little bit inspired by this super cute fanart )

The low chattering and quiet laughters filled the air, the atmosphere of the tavern warm and welcoming after a long day spent in the woods. Gaston sat at the bar with a nice tankard of fresh beer in hand, his eyes fixed on the other side of the room.

He knew he was staring, and he knew he probably had his bellicose impulses written all over his face, but he couldn’t help himself.

He took another long gulp and finished his ale, slamming the empty mug on the table. In the joyous space nobody seemed to notice his mood’s shift, and that annoyed Gaston even more.

Even worse, was that the only person he wanted to notice was currently humming a tune surrounded by a little merry crowd, too far away for Gaston’s  liking. If looks could kill, then that little boy Stanley who was plastering himself all over Lefou would be already lying still on the floor. Together with Lefou of course, who was doing absolutely nothing to avoid the attentions.

The problem here was that Lefou looked simply too gorgeous for his own good. Curls soft and loose, cheeks flushed with an endearing shade of pink, red silken ribbon, blue waistcoat and that loose white shirt with lots of frills that Gaston knew was his friend’s favourite. Stanley wasn’t completely to blame after all, Gaston pondered, resting his head on one hand.

How dare Lefou go out looking so deliciously good?! Wasn’t he aware of the effect he had on people? The effect he had on Gaston himself?! Aye, there’s the rub, he thought bitterly.

Lefou wasn’t aware. Lefou didn’t have the faintest clue of the fire he could ignite in Gaston’s mind and body  with not as much as a look, or a smile, or a move. Gaston longed for him.

Sometimes he just wanted to take his friend there and then and make sure he’d learn a lesson or two about provoking him. He would make clear to whom he belonged.

Gaston longed.

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Love And Art- Part Five

Titled: Love And Art- Part Five 

Pairing: Gaston x reader

Word Count: 3,469 

A/N: Part Five, folks! This is considered the ending. Oh well. Here are the links to the previous parts: 

Warnings: major character death(s), ANGST, Gaston/Luke Evans feels, fluff, etc. 

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Odette carefully slipped back into the darkness of the shadows and took her time returning inside the house, into her humble retreat. She couldn’t achieve sleep as fast as she hoped for, especially not after the events that she happened to witness with her own eyes. She couldn’t shut her eyes without picturing images of her own mother kick her sister Y/N’s body, sending her down the stairs belonging to the basement. It sickened Odette as it should, but all the same Odette still remained Y/N twin sister and a part of her could not help but feel her pain when she did. With that thought in mind, Odette promised herself to do something, anything really she could for you.

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  • Saw BATB for the 2nd time & adorableness happened.
  • Belle: “Of course I came back, & I’m never leaving you again.”
  • Beast: “I’m afraid it’s my turn to leave now.”
  • Me: -sobbing;
  • Lil girl (a few seats away): Mommy, I don’t want the Beast to die!
  • Me: -sobs more;
  • -Beast “dies”;
  • Me: -internally; YEAH BRING HIM BACK!!
  • -everyone comes back to life;
  • Lil girl: -sniffles; That scared me Mommy; thank goodness!
Stanfou Modern Christmas (in July) Headcanons

 I am literally always 75% Holiday Cheer at any given time of the year so here we are I guess. Special thanks to @ginnyweatherby for helping me brainstorm these ideas and putting me in such a Christmas Mood.

- Stanley’s family was super into Christmas when he was growing up. It helped that his whole family was creative and loved decorating and so they always had a house right out of a magazine. 

-He was a little spoiled as a child when it was just him but definitely after the triplets came he didn’t quite as extravagant gifts.

- Lefou, on the other hand, was raised Jewish and celebrated Hanukkah with his family. 

- That being said, he totally had a certain love for Christmas movies and song. He definitely likes the really strange ones like Pee-Wee’s Christmas Special  and the song “Dominick the Italian Christmas Donkey”

- He was also pro-Jim Carrey How the Grinch Stole Christmas and Stanley is SHOOK because his sister hate that movie (at least 2/3 of them don’t care, one has a guilty pleasure for it even though she Mystery Science Theatre-ed the hell out of it when Stanley watched it with them last)

- Lefou has a think for home decor with snowmen on it?? For no reason other than he thinks they’re cute?

- Stanley definitely puts mistletoe everywhere and thinks he is Sly. He is not.

- They have two trees in their house - the true aesthetic tree Stanley puts with only gold and silver decorations and then the tree covered in Star Wars and Harry Potter ornaments from Hallmark.

- Leading up to Christmas, Stanley usually wants to go big with all the holiday plans. He wants to go ice-skating, and make gingerbread houses, and go to a Christmas market, and watch a holiday movie every night, and snowball fights But they only usually get about half of what he wants to do done. 

- Lefou also makes a mixtape of the best holiday songs for Stan every year as a gift because if he’s got one talent, it making mixtapes.

- Stanley isn’t a big fan of the snow but Lefou loves it so much he is like a child it gets cold enough and wants to go out and enjoy it.

- But there is plenty to be said of laying in bed, snuggling Stanley as they watch the snow fall from their window.

- Stan is an expert in making hot chocolate - he makes the homemake version and literally its all his sisters ask for when they come over in the winter.

- Tom hosts an ugly Christmas Sweater themed party every year and so they always make a big deal of finding the PERFECT sweater and are always destroyed when they don’t win any of the categories Tom has set up. 

- One year, they had a million things planned for the holidays and it was a year when Hanukkah fell on Christmas Day as well and so they had to balance time between going to Stan’s family place and Lefou’s grandmother’s, but both of them end up sick and can’t do either of their plans.

- So they just end up having a very lowkey Christmas, sleeping in super late before spending the day on the couch watching movies on TV before ordering Chinese food for dinner. And even Stanley, who loves to over plan the holidays, thinks its a pretty good day.

Merely A Muse - Negan Imagine

Pairing: Negan x Reader

Prompt: Negan messes with the wrong group, and moreso with the wrong girl

Word Count: 1848

Fandom: The Walking Dead

Warnings: death



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“They’re here, ma'am.” Nixon said. Nixon was your right hand man who helped you lead your group, you two had been together since the beginning of the outbreak, and he’d been helping you ever since. You led a small group from the beginning, once consisting of you, your brother Gunner, his wife Heather, and Nixon, and soon enough the four of you branded into a large community.

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