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Now I know she’ll never leave me, even as she runs away. She will still torment me, calm me, hurt me, move me, come what may. 

Wasting in my lonely tower. Waiting by an open door. I’ll fool myself she’ll walk right in, and be with me for evermore.

belle x adam modern au 1/?

One of my favorite little changes they made to the new beauty and the beast was when the beast realizes that belle has come back. First off, I love how belle grabs the arrows from gaston and breaks them over her knee, “where is he?!” like girl…I love you so much, and then she wrestles with the gun gaston has! That was so great to see because you see how desperate belle is to protect the beast because she knows the type of man gaston is and what he can do. 

So at this point the beast is jumping from turret to turret on the castle because he’s trying to get his footing, but everything is falling apart where he lands. That’s when it happens. Belle, who runs to an opening on one of the turrets, looks out and see’s the beast almost fall and she screams “No!” and the beast stops, whispers “belle?” and looks over and there she is. She’s wearing her white under garments and against the darkness, she sticks out, the light of hope and love that the beast thought he had lost. 

He then jumps up to another turret and it’s this shot that I adore

“Belle!” he screams and it shoots back to her face and she looks so relived that he’s ok, “You came back!” and EVERY TIME I see this movie (i’ve seen it like…5 times…maybe more) I get goosebumps at that line. The way that Dan delivers his performance as the beast is fantastic. Belle then screams that she tried to stop the villagers from coming, but the beast is all focused on belle. “Stay there! I’m coming!” and he has this focus on belle, he’s completely forgotten about gaston, he just needs to get to belle, to see belle, to be with her again. 

Fast forward a bit and the beast has this great line when he’s holding gaston over the edge, “I am NOT a beast” and then it quickly shoots to belle who gets this watery smile on her face, and the beast yells to gaston to leave. And the beast is getting ready to jump over to belle and she’s all panicked, “no! it’s too far!” so worried about him, and he does make the jump, pulling himself up and then they stare at one another and it’s a moment of peace because finally they are back together. 

BAM. Gaston shoots the beast and belle quickly runs over to him and is trying so hard to get him out of harms way but he’s too heavy and he’s too hurt to move on his own, and she’s so desperate. Calling for gaston to stop, trying to pull the beast, “come on!” she says at one point (caught this on my 3rd viewing, she sounds so scared and desperate as she tries to get him to safety) and then gaston shoots the beast AGAIN and he tumbles out of belle’s arms and she runs to him. 

Yes, the end exchange between them is quick. But, for me, that makes sense. The beast has been shot 3 times in the back and had been hit multiple times. It would make sense that he is dying faster in this version. That was something that always bothered me in the animated version (which i love and adore mind you) because…he gets stabbed in the side. And maybe he gets hit in a vital organ, I don’t know. But he gets stabbed with this little knife (after an arrow to the leg and being hit a few times) and just dies on the spot. It’s an animated movie of course, so things will differ because of our suspension of disbelief. 

Am I saying one is better then the other? No, because I love both movies. I love them for all their similarities and their smaller differences. Some tweaks I like more in the live action movie, and some things I like more in the animated. But for me, both these movies are pure magic. 

  • Saw BATB for the 2nd time & adorableness happened.
  • Belle: “Of course I came back, & I’m never leaving you again.”
  • Beast: “I’m afraid it’s my turn to leave now.”
  • Me: -sobbing;
  • Lil girl (a few seats away): Mommy, I don’t want the Beast to die!
  • Me: -sobs more;
  • -Beast “dies”;
  • Me: -internally; YEAH BRING HIM BACK!!
  • -everyone comes back to life;
  • Lil girl: -sniffles; That scared me Mommy; thank goodness!
Merely A Muse - Negan Imagine

Pairing: Negan x Reader

Prompt: Negan messes with the wrong group, and moreso with the wrong girl

Word Count: 1848

Fandom: The Walking Dead

Warnings: death

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“They’re here, ma'am.” Nixon said. Nixon was your right hand man who helped you lead your group, you two had been together since the beginning of the outbreak, and he’d been helping you ever since. You led a small group from the beginning, once consisting of you, your brother Gunner, his wife Heather, and Nixon, and soon enough the four of you branded into a large community.

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When Should a Franchise be Revived?

So as the common fan of film and television has more then likely noticed by now, reboots, remakes and revisions are everywhere. Pandering towards our collective nostalgia has proven to be far more profitable and less risky then creating a whole new original classic for our mass consumption. The people have voted with their wallets on what they’d like to see, and now EVERYBODY is doing it. Cartoon Network rebooted Powerpuff Girls and will continue to bring back Ben 10. We’ve seen reboots of Fantastic Four and other superhero properties in recent years thanks to the everlasting boom of Marvel comics popularity. Power Rangers, Smurfs and other nostalgic franchises of old are coming back. Even the animation powerhouses of Disney and Pixar, who can earn a profit simply by slapping their name on a film, have decided it was more worthwhile to continuously remind everyone of how great and ambitious they used to be … . rather then continue to be great and ambitious.

Yeah, as anybody who has read an article I wrote previously about the Beauty and the Beast remake in particular and just knows me in general will have figured out by now that I am HIGHLY opposed to this phenomenon. I think it’s a discouragement of mold changing ideas, it tells our future generation that the great idea they had for a new movie or show will be supported by absolutely no one, and it generally makes our culture come to a grinding halt. It’s especially ironic because these franchises we want to come back so badly are so great in the first place BECAUSE they challenged our sensibilities when they first came out, rather then pandered to them. They redefined what could be expected from our entertainment, they changed the way we look at a medium, they made all encompassing shifts in our culture. Remaking Beauty and the Beast doesn’t shift our culture, or at least it doesn’t shift us forward. It just holds us back. We could have put that same money into creating a new spectacular film that was so jaw droppingly amazing it RIVALED the original Beauty and the Beast in it’s majesty, instead of just trying to live up to it. Now, I have to come clean; I have not seen the new Beauty and the Beast so upon seeing it my mind could VERY much change upon a viewing, but I’m personally really self conscious about putting my hard earned money towards a mentality I greatly oppose, and truthfully at this point I might go in with a bias of “ready to hate it” where I don’t go in expecting a movie, I go in being like “okay . . impress me”, which for any art completely changes your outlook. When I see it, if I see it, I’ll have to take time to change my mindset in the name of being fair. On the other hand the whole movies marketing strategy is “remember the first movie?” so I’ll likely know exactly what to expect.

All of that said, bringing back a franchise is not ALWAYS bad, in fact sometimes I too get incredibly hyped about the news of one returning. There are certain exceptions of the rules, and I’m here to create a distinction between when you SHOULD bring a franchise back, and when you should just leave good enough alone.

1. It should be something that didn’t have a satisfying conclusion

One of my absolute favorite shows growing up was Teen Titans. Action packed, suspenseful, heartwarming, sometimes scary, hilarious and overall dripping with charm, this show was a clever blend of western animation and anime tropes brought together to make a really thrilling colorful ride with the unforgettable main case of Robin, Beast Boy (my favorite as a kid), Cyborg, Raven and the lovely adorable Starfire (who is my new favorite after rewatching this great series). As wonderful as this show was, it has an infamously unsatisfying conclusion. Without giving too much away to people yet to see this show, basically a major character from a previous story arc comes back without remembering who they were, one of our main heroes tries to help them but then has to leave them to continue crimefighting. And that’s it. That’s all we got. No answers to why this character came back, no answers as to what this means for the team, nothing about why their memory is lost. The show just ended without warning. If this show came back and kept telling amazing stories featuring our favorite motley crew of teenage superheroes and had an entire arc about how this character came back, you bet your ass I’d watch it. I WANT ANSWERS DAMMIT. Besides, part of the ingeniousness of the Superhero genre is that it’s so broad and limitless you can tell an infinite amount of stories with it. It just lends itself to being an ongoing franchise. Which leads to my next point.

And before anyone brings it up, yes, I’m aware of Teen Titans Go. I just try my best to forget about it.

2. You have a premise with potential for more stories. 

Coming up with a timeless premise is a difficult task. How do you come up with a plotline that’s timelessly epic or intriguing and is easily accessible to fans from every generation? Well, more often then not the answer is to make your premise as simple as possible, and to play towards themes everybody can relate to. One Piece is a great example, being one of the longest going franchises EVER and being SO successful it beat Spider-Man for the number 3 spot of best selling comic book franchise of all time (and at the rate it’s going it’s not unlikely it will beat Batman and Superman in the next few years). That’s because the premise is very easy to understand: Guy wants to become king of the pirates, to do so he must find the thing everybody is looking for, hijinks ensues and he meets a bunch of new friends along the way. With a premise as broad as this you can go ANYWHERE with it, and as a result this series has some of the most expansive lore out there where even the smallest character has the most intriguing arc. They’re always going to new islands, they’re always finding new bad guys to beat up, they’re always overcoming new bizarre challenges, and because the story essentially ends when our main lead finds his treasure, which could be at anytime, it can be as long as it wants. It also means if it were ever to end randomly without Luffy finding the One Piece it wouldn’t be out of place to just bring it back a few years later.

3. The franchise has potential not fully realized

Originally posted by hibernationday

Now, after the recent success of the new Beauty and the Beast in the box office you’ve probably heard that Disney has a SHIT TON of remakes in the works for the near future. They’re basically remaking everything, regardless of how much sense it makes. Barf. But that said, there are a FEW Disney remake examples I wouldn’t mind seeing tbh. The biggest one for me is Treasure Planet, reason being that it was a passion project by originators of the Disney Renaissance John Musker and Ron Clements, that was held back since it’s inception (thanks Katzenburg) and once it FINALLY got released it essentially bombed in the low point of Disneys popularity at the time. Now it sits alongside it’s brother Atlantis: The Lost Empire as the nostalgic Disney films fans get to at the END of their marathon, if even that. It’s a shame because this really is a neat idea. Treasure Island in space with a steampunk vibe really lends itself towards incredible and imaginative visuals (even if this movie has sort of a weird style of not quite mesh between historical and futuristic). I’d like to see a live action remake of this because the first movie doesn’t get the respect it deserves, especially for being the passion project that it is (poor Musker and Clements) and live action CGI has potential for bringing this premise to life in a way that was limited for it’s time due to this idea being held back for years. Plus I’d like to see this movie fix the problems the old one had (and when I say fix, I mean ACTUALLY MAKE BETTER, not just address knitpicky bullshit like so many people who think they’re smarter then a 90s movie when they actually just demonstrate that they completely miss the point. BEAUTY AND THE BEAST ISN’T ABOUT STOCKHOLM SYNDROME. okay, rant over). I for one would just blend the two styles a little closer together so it looks more like a steampunk mesh and less like .  . . regular pirate ships with rockets taped on. Also, get rid of the robot. Just cut him out entirely.

So yeah, those are the 3 reasons I think would make bringing a franchise back acceptable. If your franchise had an unsatisfying conclusion, has potential for more stories and perhaps was incredibly limited upon it’s initial release, I see no reason not to talk about it again. And if you can hit all 3 of them then man, at that point you have a DUTY to bring it back.

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Now those of you who saw the top picture was probably wondering when the hell I was going to mention the new season of Samurai Jack. Well rest assured, I saw it. And it. Is. AMAZING!!!!!! Seriously, this is some of the most spectacular stuff I have ever seen in an animated series. You are doing yourself a disservice if you are not watching Samurai Jack right now. But incidentally, the franchise itself just so happens to fit all 3 of the criteria I mentioned. The Samurai Jack series DID have an unsatisfying conclusion; we never saw Jack return to the past. The simple yet ingenious premise of Samurai Warrior gets flung into bad past by arch enemy and has to get back to the past to undo the damage done by him lends itself a LOT to endless possibilities for storytelling. It’s beautifully broad and in a futuristic setting, so you can put Jack in any situation you want. A western? go ahead. A fairy tale? Absolutely. Scotland? Why not? An Alice in Wonderland homage? You bet your ass! Sometimes the premises just write themselves. And finally, this new season is the vision of Genndy Tartakovsky fully realized. It’s no longer held back by censorship towards children or a constraint in budget. It has complete permission to go all out. The scenery is more beautiful then ever before, the action is awe inspired, the suspense is intoxicating, the new use of gore is artistic beyond all hell, and it maintains everything great about the old series and improves upon them. THIS IS HOW YOU BRING A SERIES BACK.

Now, compare that to Beauty and the Beast. The original is also an awe inspired risk taking and breathtaking work of art that really challenges the conventions we used to know and love. But the facts are: it had a satisfying conclusion, there were no more stories to tell (despite the efforts of the terrible direct to DVD sequels) and it was it’s own potential fully realized. The remake has nothing to offer but nostalgia for a movie you can watch any time if you wanted and the promise that it will fix what was never broken. Beyond that, all it’s got is songs we’ve already heard, a cast of talented people, granted, but would frankly be better off putting their talent to a fresh idea that needs the exposure more, and cgi that’s nothing new from what we see every year.

BUT ALL OF THAT SAID … there is one factor that breaks all the previously stated rules and warrants the existence of a product no matter where it’s basis comes from … honest to God quality. If a movie is genuinely entertaining or enchanting or funny, for any reason at all, then it’s done it’s core job and that’s that. So maybe I will be pleasantly surprised by this new Beauty and the Beast, it’s totally plausible. I’ve heard friends of mine say it’s BETTER then the original … I can’t help but remain skeptical and a little pessimistic at the whole idea, but fun is fun so, if you enjoyed it, don’t let me stop you from doing so.

anonymous asked:

Jess i need advice. I read a lot and i want to start writing my own thing, but i have no idea where to start. Where should i?

Sometimes I think creating characters is an easier starting point than coming up with a plot. Those characters will often bring a plot with them as you get immersed in their heads and it will start to develop naturally. 

If you struggle with characters, try breaking down what you want into the most easily expressed idea. Like “road trip novel” or “Southern magical horror” or “Beauty and the Beast re-telling… BUT ON A SPACESHIP!” (There were 5 million BatB books in the YA section at B&N yesterday, but that was not one of them.) There has to be some version of a story you know you want to take your own whack at. 

From there, you can start to develop it more with what you want to happen or how you’re going to make it different from whatever piece of media that has a similar plot. You’ll figure out the archtypes of the characters you’ll need and flesh them out as time goes on. Eventually, you’ll have the building blocks and the inspiration to start writing it in full. 

Don’t get discouraged in the process with “Well, someone already wrote this, so I can’t write it,” or “Someone else could write this better.” Your first draft won’t be perfect. Neither will your second! But you’ll have written it and that’s what counts. 

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Batb Review part 5

And the changes to the film don’t feel organic or natural, it feels horned in just so we can get some awards for best original song next year.

The addition of the Enchantress as an active player in the movie leaves more questions than answers them. She turns up to the castle and literally gives the Beast a rose she stole from his garden, then curses him when he’s like “wtf bitch”??

But Gaston, a character who is by any rights, just as terrible and cold hearted as the Beast, outright insults the Enchantress, and she does nothing multiple times. In fact she lets Gaston sexually harass Belle in front of her, and does nothing to help Maurice when he is being hauled off to the insane Asylum.

The addition of a book that lets Belle go literally anywhere is brought up once for her to sing a sad song. Once it’s over, it’s never brought up again, ESPECIALLY when Maurice needs help and Belle…. runs out on a horse instead of using THE MAGIC TRANSPORTING BOOK.

And the Beast’s lament “Evermore” halts a heart wrenching scene from the original scene just to have him climb a bunch of towers and look sad. The impact of the original scene was short, sweet and showed us everything. In fact me and my friend was laughing at how bad the editing was because it pulled us out of the film.

The climax of the film was the worse in changes.

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My thoughts on BatB - Part 5: Things That Bothered Me

Part 1: The Songs | Part 2: The Ending | Part 3: The New Scenes | Part 4: What I Loved | Part 5: Things That Bothered Me


The Enchantress’s enhanced role in the story. Why did they do it?! I talked about it a bit more in one of the previous posts.

The enchanted objects trying to actively prevent Belle from leaving the castle after the Beast scares her in the West Wing. I get it, their lives are at stake, but they could at least display concern for her like “you shouldn’t run away, there are wolves!”. They panicked, it happens, pity they didn’t even apologize later (et tu, Mrs. Potts?). I am not mad about this but it was strange.

● The train-wreck that is the presence of the overpowered magic book. More ranting here.

The time and space thing was kinda screwed like in the animated movie. They solved some of the problems while making new ones. (how long was the Beast enchanted? how long was Belle in the castle? how far is the castle anyway? how long it takes to get to the village on a horseback? how long it takes to walk to the castle?). But well, I won’t cry over it.

LeFou. As I am not a part of the LGBT+ community myself, my opinion doesn’t have any weight. To decide whether LeFou is or isn’t a good representation of LGBT+ people in media is for the actual LGBT+ community to decide. As I see it, he was a walking “flamboyant gay” stereotype for the most of the movie. Decent redemption scene, Josh Gad did what he could, but petting yourself on the back for stereotypical portrayal of a gay man who is a joke for the most of the movie is not progressive, Disney.

● And while we’re at it, the transphobic “man in a dress” joke seemed pretty offensive to me as well, not to mention overdone (dear Disney, it’s 2017, get over the “man in a dress” joke, please and thank you). Again, it’s not up for me to decide and if someone finds the moment empowering, great!

This moment somehow made it to the live-action as well:

The Wizard of Oz reference aside, I was never fond of this scene in the animated version. I consider it a childish visual joke that undermines the gravity of the whole set-up (hello? the time is almost up for you all?). I take it with a grain of salt in the animation but it looks plain silly translated to the live-action version, in which the stakes of not breaking the curse are even higher.

Belle discarding the yellow dress before returning to the castle by throwing it to the ground. Like, why? If it was done for aesthetic purposes only (so Belle could be all in white in the final scenes), fine. If the objective was supposed to be some hidden “feminist” message (as many people on Tumblr seem to believe), then it’s just sad, oh for so many reasons. But either way, it defies all logic. If she was like “ok, action time, I need to be able to move freely”, she could just tear it a bit. Or, you know, she could leave it at home since she was in the village already. What’s worse: when she arrives at the castle she has a jacket on. If she had time to, you know, get a jacket from her house, she had time for leaving the dress there too.

Note: I can understand Belle leaving the castle in her yellow dress. She was stressed, frightened for her father’s safety, not to mention struggling with her newfound feelings for the Beast (don’t forget that she knew he was cursed and his time was almost up!). She was in a hurry and not thinking clearly. I don’t have a problem with that. Besides, #aesthetic reasons.

● There is a character of a mean-looking village woman (I believe her name is Clothilde and she is played by Haydn Gwynne). She is the “I need six eggs” lady in “Belle” and sings “he’ll wreak havoc on our village if we let him wander free” line during “The Mob Song”. She is also the one who initiates the destruction of Belle’s laundry machine by the villagers at the beginning. Once the curse is broken, she turns out to be Cogsworth’s wife who throws herself enthusiastically at him while he looks disgusted and actually expresses a wish to turn back into the clock. Really, Disney? “Henpecking wife” stereotype? And I am supposed to laugh at Cogsworth’s discomfort when he is forced to dance with a woman who is clearly not a very nice person to begin with? What?!

icrangirl  asked:

This AU is a freaking gem. I love BatB so much and this just leaves me smiling so much. Reading about it in your blog had me to turning on the orchestral score for the movie all while picturing the Pines in the scenes matching the music. The West Wing / Wolf Chase song so far has been my favorite for just listening & imagining. The next couple of asks are what played in my head; I'd put this all together but asks have character limits. *shrugs*

When the kids sneak in the West Wing, Dipper is observant to the little details to learn what he can while Mabel plays with things she finds funny or strange. They stumble on the journal itself & take it out of the case, wondering why it was so protected while most of the stuff there is torn apart. They pitch guesses to each other before a previously blank page suddenly reads “Greetings.” They only have a couple of seconds to be confused before Stan bursts in & scares them out of the castle.

When running through the woods, at first only one wolf sees them and makes chase. The kids are pretty resourceful and clever, and by working together they are able to successfully fight off/outsmart the wolf. After a brief “YA!! *high-five*” then enters 10 more, leaving them going “…oh.” Just before they get pounced and mauled by the pack, Stan shows up to save them.

I really like this scenario!! The kids are really resourceful, so i can see them taking down at least one wolf before Stan comes to save them.

And thanks!! I’m glad that so many people like this AU of mine, haha. I’ve actually watched BatB 5 times in the last couple of days because of this.

(personally, i’d really love to see someone make like a professional remix or mashup or something of the BatB score and the Gravity Falls theme, but i am but an artist with no such skill)