batb 30 day challenge

BatB 30 Day Challenge

7. Favorite Moment?

And not just because it was a funny fight scene.  This was probably the only moment in which the castle staff really made use of the fact that they could take these people on specifically because they were human and the staff wasn’t.

I mean, Lumiere rescued his girlfriend by setting her assailant on fire, the Madame literally jumped on someone, and LeFou and the other villagers ran because the entire kitchen had turned on them to protect a footstool.  If they had picked a fight after the curse had been broken, the fight would have either been attempted civilized negotiating or Cogsworth and Lumiere trying to hold the villagers off with a barricaded door.  

This time they made use of the abilities that they wouldn’t have had if they were human, and because of that, it was an easy victory.

BatB 30 Day Challenge

3. First thoughts on Belle and her father?

Oh, easy.  From the moment she came in, I found her to be so relatable. She read books and was a daydreamer, just like me (we also look a lot alike, though we have different eye colors).  And her father was absolutely hilarious.  I loved his goggles; they made me laugh every time he was on-screen.  He had a good heart and an affectionate personality, and I hope he stays alive long after the movie ends.

But my young mind was easily scared by the Beast (just adding him in since he’s not mentioned).  I had to look away a few times.  


4. Favorite member of the castle staff?

Lumiére.  Without a doubt.   My mother used to call him “the most-loved animated inanimate object in the world.”

Out of all the members of the staff, Lumiére seemed—to me—like the most optimistic, the one that would light up a room the moment he entered it.  He never lost hope, not even for a minute, and his cheerful disposition was, to me, the most contagious thing in the world.  Still is.  He’s also the perfect showman and able to come up with random puns on the fly, though it’s more so in the musical than the movie (their situation calls for all the puns, don’t you think?).  Don’t get me wrong, I love the other staff members—in fact, Lumiére would be less funny without his foil, Cogsworth, to order him around. 

Anyway. He’s cheerful, funny, optimistic, charming, charismatic, witty, he can put on a show, he’s the only French character in a movie that takes place IN PROVINCIAL FRANCE

So yeah, he’s my favorite.

BatB 30 Day Challenge

2. Opinions on the villagers, Gaston and LeFou especially?

I actually remember my younger self thinking that Gaston looked weird.  I didn’t understand why everyone thought he was handsome (then again, handsome was a big word for me back then too).

As for LeFou, however, I couldn’t get enough of him.  I thought he was hilarious, especially during that fight at the castle (after all, he was only there for slapstick comedy).  I mean, look at him.

Gosh, I really hope we see the staff put up a fight in the remake….

BatB 30 Day Challenge

5. Favorite Song?

I’m gonna sound pretty cliche when I say this, but it’s definitely “Beauty and the Beast”–well, nowadays, at least.  Angela Lansbury has the best voice ever; she sounds like a loving grandmother, and she made that song one of a kind (Did you know it was originally going to be a rock song, but she sang it like she wanted to and everyone cried?).  I can’t wait to Emma Thompson sing it!

But back when I was a kid, I imagine that “Be Our Guest” was the one I liked the most.  I was very taken by lots of bright colors and merrymaking.  Plus, Lumiere.

Day 3: First thoughts on Belle and her father?

My first thought was “I don’t think I’ve seen a Disney movie quite like this where the father and daughter have a relationship that’s not entirely consistent of ‘I’m your father and you will do what I say and I do this because I love you” (I mean, I love King Triton and the Sultan and fathers like that but… it’s kind of repetitive)

My second thought was that Belle would do anything for her father and vice versa. There’s a really close bond. And aside from the fact that they are family, I feel that Belle and Maurice connect to each other even more because they are social outcasts.

I have a lot of feelings about Belle and Maurice hehe

I made a Beauty and the Beast 30-day challenge for anyone who wants to participate!  (To help with the waiting...)

The Animation

  • 1. When did you first see the original animated movie?
  • 2. Opinions on the villagers, Gaston and LeFou especially?
  • 3. First thoughts on Belle and her father?
  • 4. Favorite member of the castle staff?
  • 5. Favorite song?
  • 6. Least favorite song?
  • 7. Favorite moment?
  • 8. Least favorite moment?
  • 9. How did Belle manage to get the Beast back to the castle after the wolf attack? What’s your theory?
  • 10. Are there any characters you ship aside from the obvious Beauty and the Beast?
  • 11. Where does the movie rate on your list of best classic Disney movies?

The Musical

  • 12. Have you seen the stage musical?
  • 13. What did you think of the added dialogue?
  • 14. Did you have a favorite/least favorite part?
  • 15. What about some of the new songs (playlist here for clearer versions)?
  • 16. Did you have a favorite/least favorite new song?
  • 17. Thoughts on the costuming?
  • 18. Thoughts on the acting?
  • 19. Babette is only slightly mentioned in the animation; in the musical she’s a much more pronounced character.  What is your opinion of her and her relationship with Lumiere?
  • 20. Madame de la Grand Bouche is also explored more in the musical.  What is your opinion of her and her supposed relationship with Cogsworth?

The Live-Action Remake

  • 21. When did you first hear about the film?
  • 22. What was your reaction to the first official trailer (and the trailers that followed)?
  • 23. What do you think of the casting?
  • 24. What about the overall designs of the Beast and the castle staff?
  • 25. What did you think of the posters that showed the Beast’s and the staff’s human forms?
  • 26. Based on what has been posted, what do you think of some of the changes they’ve made from the original animation (story-wise)?
  • 27. Are you excited about the completely new songs that Alan Menken has written for this?
  • 28. What do you think of the addition of Cadenza—a grand piano who is described as being neurotic—to the cursed guests and staff?
  • 29. What do you think of the back story they gave Gaston?
  • 30. And lastly, what do you think of Emma Watson’s singing?

30 Day BATB Challenge: Day 3–Favorite Catherine Moment

“Bridesmaid Up!”

No one to my knowledge has ever made a gif set for where Catherine hands Sabrina Meyers her bum on a platter with the line

“You make women believe that if they are single, they are broken.”

Along with the line that “You couldn’t let your customers know that your husband, instead of a grand prize, is a booby prize. And I don’t think that’s padding it.”


WF001’s BATB 30 Day Challenge #2

DAY ONE: Favorite Scene

I love this romantic VINCAT scene from 2x19 “Cold Case” because it shows just how beautiful Vincent and Catherine’s relationship can be. :) With the way Catherine said, “Well…no one’s watching…” portrays her devious sexy side–something we do not see very often. Who knew she could be such a bad girl ;) Her bad boy streak is definitely rubbing off on her. And the way Vincent smirked before grabbing her lips with his?! JUST KILL ME NOW!!! :) 

If you want to take on the BATB 30 Day Challenge, you can find all of the information here (x). 

Credits for the Challenge: keller-chandler


30 Day BATB Challenge: Day 8—Favorite Evan Moment

“Seeing Red”

There were a few times where I genuinely liked Evan, but for the record his character for me needed to most redemption (besides Gabe that is) up until his death.

However though, I thought that the biggest hero in “Seeing Red” was Evan:he saved Cat’s life, you find out he has an actual back story, and he’s the only one not being an ass and actually worrying about Catherine while everybody seems to be more worried about themselves.–Just saying.

The moment I picked was where he forces Catherine to sit down to re-do her bandage, because it was the first time I really wanted to go “AW EVAN!” and thought it was a shame that we didn’t get more of him in the show.