batb 218

About Gabe..and its not bashing, well not too much. Gabe just automatically assumes Catherine is with Vincent..which is an understandable guess. But we all knew that Catherine was taken…everyone knew, except Gabe. So you have Vincent actually trying to find Catherine and Gabe just pops out and tells Vincent to basically ‘release’ Catherine. Like Vincent is holding Catherine…'hostage’? Really? Vincent would never do that [well maybe brainwashed!Vincent..but he isn’t like that anymore] Gabe wrong move man, if you wanted to help Catherine, you’d know that Vincent doesn’t have her, Vincent is actually looking for her. Then through out the ep you have Gabe saying Catherine needs to choose a side..when she already has.

Pfft, Gabe is so focused on making Vincent the enemy he didn’t even realize that Catherine was taken by some unknown group [ well we find out later].  Like Catherine has said, she doesn’t need no man in shining armor. She needs a man that will stand by her and fight with her. Tired of people acting on Catherine’s behalf..pfft.