It had become an habit of Quinn to take care of your health. You who would stay days and nights inside her gigantic house, exploring and reading (mainly reading, her book collection seemed to have no end).

“You need to get some sun !” had she said one day, bursting through the door and (gently) throwing you on her shoulder, book clutched in her other hand. Next thing you knew you were sitting in the garden’s grass, your book in your lap and the sun shining in your face.

The Beast would sit next to you for a while, until she got bored. She would then proceed to rolling in the grass, still next to you, asking if you were up for a run. You’d say “No, I haven’t finished my chapter yet.” And then she would dissapear to become a patch of fur in you peripheral vision.

But little did you know that Quinn was just waiting for you guard to go down to then proceed into a majestic stomp right on top of you, without warning of course. The first time it happened, you believe you almost broke her eardrums with your cry. But after some times, it became an habit and when rising your head, you’d find her grining through her fur with little tokens between her teeth to make you laugh.

For my old BatB!Faberry fans, it appears I missed drawing these patooties !