CLEXA (please be endgame)

CAMREN (wish they’re real but they said they’re not lesbians so chill) they are real!

FLEURMIONE (OMG please read their fanfics they’re so compatible)


BRITTANA (ENDGAME BITCHES! where the hell is the spin-off?)

HEYA (”maybe” there’s something going on before.)

ACHELE (they we’re real at some point. Do not argue with me.)

FABERRY (should’ve happened. they made a mistake.)

BECHLOE (ugh. please let them happen already geez don’t you feel the sexual tension?)

KAYLOR (again. same as Camren they are not lesbians. *cough* wish they were *cough* ugh they’re so fuckin’ cute!)

COPHINE (ah the puppy and the geek monkey. hon hon hon baguette croissant moot moot)

SWAN QUEEN/SWEN (there’s so much potential here. Do not let it go to waste. ugh. So frustrating.)

HOLLSTEIN (soy melk, yellow pellow, jawlines, the baeman, the black cat, murder her for christmas!)

SLEEPING WARRIOR (where the heck are they?! we need more!)

RED BEAUTY (ah. so adorbs! the bookworm and the big bad wolf. who wouldn’t ship them?)

SPASHLEY (yes. spashley, <3)

TILLOW (y’all let’s not forget the lesbians in the early 90′s! where’s the respect?!)

RIZZLES (lesbian subtexts subtexts subtexts subtexts subtexts)

GAILLY (yass. yass. yass.)

SANSAERY (QUEENS! nuff said)

VALKUBUS (suck me dry. k. bye. )

DOCCUBUS (let’s play doctor. oooh kinky!)

KARMY (*playing in the background* what if we were made for each other? born to become bestfriends and lovers? -what if by: colbie caillat)


CALZONA (oh yeah!!!)

LUCE & RACHEL (imagine me and you. piper and lena; so perf. so perf!)

TALA AND LEYLA (i can’t think straight. too hot. HOT DAMN!)

EMISON (*whispers* shayley *disappears into the night*)

VAUSEMAN (hotness overload. RUIN ME!)

.JONISS (we all know who Katniss wants. bruh.)

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Can u like wrote sometjing to makee forget how awful the glee finale was? Like, idk, an alternate faberry ending or something because i am desperate to the level of literally writing something myself (its gonna be awful) just so i can fix how fucking shitty that finale was.

Also been sitting on this one awhile—but have a little drabble. 

With Every Broken Bone

I saw so many places, the things that I did. 
With every broken bone, I swear I lived.
~I Lived, One Republic

Everything is red and white and reverberating with music. Her mind tries to piece together the where and the why—she’s in the high school auditorium, but she doesn’t remember how she got there or when. She’s certain that she remembers graduating from McKinley a long time ago and yet it feels like she’s never left—like nothing else exists in her life outside of this place. It’s almost like she’s been stuck in some weird timewarp that makes it impossible for her to place her disjointed memories of the last seven years onto a timeline with any real accuracy. The faces around her are achingly familiar—people she knows deep in her bones that she hasn’t seen or spoken with in years. Is that Matt Rutherford? And when did Sue Sylvester become the vice president of the United States? She’s pretty damned certain that she should remember voting against her. And hadn’t Rachel been pregnant, like, five minutes ago? Where’s the baby? Was it a boy or a girl? Why doesn’t she know that?  And why can’t she remember Rachel’s wedding to Jesse St. James?


Rachel was supposed to marry Finn Hudson, wasn’t she?  Quinn had been on her way…

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Best moments of the Pezberry friendship!!!

Meeting The Berry Men //para//

The captain’s voice boomed through the entire plane, announcing they had landed, the flight time and the local time, he thanked the passengers and the crew for the flight and wished everyone a nice day. As soon as the plane stopped moving and all the warning signs went off, everyone stood up to retrieve the hand-carry luggage they had and the sound of voices filled the air.

Everyone was standing up except Quinn, her hands had started shaking again and all the nervousness and anxiety from the flight changed to another reason entirely. 

She felt Rachel squeezing her left hand and she turned to look at her, those big brown encouraging eyes and that sweet smile, it only made her want to stay there rather than motivated her to get up.

“Rach… I don’t… I’m really nervous.”

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🎶 FABERRY FANDOM: After all the stops and starts, We keep coming back to these two hearts, Two angels who've been rescued from the fall. FABERRY: And after all that we've been through, It all comes down to me and you, I guess it's meant to be, FOREVER you and me, After all.🎶 Years after Rachel gave birth to Klaine baby & divorced Jesse. Quinn is done playing around with the ladies. They accidentally ran into each other at a restaurant bathroom. The rest is history. (Faberry deleted scene)

I like this deleted scene. 

I’ve decided on who’s going to be who in my Beauty and the Beast renao au that I’m going to write!

Belle- Aoba
Beast- Ren
Gaston- Toue (or Takumi idk yet)
Candle- Noiz
Clock- Koujaku
Teapot- Clara
Father- Tae
Teacup- Beni
Gastons goon- Alpha Clear (if Toue isn’t going to be Gaston then idk who to have as Takumi’s goon)
Wardrobe- Clear
Footrest- Allmate!Ren