This is a tribute illustration I was requested to make for a project in which I was lucky enough to be a guest artist :) As you’ll have guessed I’m sure, the tribute is to Disney animation studios ! As a kid and teen I loved the animated classics passionately, and as a budding artist I admired their animators to no end. This admiration has been painfully obvious in my style for a long time in the past, and it took many other influences, trips, artists and experiences to later broaden it, which enabled me to give it a much more personal turn and make it my very own :)
Sadly I do not own all this wonderful merchandise XD But I really wanted to drop hints to all my favorite movies and characters. Guest starring Duncan MacLeod, my corgi, and the Treasure Planet poster that has graced my room since the day I saw the movie in theatres in 2002.

“Valor” is a comic anthology series that pays homage to the strength, resourcefulness, and cunning of female heroines in fairy tales. It includes 19 comics, 4 prose stories and 10 illustrations, all are re-imagined or new fairy tales. The kickstarter for book 2 is happening RIGHT NOW - this gorgeous Beauty and the Beast illustration, and the accompanying story is part of this volume.

Check it out here :

Concept: a version of Beauty and the Beast in which the sorceress turns the prince into a vampire.

His greed is punished by having it consume him. His vanity is punished by taking away his reflection. The pride in his wealth is punished by his never being able to set foot in his lands by day again.

The spell is broken after Beast is staked and refuses to drink Beauty’s blood to heal himself, even though she offers it to him.


This is from today, May 30th 2018.

We can’t allow this to happen. California’s senators need to know that they obey the will of the people, not the will of ISPs. Losing net neutrality in the US is a blow, but SB 822 can open the door to states across the union passing their own net neutrality bills. Getting SB 822 passed would be an important victory. If you’re a Californian, call right now at:


To contact your Senators. If you’re not, spread this around and send this to every Californian you know.

This fight is not over! Stay strong everyone. ISPs might have powerful lobbyists, but we have the advantage of numbers.

Let’s give our Senators a reminder.