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THE WORLD IS HIS (an exclusive interview with Paolo Nacpil by Alexis Lim)

When did you start to take photographs?

I started taking photos when I was 17, which I guess at this point is already ages ago. It certainly doesn’t feel that way. The interesting thing is that it has always been a continuous learning process, there’s always something that you can always improve on or change or approach a different way. It’s always a constant and fulfilling challenge!

What pushed you to continue pursuing photography?

I’d say that photography has been one of the most fulfilling things I’ve taken up. I’ve seen myself grow and be molded into who I am and a huge part of that is because of photography. It acted as some sort of a synergist in my life. I’ve always been into the outdoors and into traveling and all that, however photography became something that pushed me to take all that to a different level. It gave me even more of a reason to find myself out there in the world trying new things and discovering new places. It helped me break out of my shy shell and made me connect with so many like-minded individuals all over the world. It was also quite neat to have a visual and tangible representation of my artistic progress through time.

We all know that you are a landscape photographer. But what other genres in photography you would like to pursue as well?

I’ve actually shot some outdoor portraits here and there and I found it quite enjoyable. Portraiture in itself is a very broad field and I definitely would love to do more outdoor portraits or shots where people are incorporated into my style of landscape photography.

What was your most memorable shoot?

Oh that’s a tough one to answer. It’s definitely hard to choose a favorite since there’s been so many amazing experiences throughout the years so I’ll just go with the first one that came to mind even though my answer would probably be different each time I’m asked this! I’m going to go with my hiking trip up in the Northern Cascades National Park in Washington. To make a long story short, I flew in that day to Vancouver with the intention of staying in that area for a couple of days and meeting up with my Mom when she flew in the day after. Once I got my rental car from the airport location I then thought to myself that I might as well drive the 2 hours down to Washington State as I’ve never been there yet. So I did just that, drove down there and got to the park. It was absolutely pouring rain but I still hiked anyway on the mountain ridges with water cascading down like impromptu waterfall all over and I took as much photos as I could which was barely any at all, even with raingear for the camera. I then decided to sleep overnight in the car at the park in hopes that the weather would cooperate the day after. Woke up before the sun rose and went out to hike again, it was a beautiful day and I spent half the day just taking in the scenery and enjoying the solitude up on the ridges. There’s just something so freeing and fulfilling after an experience like that.

Favorite subject?

Anything nature and landscape related and with which I can incorporate a sense of movement. Mountains and seas most definitely!

What is photography for you?

Photography is a means of forever immortalizing a moment in time with your own artistic vision of the scene and a means to share the fleeting feelings and emotions you felt in that moment to the viewers.

Who are the people you look up to in the industry?

I’m actually not the type to be solely influenced by a certain set of individuals; I try draw inspiration from anything and everything whether it be fictional characters in movies, random strangers I interact with, music that I listen to, and whatnot.

5 Weird things we don’t know about you.

1. Not necessarily weird but a lot of people don’t know that I’m actually working in a totally unrelated field - healthcare. They just assume that I travel around all the time I guess!  

2. I was not born with curly hair. I guess one of the defining characteristics for me now is the long curly hair. I used to have straight hair though all the way until it turned curly on me sometime in high school!

3. I used to be really shy back then! Examples being me practicing my “speech” when in line to order food at a restaurant!

4. I’m an only child that always wanted siblings. My solution to this as a child was to have a doll that I named ‘Matilda’ who I pretended was my sister!

5. I used to not eat spaghetti or any sort of pasta, french fries, burgers – except for separating the meat and not touching everything else, chicken – except for the skin. This was when I was a really picky eater in my childhood. Grew out of that quickly enough though!  

That one iconic photograph you wish was yours/ your shot.

That would be the time-lapse sequences that were shot from the International Space Station. It’s quite literally so otherworldly. It’s such a surreal perspective that I’m not quite sure I’ll be able to see with my own eyes in this lifetime.

What advice can you give to those kids or anyone who are just discovering their knack for photography?

Biggest way to improve your photography is to be highly selective and critical of your work. Put it this way, the artists that you look up to, you mostly just see the top 5% of their work that they publish and you never see the 95% that they consider to not have made the cut. No reason for you let the 95% of your work that is mediocre be your defining factor. Quality over quantity! Find inspiration in anything and everything. If you find a photo you really like, stop and take a moment to analyze what makes it have such an impact. Keep doing this to all the work that you find inspiring. Look at your work in a similar way and imagine what you would do differently or how you could possibly have changed your approach in order to improve the shot you got. Analyze, absorb, and apply.

Words you live by.

 I work to live, I don’t live to work.

 Be a genuinely good person for the sake of being a genuinely good person.

If you want something, make it happen for yourself.

Where can we visit your photo gallery?

(All Photographs courtesy of Paolo Nacpil)


Paolo Nacpil is a 25-year old BS Nursing graduate at the  University of the East Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Medical Center, and is now working as an Orthopedic Nurse in Florida, USA. Aside from landscape photography, Paolo is fond of doing outdoor activities which include off-roading, hiking, mountain biking, and free diving.

“At work here we do 12 hour shifts, meaning we only have to work 3 days in a given week. It just depends on how I schedule the 3 days that I work so I typically have anywhere from 4 to 6 days off on a regular basis; hence being able to have the time to do exactly what I love which is traveling, being out in the elements, and capturing these special moments.“

(Trimeresurus flavomaculatus mcgregori) McGregor’s tree viper, McGregor’s pit viper

Found in the Philippines on the Batanes Islands. The type locality given is “Batan Island, Batanes Group, (lying between Luzon and Formosa)” (Philippine Islands).

Homewatch (Homestuck Overwatch AU): Jade Harley

Here’s a new character for the @jununy inspired AU! Gosh if I don’t stop myself I’ll end up making all of them.


Real Name: Jade Harley, Age: 26

Occupation: Scientist, Adventurer

Base of Operations: Batan Island, Philippines

Affiliation: None

“Ready to do some field work!”

Jade Harley is a tough and peppy scientist who boasts talent, strength, and enthusiasm. Her grandfather, a multimillionaire world famous explorer working as both philanthropist and researcher for Overwatch, raised Jade in a high tech tower manor where she was able to learn and indulge in all manner of things, quickly showing a talent for the scientific. She was expected to become a high ranking Overwatch scientist when older, but before she could do so, Overwatch was disbanded, and her grandfather died in a mysterious accident not even she was allowed to know the details of.

Putting as much pain aside as she could, and motivated by her three amazing internet friends, whose messaging addresses she found in a crumpled letter, and her loyal white wolf Becquerel, Jade continued her studies and research, soon becoming an expert in various fields, from botany and genetics, to nuclear science and quantum physics.

Her love for all living things resulted in a refusal to use test subjects, opting instead for testing on herself, altering her genetics over the years, becoming infused with wolf DNA after an incident with Becquerel, and nuclear-dimensional power as a result of her extensive study of the mysterious technology acquired by her grandfather in his travels. Intriguingly enough, one of these artifacts allowed Jade to communicate with her grandfather at the time when he was her age, and the two soon became pen pals of sorts.

She was one of the first to hear of the Overwatch recall, as she had been contacted by Winston before, and quickly told her friends about it, who together decided to ally their strength under the Overwatch banner, in order to help the world face it’s rising crises. Arming herself with her best weaponry and skills, Jade is determined to both help others, and uncover the mysteries her grandfather left behind.

Tank (500 Health [200 Shields])

Nuclear Cannon (Left Click): Using her huge energy cannon, which she carries with just her right arm, she fires a semi-spherical blast of nuclear energy. It travels long distance. If the button is held, she starts charging energy, and eventually unleashes a short/mid-range beam of nuclear energy.

Nuclear Pulse (Right Click): Raises her left fist and releases a shockwave of nuclear energy that deals damage and knocks back everyone that’s hit. It starts as a short range attack, but it’s range and damage increases based on how much damage has been absorbed with Warp Wall.

Warp Bomb (Shift): Takes out a spherical bomb with her left hand, quickly charges it with energy, and then throws it. Upon landing, the bomb creates a 2 meter wide circle on the floor where it lands, and another surrounding Jade, as it explodes and deals damage, then whoever is in one circle is warped to the other.

Warp Wall (E): With a palm strike of her left hand forward (which deals melee damage) she creates a large wall of green warp energy that absorbs all damage that hits it for 3 seconds. The wall stays in place where it was put, and all damage that it absorbs increases an energy gauge on Jade’s screen that determines the power of Nuclear Pulse.

Warp Wolf Witch (Q): With a howl, Jade’s eyes turn white and she becomes covered in crackling green energy as she starts floating, entering a new empowered form. She has no energy cannon during the duration, and instead fires it’s attacks with just her bare hands, also doing slashing melee attacks as she fires it’s main attack. The Warp Bomb becomes a sphere of energy, and it, plus all other attacks she has become stronger and faster, with her own speed increased as well. She can also freely fly during the attack in the direction she looks at by holding the jump button, but she loses the regeneration capability of her shields during the duration of the form.