bata kids

December 3!

Today is the birthday of Dave Strider : D!!!!

Homestuck Man of character because it is my favorite character, and I wanted a bit more elaborate, yet due to lack of drawing skills did not painting elaborate a little bit more sad …; _;

Tablet and use the program drew sai-tool!

Once again Happy birthday, Dave ^ 0 ^!

Note that because I use Google Translator, English grammar may be a mess!


지금은 12월 3일!

오늘은 데이브 스트라이더의 생일입니다~ 와아 :D!!!!

홈스턱 남자캐릭터 중 가장 좋아하는 캐릭터이기 때문에 좀 더 멋있게 그리고 싶었지만, 아직 그림 실력이 부족하여 더 멋있게 그리지 못해서 조금 슬퍼요…;_;

타블렛과 sai-툴 프로그램을 사용해서 그렸어요!

다시 한번 생일 축하해, 데이브 ^0^!

참고로 구글번역기를 사용하였기 때문에, 영어 문법이 엉망진창 일지도 모릅니다!



Did Alison have the whole Cyrus plan all along?

In Season 5 Episode 5 we saw Alison talking to a mystery SRV and we noticed a white sticker on it.

Then in Season 5 Episode 10 we saw Cyrus drive away from Alison in exactly the same car with the sticker on it. So does that mean Alison has been communicating with Cyrus for much longer then we think. Maybe Alison was keeping in contact with Cyrus if she had to use him one day! 

Also ‘bata bata’ means 'kids’ in Cebuano (thank-you to Google Translator for that one).