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Unsinkable || Rapunzel and Eugene


  • April 10, 1912, Southampton, England, 12:00 PM

Rapunzel Solaris expected there to be a lurch, like when a train started to move. There wasn’t. The massive ship glided so effortlessly away from the dock that the only thing that alerted her to the motion was the distant, muffled sound of cheering. She so wished she could be out on the deck, watching the launch and waving goodbye to the people still on shore.

The RMS Titanic’s official launch had been eight days prior, in Belfast, but she hadn’t been aboard, then. There was no way her mother was going to have her on this ship a full week longer than was necessary. As it was, she was expected to stay in their stateroom for the entire trip. Meals would be brought to her. So would things to pass the time over the following week as they made their way to New York.

A new life. That was what Mother called it. But Rapunzel suspected it would just be more of the same, in a different place.

For the next week, she was to be confined to an admittedly gorgeous room, decorated in the style of the Renaissance, which greatly interested Rapunzel. She was keen on the art of the time, and loved to study the works of Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo. If nothing else, examining and sketching the art pieces in her room would pass hours of time for her.

Still, what was the point of being on a luxury cruise liner if she wasn’t going to be allowed to explore? Not that she was ever allowed to explore anywhere she went, which was why she felt so indifferent about moving to New York. It had little to no impact on her actual life.

With a sigh, she flopped on her bed, holding a book that she intended to read, but being unable to summon the gumption it took to even open the thing. She was tired of living like this, always inside, never seeing any of the world that sounded so interesting to her. From her window back at her old house, she’d been able to see the distant lights of the city, and had always wished to see them up close.

They’d arrived in Southampton early in the morning, and Mother had insisted she keep the brim of her hat low over her face, blocking her view of the bustling port town with a parasol as well.

What was the point?!

Life, it seemed, was always just at her fingertips, but there was always something in the way. Well, if this was the start of a new life, then Rapunzel was going to seize it, even if she had to use trickery and deceit to do so. Determined, she began to plot a way she could sneak out of the stateroom, even if just at night, to see more of the ship.

Getting cranky; so I am getting an anchor tattoo on my foot with roping around my ankle tomorrow. I looked up some anchor tattoos and there is alot of bashing on those who have them with unsinkable next to it.. Uhm they could be ironic. I don’t like tattoo bashing there is always a reason for someone to have a tattoo. I am getting mine because I worked at a ren faire and I was a pirate. The people I worked with had a giant impact on my life and helping me move on and let go. I also thought ironically because I am unksinkable. Anchors keep the boat grounded and connect with the ocean they also in my opinion allow the boat to keep from floating off and getting lost. Just my .02$ but it bugs me when you bash others ideas. Just think before you judge. I mean this is 2013 isn’t it?

Fic: Unsinkable.

Fandom: Sanctuary.

Pairing: Nikola Tesla / Helen Magnus.

Chapters: 7/?

Rating: T.

In April 1912, Helen sets out to visit a friend, only to have the journey end in disaster. Here is the aftermath. [Teslen]

[Look, I made one of those pretty photo things for my fic. In case you were all wondering how I procrastinate when I’m not working on chapter frelling 8.]
Unsinkable Chapter 4, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction
He: a young man long since raised from poverty, now on the verge of inheriting a magnate's business in the 1910s. She: an impoverished young woman on her way to start a new life in America. In short: Tom Marvolo Riddle, Hermione Jean Granger, and one voyage on the RMS Titanic - and how it would change their lives forever.

His eyes are fixed to hers. He can see her mind racing and it wrings pleasure out deep in his abdomen. Her frantic, buzzing thoughts. The closer he leans in, the tighter her hand closes on his—as if she is begging him to be her lifeline against his own stormy waters.

i don’t write about harry potter characters making out in the Titanic’s cargo holds that is definitely somebody else.

xoxoxo speech


I think a lot about that whale who
sings in a pitch that no other
whales can understand. Maybe

they’re just too tired to sing back,
or maybe they know the truth: 
that love is an onslaught, that it

smashes into you like an iceberg
and it doesn’t matter if you’re
built like a ship–you’ll go down

anyway, bow first, break in half
like the Titanic and crash into the
ocean floor, miles apart. You’ll

rust long before you're able to
pull yourself back together again
and it will take years for future 

lovers to find your exact
coordinates and bring what’s left
up to the surface, to the sun.