Israel, October 2007

Right, this is gonna be a long one! I’ll try and shut up and just show you a bunch of stuff from my trip to Israel….. so here goes!

After an insanely thorough frisking by Israeli El Al staff, we finally made it onto the plane!

Arrival in Tel Aviv. Here’s me with the head of Ben Gurion. And why not!

This is a photo of me with my Israeli cousin, Dani. We are in some trendy area of town, but for the life of me I can’t remember what it’s called now!

Now for the sights! Well, one of them. Had to visit Dizengoff Fountain and was disappointed to find it no longer did it’s music, light and water show. I had been to Tel Aviv many, many years ago and remember that display clearly! Ofra Haza was at the top of the charts in Israel back then and they were playing it at the fountain too.

A bear also has to relax, of course. For that purpose, we headed down to Bat Yam beach. Yes, it’s full of Russians but the sand is lovely and there isn’t a soul on the beach! Just glorious. I got my shirt off and built myself a shell-encrusted sun lounger. The good life!!

Here’s me on the way to Nazareth:

And once in Nazareth, we had to take in all the sights of course. Mainly, this meant a visit to the Church of Annunciation. Fun! Well, sort of…..

Ok. Then we also went to Jerusalem. Now, that was cool. So much to see, and so much amazing food there! And as for the sights…

Here’s me looking at the Wailing Wall…

And getting a really lovely panoramic view of the city and the Dome of the Rock. Unfortunately, we couldn’t go anywhere near it this time as it was Ramadan.

Oh yeah, and finally: I made a canine friend! What a trip…

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met today with Michael Yoger, the driver of the #240 bus from Bnei Brak to Bat Yam, and with passenger David Papo, whose alertness thwarted a terrorist attack yesterday.

“I commend you both for your alertness. I hope that you will not need it any more. Lessons must be learned from everything. The most important thing is to keep one’s eyes open,” the Prime Minister said