Head Canon

Tim has noticed that his favorite chocolate and vanilla wafers​ have been going missing.

His first suspect is Jason, because, well Jason is Jason.

His second suspect is Dick (Damian can’t reach where Tim put his wafers). Dick however likes his wafers in separate flavors not mixed.

His next suspect is Barbara, but she’s rarely around. It can’t be Alfred, because Alfred is Alfred. It’s not Luke because he doesn’t like chocolate and vanilla wafers. And well, Bruce is Bruce.

Despite being one of the best detectives in the Bat family. Tim is baffled. Every single trail of missing wafers is different from the last. None of it makes sense.

Unbeknownst to Tim, everyone’s taking turns stealing his wafers. (Damian gets help from Luke to reach the wafers.)

It’s Alfred on Sundays.
Bruce on Mondays.
Luke on Wednesdays.
Barbara and Dick on Thursdays.
Damian on Fridays.
Jason on Saturdays.

This isn’t just a child’s drawing of a made up animal, it’s the creature that was seen by Jacki Hartley of Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England, in 1969. Jacki was only 4 years old when she saw the creature for the first time but it stuck with her throughout her life.  She claims “It had bat wings which it unfolded and stretched out before folding back up again, red eyes and a kind of monster monkey face with a parrot’s beak and was about 3 feet in height.” She called it The Bat Winged Monkey Bird because of the weird combination of animals it looked like. She saw it again when she was 11 and can vividly remember the loud screeching sound that the creature made.

This is Ocreata, a principality angel who oversees many of the guardian angels in North America and is a highly respected principality amongst their fellow peers. Ocreata was created with a rare trait that is seldom found in the angels’ design: bat wings instead of bird wings, wings of light, or in some cases, no wings with levitation abilities.

In addition to the wings, Ocreata was also gifted the ability to turn mushrooms or any organic matter with fungi growth into fully functional guardian angels by using the spores that they produce within their gills. Although Ocreata is able to create life with their spores, they are labeled a threat to demons in particular, since they are a highly toxic entity that can be fatal to demons if encountered. For this reason, they are known as “The Destroying Angel” by the agents of Hell.

Despite this, Ocreata is very soft spoken and prefers to be stationary and undisturbed, similar to an actual mushroom. They are very slow to anger and show great patience and care for their creations, willing to guide any guardians who are need of their advice and guidance. They are responsible for the creation of Mildew.