“You’re not going mad or anything. I can see them too.”
“Can you?” said Harry desperately, turning to Luna. He could see the bat-winged horses reflected in her wide, silvery eyes.
“Oh yes,” said Luna, “I’ve been able to see them since my first year here. They’ve always pulled the carriages. Don’t worry. You’re just as sane as I am." 

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Science Fact Friday: Homology

I’ve also found this a helpful art tool. Whenever you forget which way a particular joint bends you can just reference your own!

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Takama-Gahara here, I have for you a question. How draw good dergs?

Oh I’ve got you covered:

and there you have your  F E R O C I O U S    B E A S T

But in all seriousness, instructing people on how to draw imaginary creatures is a bit hard, for me at least. A lot of my learning process is based on winging it until it looks okay and makes even a little sense anatomically. I try to look at animals like birds, bats, reptiles, dogs and horses and combine traits of their anatomy into some sort of a mess of a creature. So I’d instruct you to simply start with looking into basic animal anatomy and trying to learn how animals actually work. 

There are tons of tutorials that are way better at explaining things than I’ll ever be and they can get you started. Back in my day when I started drawing I was inspired by Todd Lockwood and his art. His creations gave me a good base to start building my art from. I studied the way he drew and shamelessly copied parts of his work until I felt comfortable enough to draw and try different things on my own. 

Not being too ambitious when you start out is pretty important, do some simple designs, kinda like the drawing above. Just drawing some simple lizards with bat wings is a good enough start! And remember to practice, practice and practice some moreヾ(´▽`;)ゝ

I done drawed an edgy bat horse for @bluebrush09arts! I was trying for somethin’ kinda dynamic so a lot of his neat coat’s details got a bit lost underneath the rest of him.

Be sure to check out her work, her style is gorgeous and I love it~
(She has a million and two OCs so there’s lots of ‘em floating around on there. Also commissions!)

And also take a look at her blogs @ask-thecapricorncrew and @a-realm-in-shadows too! They’re goooooooood!

People who get really pedantic about dragon, wyvern, worm, wyrm, drake distinctions are hilarious.

Have they seen any dragon art from before the 20th century? Because most of them look like depressed mangy chicken-bats no larger than horses, and pretty much everything before modern fantasy treats worm, dragon, and drake as synonyms. Even Tolkien used them largely as synonyms, instead distinguishing fire drakes and cold drakes; I think D&D may be the culprit, since D&D cannot leave synonyms alone (phantom, ghosts, spectres, ghasts are all different things; so are ghouls, zombies, wights; sprites, pixies, ect.; dwarves and gnomes…)

Wyvern is the only one with a consistent definition, and it’s heraldic. So it’s almost like someone using the adjective ‘silver’ and barging in and shouting, “no, it’s argent!”


BATCH #1 from Twitter Artstyle challenge

Thank you all who participated in this so far!! Geez these were so fun to do… so expect one more batch later ;)

(Originally went with myself but I got bored quickly doing so, ended up using my characters as the perfect guinea pigs instead)