Rouge the Bat - 3D view here

Sonic, Tails KnucklesAmyShadowSilver,
Nintendo/Smash Bros Characters

Rouge’s color scheme resembles the Honduran white bat, but her ears call to Vampire bats, and snout to any number of fruit bats. I just mixed and matched, as Sega did :P

Big or Cream next week?

~Maya, Photoshop, After Effects~
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Sonic The Hedgehog: Rookie-Detective, Feisty Do-Gooder and All Around Good-Natured Fella. His goal is stopping the number one law-evading crime organizer in the world, Don Eggman, who intends to build an underground empire that would allow the latter to place the world financially under his grimy thumb. Fortunately, the gifted speed of our Hero allows Sonic to travel the world in order to catch Eggman in the act.

Joining Detective Sonic in his never-ending battle of wits against the Don is the hard-headed but stoic Knuckles The Echidna, and a runaway orphan prodigy known on the block as Miles “Tails” Prower. But with the arrival of G.U.N.’s lackeys, “Team Dark”, Sonic’s chance of being the first to bring down the Don is now challenged, most notably by his ultimate rival. Will Sonic and his band of misfit detectives discover how to permanently bring down Eggman (and his million dollar lawyers) before Team Dark steals the spotlight, save the world and be back in time to dodge the excited affections of Sonic’s biggest fan, Amy Rose? “

Some tough girls just hanging outside of the Candy Kingdom.This will be one of the prints I will have at Baltimore Comic Con!

Info of where I will be in Artist Alley coming soon!

I’ve always enjoyed calling this file in my images “100% furry”


I’d personally take them all home with me If given the chance though


Celebrating Batman’s 75th Anniversary with some fan art!

1. Batman 75 Bat-Family (2014)
2. Batman Beyond: Legends of a Dark Knight (2013)
3. Batman of the Ages (2012)
4. Bat Family: Gotham Crusaders (2012)
6. Bat Family Reboot (2011)
7. Bat Family NEW (2010)
8. Bat family colored (2009)
9. The Batman, Robin, and Batgirl (2007)

7/23/2014 marks the first “Batman Day” ever, right? That’s pretty awesome!

*Batman (Bruce Wayne), Batman (Thomas Wayne), Batman (Damian Wayne), Batman (Dick Grayson), Azrael Batman (Jean-Paul Valley), Batman Beyond, (Terry McGinnis), Batgirl (Barbara Gordon), Batgirl (Cassandra Cain), Batgirl (Stephanie Brown), Batwoman (Kate Kane), Batwing (Luke Fox), Red Robin (Tim Drake), Red Hood (Jason Todd), Bluebird (Harper Row), Nightrunner (Bilal Asselah), and Bathound (Ace) are © of DC Comics

-Phil Cho