Chapter 3 - Metal

(Chapter 3 of RK’s backstory, finally!  The rest should come out much more smoothly after this as I have a pretty decent idea of exactly where I’m going with this now.  So enjoy!)

The smash and line of cracks that followed the collision reverberated throughout his entire massive body, right down to the tips of his shiny, robotic tail, bringing with it the most intense sense of hopelessness the android had ever felt.  What was originally supposed to be a crushing defeat of his enemies was rapidly turning into a failed attempt by a desperate robot.  The violent sparks coming from the grinding mechanisms gave his foes the sign they apparently needed that he was nearing defeat, weakening to a beatable state, their consistent attacks were finally wearing him down enough that one final, all-out assault would finally take him down.  His own inner computers were telling him the same, that if he didn’t do something drastic quickly, that if he didn’t destroy them all now, that this was a lost battle, that everything he’d done up to this moment would be rendered useless.

Letting out an angry roar and a final battle cry, the large, blue, metallic dragon and the group of shining, yellow foes made their last stand.  Energies clashed, lightning struck, onlookers shook with anticipation, and the desperate cringe of dented metal plates filled the heavy air as either side fought for dominance and victory.

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chapter twelve is posted.!! yesterday, actually. i forgot to tumblr it. it’s a pretty slow-ish / unexciting one. more to set up the board for the next few chapters than anything. there’ s a lot of talking.

“Can’t imagine that,” Pharazôn mutters. “No sun.”

“You know most would assume that I did not enjoy sunlight.”

Most haven’t seen you try to sunbathe in the desert during the day.”

Mairon ducks his head, averting his gaze, laughing just slightly. “And here I had hoped no one was around to see that.”

“I was curious after my pageboy told me you’d requested another standing pallet. Thought you wanted one for your Sandalbearer, but it turned out to be something even more.. ludicrous.” Pharazôn sips at his wine, eyeing Mairon’s face with a light intensity. “I’m surprised you haven’t burnt off your skin yet.”

Teaser for Happiness? I DO: Chapter 30

And here’s the teaser for Chapter 30! Batting for Tuesday but if not, Wednesday (hah!) for the full thing. 

‘Mmmm…’ came a murmur in my ear as an arm wrapped around my waist.

I gasped – startled out of my daze as I turned my head to the side.

His chuckle tickled my skin has he nuzzled my neck and I managed a clumsy smile.

‘You’re going to burn the broth if you don’t concentrate a little harder, Wends,’ he chided me gently.

It was only then that the near-burning smell of the stew I had been preparing filled the air and my nose. I sucked in a breath and my eyes darted downwards to the pot I had been stirring absent-mindedly for the longest of time.

As my arms flailed upon realization, he reached forward to switch it off for me.

‘Th—thanks,’ I muttered, flushed.

I was becoming some sort of a scatter brain.

He pulled me backwards to him and although at first I froze – my body rigid and tense, I learnt how to relax into him, a sigh escaping from my lips.

He pressed his cheek to the top of my head and exhaled as I closed my eyes briefly.

I hadn’t had had a good night’s sleep in awhile now but it was something that I was reluctant to share with him.

‘What’s troubling you?’ he asked, softly and there was a tightness in my chest – all the words and questions that had been churning themselves in my stomach suddenly reached up, ready to gush out from my throat in horrible quivers.

What are you doing with her behind my back?

I smiled weakly at him, swallowing the words down instead.

I had spent the past few days trying to talk it out with myself, trying to rationalize that it was probably nothing and that it was work-related.

But why would she ask him not to tell you?

I hushed the voice of my subconscious.  It was a dangerous ground to explore and I couldn’t count the number of times I had been tempted to slip out of bed and hunt for his phone.  I wanted to know everything.  I wanted to read everything that he had said about me, that he had said to her and all that she had said to me.

There was a part of me that screamed to be in control, not float around – lost at sea.

Or perhaps, the thing I was most afraid of was the truth that he would tell me - one that my heart cowered in fear from.

Chapter 4  - Return

(Lookit this, Chapter 4 right away, aren’t you spoiled?  Haha, it’s reaching the climax and thus making it easier to pump these out.  Things will really starting heating up after Chapter 5 so I should be able to get this out quicker than before.  Look forward to it!  There’ll also be some art of the characters at some point.)

Their eyes locked, the battle had reached its biggest, most important turning point yet and so much was at stake.  One wrong move now and everything could be lost, causing both sides to hesitate before every move, knowing they needed to consider everything carefully and make no assumptions.  Metal’s eyes glanced once more over the playing field, playing out every possibility in his head and calculating every response that would he would need to make to keep odds in his favor.  Shadow, as well, watched the robot’s every move for any possible indication of his plans. He knew trying to read a robot was probably the most futile effort he could make, but he needed to make every effort to guarantee success… otherwise, he knew he was doomed to defeat.

The robot was waiting for him to make his move, silently challenging him to be bold and make things interesting, silently wishing for that challenge, that chance to learn.  Four months, four months he had been watching the group, now he would see how much he had actually learned.  The black hedgehog offered that opportunity when he finally made his move, one that the robot had considered, but not one that had a currently foreseeable path to blocking.  It was a bold move, indeed, and the robot relished in this as he considered his response. Everything could change at any moment and victory was not yet assured on either side and both knew it.

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