Cassian flies Nesta to safety, but they are not out of the woods of danger yet. There relationship is shrouded in unspoken words and feelings that are about to be unleashed in a heated exchange.

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Light began to illuminate the horizon in a soft yellow hue. Nesta remained motionless in Cassian’s arms as his wings glided them down near a small town. He discovered a vacant cabin far enough away from the human population to be deemed safe.

The front door of the home was locked, but Cassian made quick work of prying it open with his vampiric strength. The movement caused Nesta to stir against him.

“Hang on a bit longer sweetheart,” Cassian whispered as he entered the threshold and closed the broken door behind him as sunlight began to trail inside. He scanned his surroundings and found a couch nearby in the living room. The curtains were drawn leaving the room protected from the bright, yet glorious light of the Dawn Court territory.

Gently Cassian placed Nesta on the couch cushions, but her eyes fluttered open at the loss of his contact.

“No,” Nesta weakly reached to grasp his hand. “Don’t go.”

Cassian gave her hand a soft squeeze. “I’m not leaving you. I need to check the kitchen for some supplies, but I’ll be quick.”

“Promise?” Nesta’s breath was shaky and she refused to release his hand in fear that he would disappear.

“I promise,” Cassian leaned down and gave her hand a tender kiss before searching the kitchen.

There wasn’t any meat in the freezer, but there were cans of food that he could use to whip up a semi decent meal once Nesta recovered. In a drawer he found a sharp knife that was perfect for this crucial healing process.

He swiftly returned to the couch and found that Nesta had become considerably paler after they fled the city. Cassian had flown hours until they crossed into the borders of the Dawn Court territory.

Nesta’s body shook from the loss of blood and ashwood in her system. She wasn’t strong enough to fend off such an injury with her vampire strength weakened after months without fresh blood.

That was going to change today. Cassian lifted Nesta so that when he sat down she was cradled against him. He used the blade to make a cut in the palm of his hand. The blood welled steadily from the wound. Cassian moved his bleeding hand close to Nesta’s mouth hoping that the scent would entice her enough to feed.

Her eyes fluttered open and nostrils flared at the scent. Fangs grew sharper as her vampire tendencies began to show. Comprehension darkened Nesta’s thoughts blood entered her vision. Immediately she flinched away from the sight.

“No, I can’t drink that,” Nesta turned her head away gritting her teeth. Fighting against impulse to take what was offered. She refused to give into the monster she had become. Drinking blood from a human or vampire was the one thing Nesta had vowed never to succumb for when she was turned into an immortal.

“Yes, you can,” Cassian argued. “This is the only way you’re going to get better.”

“I said no,” Nesta growled, but it felt pitiful even to her own ears. “Don’t make me do this.”

“Your damn pride is not going to get in the way of your survival,” Cassian raised his hand closer to Nesta’s mouth. She bit her lip in denial and her fangs pierced the skin. Blood welled up from the tiny breaks in her bottom lip.

The snarl Cassian unleashed shook Nesta to the core. Not because she was afraid, but that she was surprised at how adamant Cassian was toward helping her after she had left the Night Court.

“Stop being so stubborn and let me save you!” Cassian touched his forehead against hers. “Please,” his softened breath grazed the bridge of her nose. “I can’t bear to lose you.”

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News Flash! (Puns-) I’m still alive and I’m slowly getting back my creative groove back along with getting myself back together. 

So many scenes to draw in @uncpanda‘s latest Bat-Aunt chapter: 

and decided to try drawing Barry Allen being a (gentle)man ;3 

Shape of You (4)

okay happy ACOWAR release day. Here’s the next chapter. I can’t wait to share more. But for now we will have to read the book and see where our amazing author has taken our favorite bat =)

Chapter 4

If Elain hadn’t squealed the moment she saw me time would’ve stood still. Because the moment I saw him standing there, with that stupid grin on his face, I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t think or feel or do anything but stare at the monster who had taken so much away from me. But then my middle sister broke the tension, she broke through the panic and grabbed me tightly, pulling me away from the boy who haunted my dreams.

It took me a full heartbeat to make it to the bottom of the stairs. When I did my middle sister came running towards me, oblivious to the fact that at this very moment I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t think past the evil bastard smiling that disgusting smile at me.

But then it all faded when Elain wrapped her arms around me. She hugged me tightly as Cassian let go of my hand. His eyes were on Tomas, who was smiling at me. No he was smirking, as if he knew exactly what his presence was doing to me. As if he was remembering that night long ago when he had hurt me beyond repair.

Elain let me go and I stepped backwards, but thankfully Cassian grabbed my waist before I could stumble over my own feet and fall down. He was a steady force behind me, his hands warm against my skin.

“Nesta!” Elain was smiling at me, I realized only seconds had passed since Tomas had walked in. I looked at my sister and tried to focus on her. She looked so good, so happy and healthy it killed me to know I hadn’t been home in six months.

“Hey E,” there were tears in my eyes as I looked at her. She was so grown up, they both were. Then again we all had to grow up before we were ready. Since our father had never been there for us.

Cassian stayed close to me, his body stiff, his eyes on Tomas. Tomas watched us, and for whatever reason it didn’t affect me while Cassian was there. It wasn’t that same air crushing moment as when he appeared.

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I’m Not Kissing You - Chapter 4

Richard Speight jr x reader

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3

Flirting, bit of angst. Nothing much.

You and your best friend are taking a holiday for a few months in america. Your friend has invited you along to a big house in the countryside where some of their friends are staying. It’s July the 6th, known as kissing day and Richard and Rob have made a bet to kiss every girl they can.

(Yes yes I know, it’s been 10 months what was I thinking. I don’t have an answer for you. I’m just an asshole who forgets to finish ever fic I start.)

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I’m a Spider, not a Bat Chapter 3

Prompt: This is chapter 3 of the Marvel X DC crossover,

Chapter 1, Chapter 2

Your Super Hero Name: Recluse

Pairing: Tim Drake X Reader

TW: none

Word Count: 725

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You didn’t want to get to know these people. You just wanted to get back home to you Mom and to your family. The only things you’d miss from this place were the animals. The cow, Turkey, cat demon-monster-bull-and- dog and the regular dog.

   Okay, scratch that, Nightwing was nice. The other girl in a wheelchair named Oracle was nice. The girl that was blonde and had the code name Batgirl was really peppy and reminded you of Thor and was nice. Alfred was pretty nice and he made the best food ever so you really liked him. Everyone else was okay. Red Robin, who wasn’t horrible but you sure weren’t getting attached anytime soon-at least the guy was smart enough for a decent conversation like you had with Uncle Bruce and Uncle Tony.

“So,” Alfred said one day while you were still in the wheelchair, “Do you have a family Miss. Recluse?”

You nodded, you knew what he was doing. You knew that Batman was going to be recording to get information about you and your world- Director Fury would do the same- “My mother is called Black Widow, she was trained to be an assassin by the Russians in my world since birth. I never knew my dad. But the Avengers are basically my adoptive family. I’ve never had so many Aunts and Uncles before. I didn’t really get to know them until recently. Too bad they probably think I’m dead now.”

“So you saved the world?”

You smirked, “Not from psychic Clowns, but yeah, killer aliens, demigods, and the like.”

  You were out of the wheelchair, but your shoulder that had been shot was in a special sling and it bothered you. You had to do light workouts, a bit of cardio, pulling yourself up with your uninjured arm, working on building up your legs. You sat next to Oracle as she types away at her computer, you had just finished a light workout and had gotten a water bottle from the mini fridge nearby. Robin an Batman were on the main screen, Oracle following their movements with her computer algorithms and control over several traffic cameras.

“How’s it going?” You asked pulling up a chair and Alfred the cat came over to you and leapt up on your lap.

“Pretty good,” Oracle answered you, you had know about her actual name- Nightwing slipping up here and there (though he was a bit better now) but for the sake of everyone’s comfort you kept that information to yourself. “No one has escaped from Arkham in a while so we’re all on edge. But-”

You both paused as Batman and Robin took cover and one of the cameras went down. As Oracle started furiously typing on her keyboard, you felt the tremors and Alfred the cat leapt out of your lap. You stood up as the earth trembled, it wasn’t too bad, but you knew that the epicenter that this was happening at- the city- would be much worse.

“Batman? Batman? What’s going on?” Oracle asked, Alfred rushed down to intercept other calls from the rest of the Gotham team.

“It’s Savage,” was Batman’s grunting and pained reply, “Got some heavy muscle, trying to take over Gotham. There’s a squad of six headed for the manor, magical artifacts are being- UGH!”

You turned away, “I’m on it!”

“No! Recluse you can’t go out there alone-“ Oracle started,

“I can handle it!”

“ No you can’t not while you’re injured,” She called again, unable to tear herself away from the computer. “You don’t even have any equipment!”

You smirked, “Don’t you worry your pretty little head Oracle, and call me Y/N. Come on Goliath!”

Batman had hidden it, and despite his best efforts, you were trained in the power of observation by some of the top spies. You headed straight for the secret compartment that blended into the metal beams and then pulled out the bin they were stored in. There was a thumb print scanner but that was easy to get around by slamming the ben into the iron beam until it cracked open. You pulled out your wristlets that were similar to your mothers and headed for the staircase, Goliath following you. You were glad you had warmed up with your light workout, especially cause your hair was out of your face.

Daiya no A’s latest chapter focuses more on Okumura. Again, we see his classmates pondering about what Okumura is thinking while he’s looking at the scorebook. Then, he realizes how great Miyuki is. And he remembers that moment when Sawamura told him about how pitching is a work of art. (I’m guessing that aside from the running with tires, that line can be passed down to the next generations of Seidou batteries.)


Then it shows their respective individual practices on field.

Honestly, no matter how much I love-and-hate Miyuki, I’m getting tired of Terajima-sensei constantly rubbing off how great he is on us because I’m now at the point of time where I find it more interesting to see how others are doing, like Haruichi for example. Or Takatsu, Kanemaru, Higasa, and others. This is because there’s no doubt that Miyuki is going to be a regular. He’s the main catcher+captain+cleanup after all! Not that I’m saying Haruichi isn’t going to be a regular, but I’d like to see his improvements. And I think Takatsu-Kanemaru-Higasa rivalry for the regular position is interesting, too. 

Anyway, we see Furuya practicing batting so there’s still no clear indication if he has finally developed the right mindset. No matter what, I believe he still has a lot to work on to improve his pitching.

LOL @ Okumura’s face when he realized that Eijun was catching up to them. And it’s just adorable how Asada and Okumura adapted that tire training. I really hope we’ll get to see Asada gain a body like Mochi’s (ever since that chapter when he saw Mochi’s body, I’ve been thinking that’s Asada’s set goal lol) in order to improve his pitching as well as overall skills.

Another Furuya panel showing he’s being trained as an infielder. If he’s going to get better at fielding, I think he’s going to be quite more useful. Especially if he gains better command of the ball. I don’t think he’ll be good at either second base or shortstop, though, as those are obviously for Mochi and Haruichi.

Then there’s Yui-Sawamura battery practicing. It’s great to know that Coach Kataoka now acknowledges Eijun’s batting capabilities! We know that he’s always been a good bunter, but we also saw how he’s improving his batting in the previous chapters. I’m so excited to see him get more on base and score, even if not HR but RBIs!

I feel kinda bad for Yui that Eijun turned down his offer, especially that Yui has that expectant look. Well, the numbers aren’t polished yet, so Eijun doing that is understandable.

Then we get Okumura again as Kataoka remembers Ochiai saying how his and Seto’s level are already distinguishably helpful for the first string. He asks him to catch for EIjun but of course, he refuses.

I don’t think it’s surprising at all because Okumura really has that look that he’s the type of character who sticks to his word no matter what. I know some people think that this is quite irritating of him since it’s already a given chance by the coach. He’s already told of the plans to move him up the first string yet he still refused. 

But it gives an amazing contrast with what happened with Yui.

Yui, despite saying that any other position is out of question for him, ended up considering another position. And we know that it’s all for the team as well as for him to be worthy on the first string. So long as Miyuki and Ono are present, we can’t hope him to get that catcher spot. But Yui is good at batting, so it’ll be a waste if his skills will not be able to contribute to the team.

And then there’s Okumura. We know that he’s intelligent and that his batting skills is quite good, too. Miyuki also acknowledges his skills at catching. We know that Okumura also wants to be on the first string. It’s his goal to “catch up” to Miyuki. Moreover, he wants to catch Eijun’s pitches. But he wants to be worthy of that first, and to prove that, he has to be on the first string before anything else. Right now, he doesn’t think he’s worthy, so he stubbornly refuses to catch for Eijun. And I understand that.

In some way, I think Eijun also understands that. That may explain why his expression is like that. Eijun expects a lot from Okumura and he likes his guts. I would have liked to know how Okumura would have answered had Eijun didn’t interrupt him, though.

But this still makes me anxious. We know how Kataoka values the team more than an individual (though he obviously failed at that during the match with Ichidaisan which I’m still sour about), so I understand if Kataoka is not pleased with this response because Okumura is being selfish. I’m afraid that he will postpone Okumura’s promotion to first string because of that attitude. I mean, before he got obsessed with Furuya being the ace, he was strict. (He demoted Masuko when he committed an error back then!) Also, he said that he’s planning to promote them and plans can change.

Then again, Okumura’s refusal reminds me of the time when Kataoka asked Eijun why he wasn’t watching any of their matches and Eijun answered that it’s because he thought it was better than half-hearted cheering, as he couldn’t bear seeing anyone other than him playing on the mound. You could argue these the circumstances are different, though.

Anyhow, I’m just here dying to know who gets what number. SUMMER, PLEASE COME ALREADY!

I’m Not Kissing You - Chapter 5

Richard Speight jr x reader

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4

Flirting, More Angst because I’m Satan, Steamy Make-Out Session, Almost Smut.

You and your best friend are taking a holiday for a few months in america. Your friend has invited you along to a big house in the countryside where some of their friends are staying. It’s July the 6th, known as kissing day and Richard and Rob have made a bet to kiss every girl they can.

tagged: (let me know if you want to be tagged in the next chapter/s) @bat-lucario @izzyweisz @ladycerule @queen-of-shanath @cyaa-niide @crowleysprincess159 @pumacat69 @angelspeight

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The Joy of Bats

Bats are good neighbors, and the bat biologist Merlin Tuttle is their public-relations man. He calls them “sophisticated, beautiful, even cute.” 

In the late seventies, Tuttle was asked to write a chapter about bats for the National Geographic book “Wild Animals of North America.” When looking at photographs with his editor, he came to realize that many existing photographs of bats, which often showed them “snarling in self-defense, with bared teeth,” perpetuated their unpleasant image. He decided to take bat photographs himself, so that people could see bats eating, sleeping, and hunting insects.

Read more about Tuttle’s bat-centric adventures on

Photographs by Merlin Tuttle / Courtesy Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company